24 Christmas Cocktail Recipes to try



Are you looking for some Holiday Drinks to serve for a house party or perhaps a small together? Well if you’re on the look for some Holiday liquor cheer: Here are 30 different cocktail recipes to try out: Both Hot and Cold options you will find!  Cranberry is the fruit of the season! Hot Chocolate and egg nog delights!

 Holiday Cocktail Recipes  to Try

1. Sparkling Leprechaun Kiss Drink Recipe or Sparkling Grinch Cocktail Recipe

2. Jingle Juice

3. Cranberry Margarita

4. Sexy Snowman Martina

5. Gingerbread Martinis

6. Kahlua Hot Chocolate

7. Pumpkin Butter Rum

8. Homemade Baileys Recipe

9. Infused Candy Cane Cocktail

10. Cranberry White Christmas Sangria

11. Reindeer Nose Bubbly

12. Christmas Cookie Cocktail

13. Santa’s Magic Portion

14. Hot Buttered Rum

15. Apple Cider Minosa

16. Hazelnut Nutella Melt

17. Sugar Cookie Martini

18. Creamy Mapletini

19. Caramel Coffee Toddy

20. Another Cranberry Punch

21. Peppermint Hot Chocolate Martini

22. Cranberry Whisky Sour

23. Andes Chocolate Mint Martini


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