Every time I go to Costco, the deals seem too good.  Everything is so cheap and in bulk that it feels impossible for me not to have a deal when shopping there – but what if you’re spending more than usual?

I always ensure this isn’t happening by bringing along my Price Book beforehand!


About a Costco membership

Canada may be known for its harsh winters, but that doesn’t mean you should trade in your membership card to an average retailer.  Costco is the go-to store when people need large quantities of household essentials at affordable prices

10 Best Things to Buy at Costco Canada

Some might say that shopping at the warehouse store is a pain.  You end up with an overflowing cart and spilling everything out onto your car seat after you pop in for milk!  But there are plenty of things worth buying from Costco Canada, so we’ve rounded up some of the best things to buy at Costco Canada list :
I always try not to buy anything other than essentials when I have my membership – but sometimes those pesky impulse buys sneak their way into our budgets anyway (sadly) despite knowing better

How to Save on Groceries and Shop on a Budget

Peanut Butter

The Costco price is hard to beat for those who love peanut butter.  Kraft Peanut Butter in bulk is 2kgs and generally is priced at $7.99.  It’s a solid price, It’s an item of value, and although if you could get a coupon and a sale lined up in, let’s say, another Canadian grocery store, it could potentially be a cheaper purchase.  Great item to put on the list if you want a great value


Milk products

There are many ways to save on dairy products, and the best way is by going into a warehouse club like Costco.  Buying milk at this store offers up to 30% off what you would pay in your local grocery market!  Costco 4 litres of milk was on average $3.99 the last I looked; the prices may have gone up just because Inflation the previous year has been a crazy climb.  Other Grocery store chains are $4.99 on average, including Shoppers Drug Mart.  I don’t think all Dairy products are cheaper at Costco – because bulk doesn’t always mean more affordable or cost savers.

Kirkland Maple Syrup

Kirkland maple syrup in 1 liter

Find Kirkland Pure Organic Maple Syrup – Great Reviews at a Great Price, Yes you can buy the 1 Litre at Walmart in Ontario for $3.00 less, but from the reviews we found online, it is sub-par, and we can’t find any bad reviews on the Kirkland maple syrup priced at $16.99 as a regular price.


Roteissarie chicken found at costco

Buy Rotisserie chicken at Costco Canada.

I love Costco Canada rotisserie chickens!  They’re so juicy and flavorful, great for sandwiches or to eat independently.  I get these at least once a month because they make such an easy last-minute dinner option when you don’t feel like cooking but still want something tasty to fill up on!

Cineplex Movie Gift Cards

Cineplex Movie Packs – Gift Cards at Costco

I love buying these Cineplex Movie Packs at Costco Canada because it’s a great way to save money.  Each pack comes with two movie tickets plus a free popcorn, soft drink or regular-size fountain drink!

Purchasing Gift cards in bulk ( usually 2-4 per package)  works out to save 10% usually; for example 4 x $25.00 gift cards for $90.00 ( a savings of $10.00); there’s no harm in keeping them for your spending and saving money.

olive oil found at costco

Buy: Olive oil

This is another one of the best things you can buy at Costco Canada.  I love that it comes in a two-pack so that we can store it without having a huge bottle to deal with while in use.  There are tons of oils to choose from.

almond butter kirkland

Organic almond butter

I’m not sure what to say about this other than that it tastes fantastic!  I’ve tried so many different brands of almond butter, but none have come close to being as tasty and smooth as the Kirkland Signature organic almond butter at Costco Canada.  You should try it if you love peanut or almond butter.



You can’t beat the price of cheese at Costco Canada.  You’ll find that this is the best place to buy your favourite cheeses and you won’t believe how affordable it is!  The large blocks are great for sharing with friends or family, making them a fun addition to any gathering (incredibly entertaining).

Pure Protein Bars

Protein Bars

I’m always looking for tasty, healthy snacks that are easy to store on my desk.  These bars fit the bill perfectly!  They’re full of protein and fibre.  Cliff Bars and Pure protein bars are readily available at reasonable prices.  You do have to purchase bulk items, but this is generally cheaper than other grocery stores.

10 Things that you should buy at Costco | best things to buy at costco canada

Premier Protein shakes

Each shake is slightly under 8 calories and is $33.66.  The box weighs just over 8 oz each and comprises 18 shakes.  Each shake is a tiny portion of what you should eat to get that extra protein you have and do not have enough time.


I like to fill my freezer with meat and a giant pork loin.

When we bring it home, we cut it into five or six slices that can be sealable.  These can later be used on roasts or as a chop.  A 10kg loin could cost me around $35 to $38.  I like to throw a little roast on my pan for a delicious pork meal or reheat it for pulled pork.  My family also likes it whenever we throw pork chops on the grill in the summer.

Duracell Batteries

I always purchase the Duracell packages of batteries.  It seems expensive as you are buying bulk, but comparing it to your other shopping places for Duracell batteries saves over $10.00 in the long run.  And Don’t fear the Kirkland signature brand of batteries either; if you wonder, they seem to work just fine.

vanilla - Pure


Costco offers a good selection of vanilla.  The good thing about real vanilla is it’s cheaper compared to the imitation vanilla available in groceries.  Just be aware that the vanilla from Costco in 2021 isn’t the same as it once loved.

egg logo

Fresh eggs

one of the best things you can buy there are these fresh eggs.  I love picking up a few dozen for my family because they’re sold in packs that contain more than enough (generally between 24-30).


Good quality wine at a comparatively low price is a dream bargain, and you can thank Costco Liquor Store for giving you that opportunity!  Along with selling its signature Kirkland labels produced by many prominent wineries, the retailer has a reputation for selling high-quality wines at lower prices than other retailers.

Costco club house spice

Spices & Seasoning & Baking Powder

Another great buy offered by Costco is spices and seasoning.  Their giant containers of these items are often cheaper than the small containers at grocery stores.  Spices last forever if you don’t get too high of humidity.  You can also purchase huge containers of Baking Powder that will last you a year or so for the price of two small ones in your local grocery store.  Still, if you are not brand fussy, I find the Red Apple or a dollar store will have small containers for $1.00, which works out better for me, so the spice gets used up in a turnaround.

I do buy the Johnnys Garlic Butter Powder in bulk at Costco.  I love this compared to ordinary Garlic powder, and I most likely purchase 1 per year at my local Costco.  And it is the only place I can find where it sold ( at least near me)

Spices are a tough purchase, I won’t lie, and obviously, the significant expense is the purchase up front, and considering how dry you can keep your spices in bulk form.  Another place to consider purchasing Spices is the bulk Barn; just because you can buy as little or as much as you think you will use and refill your spice containers.

Get Gasoline at Costco Canada

When you need to fill up your tank, why not do it at Costco Canada?  They always have competitive prices on gasoline, so I always go there whenever I’m in the area.  It’s one of my favourite things to buy when leaving.

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10 Things that you should buy at Costco | best things to buy at costco canada

Prescription Eyeglasses

Costco offers super-quality frames and lenses at highly competitive prices.  Contact lenses are also available at low fees, which can get from other retailers only if a first sale is coupled with a coupon.

Prescription Drugs

Costco offers fair prices on drugs and the lowest prescription dispensing fees.  The fantastic thing is you don’t have to have a membership to buy prescriptions at Costco and take advantage of their pharmacy.  Here in Alberta, SDM has now increased the dispensing fee by 50% – It’s now $10.00

Carters Fashions kids

Kid’s Clothing

The selection of Kids’ clothing, especially the Carter brand, is cheap at Costco.  The quality of clothing is excellent too.  So, you can easily stock up each upcoming season s if you have kids.

Buy A Hot dog at the food court.

The best thing you can buy at Costco Canada is a hot dog and soda from the food court.  It makes a fabulous Frugal lunch to eat now that you don’t get free food samples like before the pandemic.   How can you go wrong with a $1.00 Hot dog?  It is a No brainer!

kirkland signature banner

 Costco Sells Kirkland Signature Brand items

I recently asked my Canadian members what they believed to be the best Buys for their local Costco, and here’s the List of What they purchased!

If you don’t use coupons at other grocery stores – I think per meter, Kirkland has the best bang for toilet paper!  A roll goes a very long way.  This also goes for Paper Towels if you don’t use coupons and our Canadian Costco shoppers agreed with Me on this one!

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Bacon, including Pre Cooked
  • Chocolate chips
  • Parchment paper,
  • Bird Seed
  • Contact Lens
  • Olive oil
  • Kirkland Garbage bags, recycling bags
  • Parmigiano Reggiano cheese


Costco Canada is an excellent stop to buy many things at competitive prices, but many bad deals are also there.  Knowing what to buy and avoid will help you save on everything.  If you have a strategy and shop with a list and a budget, you’ll be able to get the most out of your Costco shopping.

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