10 Things that you should buy at Costco



10 Things That You Should Absolutely Buy from Costco Canada

Having a Costco Canada membership can lead to big savings in your household budget. But, just like anything else, you have to be strategic because the shop’s alluring shelves with eye-catching products will make you end up with a spilling shopping cart while you popped in just for a carton of milk.

We’ve rounded up 10 Costco items that are worth spending your money on:


Fresh Produce

You can buy fresh produce at fair prices in Costco Canada but you have to be strategic to do this to save money. The retailer offers the best deals for in-season produce. So, check out the produce section regularly to catch the sales.


Spices & Seasoning

Another great buy offered by Costco is spices and seasoning. Their giant containers of these items are often cheaper than the small containers at grocery stores.


Dried Fruits & Nuts

It is hard to beat Costco’s price on things like dried fruits and nuts. Whether you buy dried cherries and organic dates or nuts such as whole almonds and walnuts, you’ll get great quality products at comparatively cheap prices.


Frozen Food

Who doesn’t like to add some frozen berries to their homemade yogurt? Well, Costco gives you a competitive price on frozen fruits, especially on berries. They also sell frozen veggies at low prices.



Unless you are making your own vanilla, Costco offers you vanilla at the best price. The plus point is you get real vanilla at a bargain price, not the imitation vanilla available at grocery stores.



Having good quality wine at a comparatively low price is a dream bargain and you can thank Costco Liquor Store for giving you that opportunity! Along with selling its own signature Kirkland labels, which are produced by many prominent wineries, the retailer has a reputation for selling high-quality wines at extensively lower prices than other retailers.



Kid’s Clothing

Kid’s clothing, especially of the Carters brand, is really cheap at Costco. The quality is great too. So, you can easily stock up for 2-3 months if you have kids.



Buying gasoline from Costco Canada is always a good deal, especially if the store has a gas station adjacent to the pump. You can save 6%-12% per gallon than the market price. So, fill your tank up whenever you find a Costco on your way!

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Costco offers super-quality frames and lenses at highly competitive prices. Contact lenses are also available at low prices, which is possible to get from other retailers only if there is a great sale coupled with a coupon.



Costco offers fair prices on drugs and the lowest prescription dispensing fees. The amazing thing is you don’t have to have a membership to buy prescriptions at Costco and take advantage of their pharmacy.

Costco Canada is a great stop for buying many things at competitive prices but a bunch of bad deals are there, too. Knowing what to buy and what to avoid will help you save a lot on everything. If you have a strategy and shop with a list and a budget, you’ll be able to get the most of your Costco shopping.


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