Get the latest Costco Deals on Memberships & By Purchasing P&G Products with a Costco P&G rebate.

Costco is a famous warehouse club that offers Canadian membership. Costco is where you want to be if you’re looking for ways to save money. If you haven’t already heard about it, here are three reasons why people love receiving free Costco vouchers:

  1. Save Money
  2. Save cash


Costco P&G Rebate 2024



P&G deal at Costco


How to Get an Offer!

  1. Purchase $100 or more of participating P&G Products between February 26, 2024, and April 07, 2023, at
  2. Upload the Receipt to the link below

Rules and Limits:

  • There is a limit of two Gift Cards per Member.
  • The offer is valid only for Valid Costco Members 18 years and older.

The Receipt must clearly show the purchase amount, date, etc. You will have until April 15 to upload the Receipt.

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Costco Membership Canada

Costco Memberships are available in Canada. Choose from Gold Star executive to Executive Member and save money when shopping in bulk.  Costco warehouses can be found in large Shopping Cities with over 50,000 people, with many large cities having more than one to meet the demand.

Costco Wholesale is a retailer of products sold in bulk, usually perfect for larger families or those with storage facilities. Whether you have a home or apartment, this will be the place to shop for all your grocery, cleaning and food storage needs.

Costco Membership Cost Canada

Costco Membership Costs

For the Average Canadian just wanting to have a Membership for personal Shopping, there are two options for the annual membership fee:

Both memberships include one free household card. There is no need to worry about auto-renewal—if you forget to renew on time, you can always renew your membership at the till or counter.

One for Gold Star Membership, $60.00, will access the store and enjoy the warehouse’s savings online.  This is a perfect starting point for most individuals and tests the waters to see how often you will use Costco.

You may want to upgrade to become an executive member for $120.00 for the Super Shopper. You can get the annual Reward of 2% Back as a reward and receive exclusive offers and more Discounts than the average Gold Star Membership.

Also, Executive Memberships get more Costco Connection Magazine and inserts by mail, whereas gold star members do not get annual rewards and magazines. Plus, they get more discounts available both online and in-store.

Why a Costco Membership?

Costco membership is a way to save money when purchasing in bulk. Costco Employees have said that Costco only marks up to 15% above their cost.

Members can shop for various products, Everything from Televisions, Office Chairs, Hot Tubs, Toilet Paper, Iced Tea, Flowers, Pharmacy, food court, and purchase great cards such as iTunes gift cards at the local warehouse.

Costco Coupons are handed at the door, and great deals and discounts are how members get value from their membership.

The Biggest Reason consumers shop at Costco is for Bulk Pricing. Many small store owners will also shop to supplement their store, or a small Mom-and-Pop Restaurant will buy its vegetables and bulk Tuna.

Costco is a great place to shop for Small Businesses, Large Families, and schools for school supplies, and those who don’t get to shop bulk from smaller communities don’t get a chance to save each week with grocery store selections. In 2021, several Costco business centres are opening up with a vastly different selection than your regular Costco location.

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How Does Costco Offer Such Great Discounts?

Costco saves money by not having to break up products to repackage individually, like other substantial bulk stores. Plus, Costco offers clothing and other single-use items such as books and toys; you will find these items on tables or pallets.

No Bags – Costco also saves by not offering bags; they will only use their packing boxes to last.

Kirkland—Costco has labelled Kirkland Signature products, which also lower prices, as its “No Name Brand.”

Take Advantage of a Costco Membership

To get the most out of your membership at Costco Canada, you should consider a higher Executive Membership. It’s a way to get more benefits and rewards over time. One great feature of an Executive Membership is that members can enjoy 2% back on their purchases instead of 1%. This means if you spend $2000 on your Costco Membership in a year, you get $40 instead of just $20.

Another advantage of this is that corporate discounts are available to businesses. The Executive membership also allows business owners to enjoy the same benefits as individuals with additional savings through bulk-buying opportunities and special promotions throughout the year (more information on their website ).

In addition, business owners can access a higher credit line from $5,000 and up (according to customer service) and various ways of payment.

Finally, the Executive Membership is also available for an additional fee for including their spouse or partner as a second cardholder. For couples, this means that you can enjoy all of the benefits of Executive Membership and double savings.

You can find out more on Costco Canada’s website:

3 Tips to Use Your Costco Membership Wisely

Tip 1:  Shop for Clothing and Household items at the very beginning of the month.

Tip 2:  Shop for Food items when you are about to run short on them or during the months when the supplier has promotional offers that save you money.

Tip 3:  If no special promotions exist, shop for the best prices using an online price comparison website.

What is so interesting about Costco

For one, Costco has a near-cult following of customers who will drive long distances and wait in line for hours to score a $1.50 hot dog. Did you know there were Facebook Groups created just for the Cult of Costco Hotdog Deals?

Who shops at Costco?

  • People of all backgrounds, income levels, and social status
  • -The majority of their customers are middle class or higher
  • -Many older adults shop at Costco

What kind of things do they sell at Costco?

  • Tires, televisions, clothing, jewelry, watches
  • Produce and meat at a much lower price than other stores sell for
  • Cigarettes and alcohol that have evaded taxes

What are some of the most popular items Costco Sells?

  • iPhones
  • laptops,
  • furniture
  • Chicken
  • Pork
  • Produce
  • Kirkland Signature Brand
  • Cigarettes
  • Alcohol

10 Things that you should buy at Costco

Costco Mobile App

What are the Benefits of using the Costco Mobile App

Every Costco customer should know about the Costco Mobile App because it is the best way to get all the updates about Costco. This app can also provide some other services like coupons, buying options, etc.

Costco Mobile App Features

The free Costco Mobile App, currently available on the Google Play Store & Apple iTunes, is exceptionally user-friendly. Below are some of the features that you will find in this application.

  • Get all your Costco Receipts and look at past purchases
  • Use your phone’s GPS to look for nearby Costco locations
  • Receive instant savings offers while shopping at Costco, both in-store and online
  • Look for deals specific to your Costco membership level (Gold Star vs. Executive)
  • Upload photos straight from your device to the Costco Photo Centre

What are the Available Devices to Download the Costco Mobile app?

Mobile App? The Costco app is compatible with all iOS devices, including Pads, iPhones and iPods. On the other hand, it can be downloaded on Android devices,

Click Here to Download 

Costco Digital Membership Card

Costco members can use the Costco mobile app on their iPhone and Android smartphones to manage their Costco membership cards. They can add their existing physical or digital membership cards to the Costco mobile app and start scanning rather than pulling out a calculator to figure out the math during checkout.

Costco Travel

Costco members can also book vacation packages on Costco’s travel website and in the mobile app.

The Costco mobile app is an excellent value to Costco members because it includes all of the features they need in one place, plus quick access to special Costco membership deals and updates about their favourite wholesale retailer.

Costco Grocery Delivery

Get 2-day Delivery from Costco With Membership.

Most Costco now has a 2-Day Delivery to your door within 2 – 10 days. This is offered only inside city centres. This is an excellent feature for those who only own a car and want several more oversized items. Just Shop online, and you can choose Delivery as an option!

Costco Grocery will deliver for free Non-Perishable items on orders over $75.00

If you want same-day delivery on all groceries, you can get all your groceries delivered to your home through Instacart.