Costco P&G Offer 2020




Costco Membership Canada

Costco Memberships are available in Canada. Choose from Gold Star Member to Executive Member and start saving money when shopping bulk.  Costco warehouses can be found in large Shopping Cities with over generally 50,000 people, with many large cities having more than one to meet the demand.

Costco Membership P&G offer

Costco P&G Offer Spend $100 on PG Products and get a $25 Gift Card


This offer will begin starting on October 26, 2020. If you spend $100 or more on participating P&G Costco Products between October 26, 2020, and November 22, 2020, you will have a physical $25.00 Costco Shop Card mailed to you!!

How to Get Offer!

  1. Purchase $100 or more of participating P&G Products
  2. Upload Receipt to the link below

Rules and Limits:

  • There is a limit of two Gift Cards per Member.
  • Offer is valid only for Valid Costco Members who are 18 years and older.

The Receipt must clearly show the purchase amount, date etc. You will have until December 22, 2020, to upload the receipt.

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Costco Membership Cost Canada

Costco Membership Costs

For the Average Canadian just wanting to have a Membership for personal Shopping, there are two options: One for Gold Star Membership, which is $60.00, where you will get access to the store and enjoy the warehouse’s savings online.  This is a perfect starting point for most individuals and test the waters to see how much and how often you will use Costco in general

For the Super Shopper at Costco that spends a lot of money at Costco each year, you may want to upgrade to an Executive account for $120.00, so you can get the annual Reward of 2% Back as a reward, and to receive exclusive offers and more Discounts than the average Gold Star Membership.

Why a Costco Membership?

Costco membership is a membership to save money purchasing Bulk. Costco Employees have been told that Costco only marks up to 15% above their cost.

Members can shop a huge variety of products, Everything from Televisions, Office Chairs, Hot Tubs, Toilet Paper, Iced Tea, Flowers, Pharmacy, food court, and taste-free samples.

Costco Coupons handed at the door, and great deals and discounts are how members get value from their membership.

The Biggest Reason consumers shop at Costco is for Bulk Pricing, and also many small store owners will shop to help supplement their store, or a small MOM & Pop Restaurant will buy their vegetables and bulk Tuna.

Costco is a great place to shop for Small Businesses, Large Families, schools for school supplies, and those that don’t get to shop bulk from smaller communities that don’t get a chance to save each week with grocery store selections.

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How does Costco Offer Such Great Discounts?

Costco saves its money from not having to break up products to repackage individually, like other huge bulk stores; plus, Costco offers clothing and other single-use items such as books and toys; you will find these items on tables or pallets.

No Bags – Costco also saves by not offering bags; they only will use their packing boxes will they will last.

Kirkland –  Costco has their own labelled products called Kirkland Signature, which also lower prices, as it’s their “No Name Brand.”

Now you can Find Liquor Stores, Gas Pumps, Optomistrics, Purchase Glasses, Deli Meats, Bakery cakes, and of course, a great selection of Holiday and seasonal supplies.