We Savvy shoppers try to save wherever we can, including using coupons at all our favourite stores! At Costco Canada – You might have heard that you can’t use coupons because it is against their policy. It is True you can not use a standard Manufacturer. So the Answer is technically No to the Question Can I use coupons at Costco? But it is not that simple, and there is some workaround thanks to the Digital Coupon!

While Costco Canada does not accept manufacturers’ coupons, they offer a coupon book for members called the Costco Savings Book. The Savings Book offers up to 36 pages of discounts on products varying from car tires to computers and can NOT use “Standard manufacturer coupons.” Still, members can use “Costco Specific Coupons.”

What is considered a “Standard Manufacturer coupon”?

In general, it refers to any “standard” coupon – The Costco Membership rules state that they do not accept manufacturer’s discounts except those Costco distributes. They also will not take competitor coupons. Costco offers coupons and promotional deals throughout the year through the mail, email, and warehouse shops at various periods.

The section of the Costco Coupon Policy for “Manufacturer Coupons” states clearly, ” “Redeemable at any Costco warehouse” it will be honoured in all cases.

How to Save More Money at Costco?

You go to Costco because you know that they have the best deals. But it becomes an even better deal when you use these secret tips and tricks at your local warehouse store. The following will help any member save money and show how it can help the economy cut costs even further!

I have a few secrets to share with you.51

Cash Back Rebate Apps


Checkout 51 is also another Rebate Application. It has a massive list of products offered. You can also earn money back by purchasing the listed products. Check off the items you bought and snap a picture of your receipt from your phone. There are currently No rules at Checkout51 about what stores you purchase products at -. Once you reach $20.00 in your account, you will have the option to cash out.


Caddle, a Grocery Rebate Application, offers you a cash rebate when you purchase certain items at stores, but they have quite a few refunds for “Costco Only.” So if you are a regular visitor of Costco – make sure you browse their newest offers to see if they offer anything you have on your list.

 Field Agent

Field Agent: You can also try Field Agent to earn money by doing Costco Surveys and Costco Treasure Hunts ( locating items in the warehouse)

 Costco Own Rebates

Costco Rebates: From time to time, Costco has special Mail-in Rebates where you can spend money on certain types of products and get a mailed reward for following through the Rebate process.

Warehouse Sale Flyers ( Coupon Like)

You can find Costco “like” coupons at the door – or if you want to browse online, you can include their New Phone App. Now it’s primarily electronic – so it’s now just instant savings at the till when you purchase the products in the handout. It will list the product, rebate information, and any other money-saving deals or coupons attached to it.

Here is a current Costco flyer link for you to check out.

Making the Most of Your Local Costco Warehouse Sales:

View the current offers ahead of time so that you can take full advantage of them. You can find Costco “like” coupons at the door – or if you want to browse online, you can include their New Phone App.

How to Use a Costco Coupon in-store:

Before you go shopping, check the online coupon section for available discounts (be sure to select your local warehouse if the coupons are only valid at specific locations).

How to Make the Most of Your Costco Membership:

Go with a list: Have a specific set of items you want to buy or are looking for deals on. You can find out if they have what you need before you go by checking their online inventory.

If the product is not in stock at your local warehouse, ask if it’s available for delivery.

Shop online: Costco has a great selection of products on their website, and you can get special deals only available on the site. You can even avoid going to the store with some purchases by having them delivered right to your front door. It’s especially beneficial if you’re purchasing big-ticket items.

Don’t forget the rebates: Sometimes, it’s a good deal to buy specific items just because you can get a refund for them. I have seen wine glasses sell out at Costco before, so always check the offers or coupons closely to see what is going on.

Compare prices with other stores: It may take some research, but if you’re buying something that’s also available elsewhere, it may be worth looking to see if another store is offering a better deal.

The Costco Return Policy:

Costco has the Best Canadian return policy – If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with the product. They will offer an exchange, refund or repair depending on the circumstances of your product. Consumer Priority Service is a great place to call with any questions you may have regarding returns.

How to Save Money at Costco without a Membership:

  • Costco Pharmacies do not require a membership to use their services. You can print off your prescription from their website and walk-in for processing, or you can also have it delivered right to your front door. They accept Visa credit cards as forms of payment.
  • Optical: Any optical purchases made at Costco locations without a membership will be subject to a 15% up-charge.
  • Food Court: The food court will require non-members to pay an additional fee

Purchase Gift Cards for Great Discounts at Costco :

One of the easiest ways to save money at Costco is by purchasing gift cards. Watch for deals on select gif cards during the year!  Cineplex movie pass gift cards are one of the best.


Great Deals Online (without needing a membership) :

With a bit of digging, you can find some great deals online at Costco.com without needing to be a member:

Shipping: The minimum shipping fee for non-members is $5.99, and they do not offer in-store pick-up. They also only ship select items; check the website for specific restrictions before making your purchase.

Exclusive Membership Deals.

Each year they sign up with various substantial manufacturers to offer you “Exclusive Deals” like $1000 off a New Brand Name Car, $200 Rebate on new winter tires, etc.

Online Offers

If you like to do your shopping online, you’re in luck. You can shop from the comfort of your house and pick it up at your local Costco or have it shipped to your home. There’s a Whole Special Section for Treasure Hunt Deals 

Typical Questions asked about Costco and Coupons

Does Costco take coupons in 2021?

Costco does not offer any coupons from the maker. Costco provides its coupons and savings to members through mailings and in-store booklets.

How do I get discount coupons at Costco?

Members can save on wholesale price discounts at Costco. Special offers can sometimes save between $2 and $3 a unit. Nearly all Costco-based coupons are only available in stores and can not be applied to online purchases. In the past year, most shops have been scanning their membership cards to scan stores coupons and add a layer of convenience at the consumer convenience. Costco’s members are emailed weekly.

Why doesn’t Costco accept manufacturer coupons?

Many makers include just the coupon value into the product when supplying retailers. In other words, if a laundry dryer company will offer its coupon for buying a coupon that says $50, it will simply charge that retailer $50 in total. Costco won’t be obligated to charge inflated prices for the product in a coupon. Rather than ignoring a problem, Costco slams the manufacturer coupons they run. By purchasing at the lowest possible wholesale price, Costco will be more independent in choosing the product’s price. The retailer remains at the same margin, but the manufacturer makes a more significant profit.