Can I use coupons at Costco?


Can I Use Coupons at Costco?

This is the Question that has been asked a lot. But in 2018 It now has a complicated answer.

All of us Savvy shoppers try to save wherever we can, including trying to use coupons at all our favorite stores! At Costco Canada – You CAN NOT use “Standard manufacturer coupons”, but members can use “Costco Specific Coupons”.


What is a considered a “Standard Manufacturer coupon”? 


Generally, it means any “Normal” coupon –   Their Membership guidelines state they do Not accept manufacturer discount coupons except those that are distributed by Costco. They also do not accept competitor coupons

Costco does offer their own coupons and promotional offers, which are distributed to members in the mail, by email, and at warehouse locations at various times throughout the year.

How to Save More Money at Costco?


I have a few secrets to Share with you.

Checkout 51 is also another Rebate Application. It has a Huge list of products offered. You can also earn money back by purchasing listed products. Simply check off the items you bought and snap a picture of your receipt from your phone. There is currently No rules at Checkout51 about where you purchase Most products from – . Once you reach $20.00 in your account, you’ll be prompted with the option to cash out.


Caddle which is a Grocery Rebate Application that offers you a cash rebate when you purchase certain items at stores, but they actually have quite a few rebates for “Costco Only”. So if your a regular visitor of Costco – make sure you browse their newest offers to see if they offer anything you have on your list.  You can Join Caddle Here . 


Field Agent: You can also try Field Agent to earn money by doing Costco Surveys ( They offer them time to time.


Costco Rebates: From time to time Costco has special Mail in Rebates where you can spend money on certain types of products, and get a mailed reward for following through the Rebate process.


Warehouse Sale Flyers ( Coupon Like) 
You can find Costco “like” coupons at the door – or if you want to browse online you can including their New Phone App. Now it’s mostly electronic – so it’s now just instant savings at the till when you purchase the products in the handout.


Making the Most of Your Local Costco Warehouse Sales:

Simply view the current offers ahead of time, so you can take total advantage of them.


Exclusive Membership Deals.

Each Year they sign up with huge various manufacturers to offer you “Exclusive Deals” like $1000 off a New Brand Name Car, $200 Rebate on new winter tires, etc.


Online Offers
If you like to do your shopping online, you’re in luck. You can shop from the comfort of your house and pick it up at your local Costco or have it shipped to your home.  There’s a Whole Special Section for Treasure Hunt Deals 

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