Netflix Codes Canada
I can’t believe we are living in the year 2024! With no new series being released on cable TV, there was a lot of pressure to find some entertainment. But you might be thinking, “I have seen it all,” as I found out that my choices may not always play when streaming Netflix Canada from LG Smart TVs and older Apple Boxes- they seem to loop 20 times for each weird category given by them (on both).

Not only do I have a hard time finding something to watch, but it’s almost as if Netflix is hiding the good stuff. Do you know those “secret codes” people have been discussing for years and finally gave them away? Well, now there are Netflix Codes Canada, too! The following list will show you how easy it can be.

Netflix Codes Canada allows users an entire page dedicated to relevant content based explicitly on the genre searched, such as Kids’ Movies aged 8-10 or Romantic Comedies with Science Fiction options one might not otherwise know existed in their search results.

To use these Netflix codes in Canada, all you have to do is add the number to the end of the domain:

We have created a Condensed List for you!  But this should help find new content! Or you can always See Our Top Netflix Canada TV shows to watch.

Or See What’s New on Netflix Canada.

How Does Netflix Decide What to Recommend to You?

Netflix’s algorithms recommend what you should watch based on your viewing history. But the more titles they have in their library, the better these recommendations will get! I wish Netflix would publish how it sorts by language or genre so we know what type of show/film our search results are, for example, “TV Series” vs ‘Movies.’
There can be too many options when trying to find something specific, like Spiderman (language: English).

It’s Fun to Explore!

Let’s see what we can view and get our Binge Netflix going again!

I’ve listed the link to Netflix Canada Plus the Code in the Brackets.

But instead of overwhelming you with secret codes – I’m just going to do a few hundred for you to browse; maybe I’ll find more later and update the list.

Netflix codes Canada 2023

Here are the following Netflix secret codes for Canada 2023

Action Movies Genres

Documentaries Genres

Kid Movies by Age

More Kids Content Genres

Netflix Codes Canada for Comedy Genres

Netflix Codes Canada for Drama Genre

Romantic Genre

Horror Movie Genre

Netflix codes Canada for Monster Movies
Netflix Monster Movies

Classic Movie Genre

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Genre

Netflix Codes Canada: Thrillers  Genre

Netflix codes Canada for Best Action Adventure Shows
Best Action Adventure Shows on Netflix

Netflix Codes Canada: TV Shows Genre

Netflix Codes Canada for Korean Movies
Netflix Korean Movies

Foreign Movies Genres

Netflix Codes Canada for Christmas Genre