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You Can Take Free Online Classes at Hogwarts

If you have been waiting for an acceptance letter to the school of Hogwarts, You can join online, and take an online School of Wizarding with an entire directory of free activities to try.

Sign up, Choose a House, and choose your character. and begin taking some fun online wizard courses. Earn Points for your house in the process.

The School – You can tons of courses from Beginner classes to 7th years.

J.K. Rowling, the author of the Famous Harry Potter, has come up with quite a few ways to allow kids, teachers, and parents to help through education and entertainment of the love of books. This Harry Potter Hub will offer free kids free activities, articles, quiz’s and even how to draw the Niffler that is seen in Harry Potter’s movies.

Click Here to Get on the Harry Potter Hub

Free Harry Potter Book to Read

But that’s not all.

Get the Philosopher’s Stone as an Ebook or audiobook at Libby’s App in Canada – which also supports most Canadian schools. Or you can also access it via Audible 

Also, You can Watch a Free Harry Potter Theme Exhibit called the History of Majic.

harry potter exhibit

And for all you Harry Potter Super Fans!

Google Arts also has a new Themed Exhibit “The History of Magic” you can virtually look at Online as well.

Lots of Reading and a great collection of editorials including titles

  • The Bewitching Collection of The Museum of Witchcraft & Magic
  • Explore the details of Jim Kay’s sketches
  • How to study like a wizard

Is Harry Potter free on audible?

Well, on Audible, you can automatically get two free books when you sign up for a Free Trial. – No magic secret if you are a new Subscriber. 
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