Join Chapmans Kid Club for FREE, and earn points to get free prizes. It is great for kids and adults to play a few simple games, earn points, and redeem for actual prizes.

Chapmans kid club prizes

Once you join the kids club, you earn points by playing games and doing other fun activities. Use your points to “buy” your free prizes!

Current Prizes Include:

  • Chapman’s Canadian Lanyard
  • Assorted Gel Point Pen (with black ink)
  • Chapman’s Birthday Cards (2 Per Pack)
  • Chapman’s Key Chain
    Chapman’s Slap Bracelet
  • Cow Pen

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How Points Work at

“Try your luck in the games or activities sections and see just how many valuable prize points you can win on each visit!

As a Kids Club member, you can earn a maximum of 600 points per day. You can obtain these points by playing any games and activities or repeatedly performing one or two games or activities.

Once you have reached the maximum 600 points for the day, at any time during the day, you will not be able to earn points again until the following day, beginning at midnight.”

How To Claim Your Prize with Chapmans Kids Club

“Here, you can spend the points you’ve won in the games to purchase real-world prizes!

Hover over any item and press “Add to Cart” to add the prize to your shopping cart. Press “Details” to view the award closer. 

Below each item is the maximum prize type you can get in a year, and how many of your points will cost.

Chapman’s Ice Cream

This brand is most well-known for the Chapmans Ice Cream.

Creamy and delicious with a lot of love thrown in.

They are all about family, kids, and producing the highest quality products out there today.

The packaging, price, and the fact that you can get peanut-free, fat-free, and a wide variety of Chapmans Ice Cream attest to their high-quality customer satisfaction.

When I am grocery shopping with my kids, they always, ALWAYS, go to Chapman’s products first. They love the taste and the bright colours and just the brand in general. I like it because of the low-fat options that they offer. I feel good letting my kids eat this for a treat.