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Crayola Crafts: Melted: 14 Do it Yourself Projects

Sep 16, 2020
If you have tons of broken old crayons lying around – Crafting can be a great way to not only recycle unused or unwanted crayons into a great bonding experience for you and any child in your life. Heck even if you want to try it yourself – as some of these crafts anyone can do – not just for kids!

14 Melted Crayon Crafts to Try 

1. Try melted Crayon into Molds.

For this craft, you’ll need a Silicone Mold, broken Crayola Crayons, and an X-acto knife.

Simply melt down crayons into the mould and cool them off – and at the end, Kids can still colour with the new shapes:

Find full instructions on Via Mom Always 


2. Make Crayon DIY ornaments

Via Heatherednest 

For this craft – You will need a few clear glass ornaments, Crayons, a peeler or cheese grader, crayons, and a hairdryer with a hot high setting.

In a Nutshell – You will shave your pencils, and funnel the shavings into the transparent glass ornaments then heat up with the blow dryer.

Get full Instructions & Video. 


3. Crayon Candle

The supplies you’ll need crayons, dixie cups, wicks, popsicle sticks, votives, and wax.

To Sum it up: Pours wax into the cups, and microwave for one minute, stir and pour a thin layer into the bottom of a votive and place the candle wick in the center.

Find full instructions on Brit + Co.

4. Rainbow Crayons

Via Pre-K pages

The supplies you’ll need crayons, silicon moulds, a microwave, and that’s it.

To Sum it up: Take the paper off the crayons, and break them up and place into the moulds, then let them cool off

Get Full Instructions at Pre-K Pages 

5. Melted Crayon Artwork for Adults

Via Madeit 

The supplies you will need for this project is a canvas, crayons, hairdryer, and oven

The basics of this craft are to melt crayons onto an art canvas using both the stove and a hairdryer to make art for the wall.

Get Full Instructions at Madeit 

6. Sun melted Art Craft

via Happy Hooligans

Supplies needed: Wax paper, crayons, cookie sheet, and some sunlight

The basics of this craft are you are going to melt crayons in the sun by using layers of crayon colouring thick to make a stained glass look

Get full instructions via Happy Hooligans



7. Turtle – Melted Crayons fun project

via Iheartartsandcrafts

Supplies Needed: Crayon shavings, wax paper, construction paper, googly eyes, marker, Iron, crayon sharpener.

The basics of the craft- shave crayons and place shavings on wax paper in a circle – cover and melt the shavings using an Iron. – then gluing the legs and tail, etc. for the turtle part of it.

Get Full Instructions at via Iheartartsandcrafts

8. Crayon Batik (Older kids/ Adult Craft)

via Elementryartfun

Supply List: Rite Aid Dye, Crayons, Iron, Electric frying pan, BLack marker, coffee cans, baby jars, Muslin, cardboard, paper, rubber gloves, wooden spoon, and more

Basics of the Craft – It’s quite the process – but your creating layers of art with crayons as a base – or as a paint. The secret is the Muslin usage.

Get the Full instructions via Elementryartfun

9. Melted Crayon Rocks

via Redtedart

Supplies Needed: Rocks, Crayons, oven, wooden surface, oven gloves

Basics of the craft: You will heat the rocks and take out one at a time, and melt crayons on the hot stones and let cool

Get the full Instructions via Redtedart

10. Melted Crayon Artwork

Via Artful Parent 

Supplies: Warming Tray (Highly suggested) cookie sheet, crayons, oven mitts, paper, Aluminum foil, electrical tape

The Basics – If you have a warming tray, you won’t have to keep warming up in the oven as the warming tray keeps a perfectly safe temperature. As the child colours, the crayons will melt

Get the full Instructions Via Artful Parent 

11. Melted Crayon Coaster

Via Momunleashed 

Supplies Needed: Variety of Crayons, a Soup Bowl, aFlat Bottomed Ramekin, Mod Podge and a Brush

The Basics of the craft is to melt the crayons into the perfect shape of a coaster and finish off with mod podge to seal them up to use.

Get the full instructions: Via Momunleashed 

12. Melted Crayon Easter Eggs

Via Gift of Curiosity 

Supplies Needed: Hot boiled eggs, Crayons, paper towel, maybe mittens for kids,

The Basics: Using hot eggs, you simply colour with crayons to get the design your looking for.

Get the Full instructions: Via Gift of Curiosity 

13. Sun Catcher Hearts with Melted Crayons

Via ArtfulParent.com

Supplies Needed: Cheesegrater, Crayons, muffin tins, an Iron, wax paper, scrap paper and Scissors

The Basics of the craft: To spread crayon shavings onto wax paper and melt the crayons using an iron, once your new art paper is complete- you cut out your heart shapes.

Get the full Instructions: Via ArtfulParent.com


Via Aunt Peaches

Supplies: White or light coloured small paper bags, wax crayons, pencil sharpener, Wax paper or wax paper bags, Iron, Votive Candles inside glass jars

The Basics – Using white paper bags- you will melt the crayons onto using iron and simply place a votive candle in a jar that is set into the bag to create this unique festive gift or decor for your home.

Get the full instructions: Via Aunt Peaches




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