Look for specially marked packages of Juicy Juice products and find $3.00 in Crayola savings.

Crayola has partnered with Juicy Juice, and you get to take advantage of the savings!!

Offer only available on select specially marked JUICY JUICE® products. See inside of the packaging for more details. Available only while supplies last.

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Free Sample

    Crayola Colouring Pages

    If you are a fan of colouring (and let’s face it, who is not?) then Crayola has a ton of cute colouring pages for you to download and print.

    Great for rainy, lazy days with the kids. A great stress reliever, as well.

    Crayola Teachers.ca

    While you are browsing the wide variety of colouring activities and pages, be sure to check out CrayolaTeachers.ca. It’s an online community for Canadian educators. Talk to other professionals like yourself. Find lesson plans and helpful tips on exciting school lessons, and much more—a treasure trove of information that is fun and educational.

    Crayola Marker Maker

    Have you heard about the new Crayola Marker Maker? This is one popular toy that the kiddies seem to love.

    You can purchase them at Walmart for $24.96 and Sears for $24.99. A little more at other stores like Staples.

    What is the Crayola Marker Maker You Might Ask?

    Your child can create their custom-made markers in literally minutes.

    There is a mixing guide included to create the colour you want, or you can just wing it and make your unique hue.

    The ink magically appears. You just have to click it together to create the finished product marker.

    This kit includes enough products to make 16 markers!!