Save on Grocery Apps Canada

Groceries are no longer cheap! On average, Canadians shell out an astounding $650 monthly on groceries. A family of four can readily spend up to $1200 – depending on their age and diet. But with a few clicks of your phone, you can save money today! Download our free apps that guide you on how best to get grocery deals  at your  local grocery store and maybe even get free groceries

What is a Grocery App?

Grocery Apps allow you to compare prices, find coupons, and build a shopping list. You can also get recipes and nutritional information and share your grocery list with others in the family or group. Most major grocery stores offer their app explicitly tailored to their store.

Why Should I Use a Grocery CouponApp

Using grocery coupon apps can help you save money. You can save on your weekly groceries by using the app to compare prices and find coupons. You can also use it to plan and create lists quickly and efficiently. With the bonus of recipes and nutritional information, you can ensure that your family eats healthy meals and help your menu plan. The ultimate goal is to get grocery deals.

Money Saving Apps to Help you Cut the Cost of Grocery Shopping

These apps are perfect if you’re looking for a way to save money when shopping, whether from your local store or otherwise. I am in a small town and don’t have the same access to stores as others do, so this is great for me! Additionally, they won’t interfere with any other rewards programs – what more could you ask for? It’s truly a win-win situation!

Start Stocking up when items are a good buy! Live in a small town with few stores to choose from? Well, these apps will help you as well!

Let’s get Money Saving! We’ll show you grocery coupon apps as cash-back offers such as Checkout 51 and a few apps to earn money back and maybe get lucky and land some free groceries.


Flash flood

This app is the ultimate game-changer for shoppers looking to save big on groceries while helping reduce food waste. By offering significant discounts on items about to expire, you can enjoy unbeatable savings and feel good about doing your part in reducing environmental waste! Flash flood provides an easy-to-use platform that lets you quickly locate and check out items about to expire in your local Loblaw stores.

The local grocery stores that may participate: are Loblaw banner stores: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Provigo, and Maxi.

Save up to 50% off on food that is expiring soon. It is similar to shopping the clearance rack at your local store’s dairy and vegetable aisles.

Is there an app that compares grocery prices in Canada?

Yes, there are several grocery price comparison apps available for Canadians. Several grocery apps track thousands of products from more than 30 Canadian stores and provide users with the most up-to-date information on product prices. It also allows users to set alerts for when their favourite items go on sale and discounts are available. Other apps, such as Flipp and Reebee, offer users price comparisons from local grocery stores and deals.

These apps can help Canadians save money on groceries by comparing prices across different stores and finding the best deal for their desired item. It can also provide a convenient way of finding products from the comfort of their own home. With these apps, users can easily and quickly find what they want without driving or taking transit to various stores. By taking advantage of these price comparison apps, Canadians can save cash and time on grocery shopping and make informed decisions on where to shop.

Flyer Apps

Save Money with Grocery Flyers

Make each grocery run more affordable by utilizing grocery flyers! With these apps, you can preview the upcoming week’s deals on Thursdays and create your shopping list based on discounted prices. Whether for gift shopping, a TV purchase, or preparing an Easter ham, you can save money with this system! Plus, if you’re looking to make salsa? Tomatoes will always be listed in sale items – so get started today and start saving up those dollars at your local grocery stores.

Grocery Apps Canada to Download and Save Money | grocery apps canada

Flipp App


One of the most popular Flyers in your area App. Flipp also has a Cool Grocery Shopping list feature built into the app. It is easy to use; You can search by item or browse the flyers in your location. There is a GEO location to help you find just stores near you within a certain radius. You can also compare prices with all the stores in your area and get the best price for any item.

Reebee app for grocery savings in Canada

Reebee App

Rebee: Wanna save time and money on your grocery shopping? Reebee is the perfect app for you! Reebee makes it easy to save big on groceries by giving users access to digital flyers. With the app, you can browse through hundreds of digital flyers from local retailers in your area, compare products and prices, create a grocery list with items from all selections of products, and even get notified when your favourite stores are running a sale.

Ways to Make Flyer Apps save money besides at the till

Which is better, the reebee app or Flipp?

What the Reebee app gives you that Flipp does not.

  • With Reebee, you can effortlessly sync your account and shopping lists across your devices with a single click. So no more worrying about remembering what to get at the store or transferring data from device to device – everything is stored in one convenient place!
  • You can now explore an entire flyer with a single page of access – no internet connection is necessary.
  • With the Reebee app, you can craft a new shopping list anytime instead of constantly updating outdated lists.

Gas Buddy App

The Gas Buddy App isn’t for groceries, obviously, but it still costs money to drive around to all the supermarkets, and with carbon tax continuing to rise in price, it is a great phone app to find the gas station with the lowest fuel price!

The Gas Buddy App is invaluable for drivers looking to save money. It quickly locates the closest gas station with the lowest fuel prices and gives directions for getting there. You can also compare different brands of gasoline so that you know what’s best for your wallet. On top of all this, users can rate their experiences at various stations – allowing everyone to be aware of any potential pitfalls before they get there!


Tips on using grocery apps in Canada with checking off the following lists

To Get the best use out of Flyer Apps.

  1. Create a Grocery list on paper of everything you need to purchase for the shopping trip.
  2. Enter each item into one or all of 3 these apps ( You may prefer one over another )
  3. See the results of each item to compare prices to find the best price.
  4. Add Best Sale to your Price Book
  5. You can also use these apps for just about anything when it comes to shopping for anything from tools to household appliances – it’s not only dedicated to groceries.
  6. Consider Price Matching to avoid multiple stops or to gain loyalty points such as Pc Optimum points.


Earn Cash Back with grocery apps

Earn Cash Back on Groceries

Cash Back Apps are legitimate sources of extra money! We’ll explain that the apps we’ve selected for you are available in Canada. Once your account balance reaches $20.00, you can request a cash-back cheque to increase savings or purchase desired items. While it won’t make you wealthy overnight, it’s a terrific way to reap the rewards and save money on everyday purchases.

If you’re looking to save on groceries, these apps are the perfect way to do so! There’s an abundance of online shopping apps and plenty for seeking coupon codes, but this article is about getting cash back from weekly grocery purchases. Cashbacks have become more popular than paper coupons in Canada – it’s easier than ever!

Tips on how to use cash Back to your advantage!

Here are a few tips when using the following apps to earn cash back, such as checkout 51. You can even double and triple up your saving depending on what credit cards you have on top of all price matching, bonus points and paper coupons you have.

  1. Only buy what you will use.
  2. Try to use Cash-back apps in Canada with a sale price.
  3. Take advantage of paper coupons.
  4. Take advantage of bonuses or surveys when available.
  5. Take advantage of online receipts where accepted.
  6. Use Cash Back Apps for Costco
  7. Take advantage of Grocery deals online as well; this way.

Grocery Apps for Cashback

Top 3 Canadian Cash Back apps Available

Canadians who are not fans of clipping paper coupons or don’t have a printer at home benefit from Cash-back Rebates hugely. The only potential downside is needing to upload the receipt to be accepted, so ensure you keep your receipts safe by placing them directly into your wallet or purse when shopping. You won’t accidentally discard them as soon as you bring groceries back from the store!

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has served Canadians for over 10 years and still stands as one of the best! It’s free to download so you won’t waste money. Plus, every week, there are tons of new offers available; from food items to online purchases delivered in a single week – making it easier than ever to save without paper coupons! Moreover, you can stack even further savings when using a coupon and cash-back simultaneously.

Available as a phone app, plus you can use a desktop and hook up a digital camera to take pictures.

You don’t have to stress about store policies. Just shop and upload your receipt; with the Flipp app, you will get pc points like no other! You can effortlessly receive a rebate of $20 per year without using it often, regardless of dietary restrictions or beliefs.

Last year I received an impressive $40 simply by using the Checkout 51 app and uploading offers. Since my husband often forgets to keep receipts, there is great potential for me to make even more money if I put in some extra effort.

One negative thing is – the quantities are limited on each offer and can expire before you get home. To prevent loss of opportunity, it is suggested to upload your receipt in the car before leaving the parking lot.


Caddle -This is the second-largest cash-back site. It’s 100% Canadian, which is a pleasant surprise. It’s a great way to earn a few cash-back rebates – Updated every Thursday Morning. Find lots of small videos to watch and earn up to $0.25 per video, and you can do surveys with up to 5 questions for another $0.10 or so.

Want to benefit from stacking coupons and savings? Look no further than this fantastic grocery app! As a bonus, simply uploading your receipts from stores such as Costco or Loblaws can earn some extra money each month – it’s that easy!

Check out this week’s offers.



Eclipsa stands apart from the other cash-back apps released in 2020 with its cutting-edge features and special offers. As it strives to gain an edge over rivals like Checkout 51, Eclipsais promises a modern way of earning rewards for your purchases!

This cash-back app is fresh out of the box, offering essential savings such as 25 cents for bread or eggs. There’s not an overabundance of offers which can be a blessing since coupons for items like milk are hard to come by! Additionally, you’ll score double points when using this cash-back app at stores like Shoppers Drug Mart and eventually reap big rewards.

Websaver Cash Back Program

Websaver Cashback Coupons  – Only has select Stores – but You can still save additional money. Check back every Thursday to see what new offers you can redeem. It is one of the few places you can find grocery savings at Walmart Canada. Plus, it is another way to coupon for hard-to-find coupons such as fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs.

GoCoupons Cash Back & Print Coupons

Go Coupons has Printed coupons Plus Cash Back! Check back weekly, as there are usually one or two new offers to apply for. Plus, they have specific coupons and cash-back offers for the province of Quebec. Find almost 100 cash-back offers and nearly 50 printable coupons.


Top Canadian Rewards Apps to have

PC Optimum points Card The Loblaws Family of Companies rewards card is a tremendous opportunity to save on groceries and earn free stuff! This program allows users to redeem their points at any grocery store within the chain, along with Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh, and select Mobil Esso Stations.

Just our family of three has earned hundreds of dollars throughout the year solely through shopping with this great reward system – plus much more if you apply for one of their credit cards too! No matter where each point comes from, they are all equal in value; maximizing savings while buying food has never been easier or better than using this unique system.

You don’t need to download the mobile app for savings; use an email address, and you can load weekly discounts online. Even if your application malfunctions, a physical card may be requested at any PC store in an emergency.


To make the most of your purchases, be consistent with them. The app won’t take long to recognize and cater its offers according to your purchasing history. When you’re ready to shop again, don’t forget to check if spending an extra few dollars can save you even more! You may unlock a $10 discount – now that’s worth it!

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How to Optimize your Pc Points 

We go into full details on how to search for deals, get coupon codes, use a credit card etc.; this loyalty rewards point program includes Shoppers! Check the link above.

Cash Back with Receipts

Cash Back With Receipts

If you’re already taking pictures of your receipts and uploading them to other programs, such as Checkout 51, why not take it further? A few special programs will pay you for the same action – all you need to do is upload those shopping receipts! It’s an easy way to get extra cashback with minimal effort.

Coin Out Earn Cash Back

Coin out

CoinOut Have you ever wanted to get cash back on purchases? Now, it’s easier than ever! Taking pictures of your recent receipts – whether from groceries or otherwise – is the key. With the app, users can earn money back when shopping at certain online stores in no time! So why wait? Get started today and reap the rewards sooner rather than later.

Maximize your earnings and take advantage of this program – you can receive up to $0.15 for every receipt uploaded daily, with a maximum limit of 10! Once you hit that daily cap, get ready for the payout – an easy $10 via PayPal will be sent directly to your account! While it may not make you wealthy overnight, if done consistently over time, it could give back more than one hundred dollars annually – now that’s worth considering!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

With Receipt Hog, you can get coins without spending a penny. All you need is your receipts, and the rewards will be yours: Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Gift Cards or Paypal payout! It’s convenient since you’re likely uploading receipt information for other programs anywayOf course, you won’t make it rich overnight, but you may earn $20 before Christmas.


Delivery Apps for Groceries

What the heck, How is a delivery app going to help save on Groceries?  Well, it will not help on your weekly grocery shopping trip. Still, I see many times on the following apps that actually will deliver from convenient stores such as 7-Eleven, and Circle K. Many times, there are discounts just for using delivery services; such as these; although you won’t be checking these apps daily, it is good to keep an eye out each time you use these apps to check and see if there’s a discount on convenient store shopping that would make it worth using.

Uber Eats & Skip the Dishes

It’s a food delivery service that connects you to local restaurants and allows you to have meals delivered to your door. The convenience of having all your favourite foods without leaving the house has made UberEats and skip the dishes the most popular food delivery service in Canada.

The app uses your location data and displays nearby restaurants and convenience stores available for delivery. Open the app, browse through the available restaurants, select your order, and in no time at all, it will be delivered right to your door. Some restaurants even offer special deals or discounts only available through these apps. All payments are handled securely within the app.

Individual Grocery Store Apps

Individual Grocery Store Apps

Even earlier, we discussed Pc optimum points, covering several grocery stores in the Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart.  There are many other grocery store apps you can take advantage of.

Sobeys – Now has joined Scene Points Plus. When you download the Sobeys Grocery Store app, you can get exclusive individual offers that will save you money exclusive at Sobeys.

Metro –  On the Metro App – You can get Exclusive grocery savings by shopping at Metro – you will get new offers almost every week.

Safeway – Now has Airmiles- Plus on the Safeway Grocery Store App, you can get Exclusive Offers based on your shopping history.

Banking mobile apps

Apps for Banking

The following apps, I don’t like to overly push people, especially on saving for Groceries, due to having nothing to do with Grocery Shopping. I am just apps to save money that tracks your purchases and how you do your banking. So for the following apps, you should be very comfortable with technology and how it works, be okay with sharing your financial privacy, and have super strong passwords. I don’t have the following apps because I’m uncomfortable with privacy and having another app that a hacker could get into my banking account.


If I were to do one of these apps, I would do Ampi because the Royal Bank of Canada owns it,

It is pretty much a download, and it tracks where you spend- and gives you additional cash back right into your bank account; for example, you can potentially get Micheals Craft Store 10% cash back if you spend X $ etc.  See Ampli. How it works  

The list of merchants has nothing to do with groceries, but maybe one it will


Drop is very similar to Ampl in how it works and has been around longer than Ampli by a few years.  Again this app won’t help you directly save on groceries but may give you a few dollars back on your purchases, but you can save a few dollars like Ampli.


Again I’m repeating myself, but Paymi is very similar to Ampli and is owned by CIBC Bank

Your Banking Rewards

Some Visas and MasterCard have rewards that give cash back as an option to either pay down your credit card or give you points to spend. I know the Royal Bank Affinity Rewards – gives points that give you tons of offers to spend your points, like Cash Back on your credit card, spend it on hotels, airfare, car rentals etc.


Unlock your potential savings by using coupons and downloading these powerful applications! Canadians, take note: With the help of these apps, you can spend less on groceries each year. Plus, they’re free – so why not give them a try right now? What other phone-enhanced strategies do you use to save money when grocery shopping?