Save on Grocery Apps Canada

Groceries are expensive these days! The average Canadian spends $650 per month! A family of 4 can easily spend anywhere from $900 to $1200 depending on age and dietary needs. But with a few free downloads of Apps, we can show you how to begin to save money right from your phone!

Here are some great  Applications that will help you begin money-saving at the grocery store – No matter what stores you have available to shop from. I love these apps as I am from a small town and don’t get all the stores’ choices. Plus, these are great apps that don’t interfere with other rewards programs – Total Win-Win!

Start Stocking up when items are a good buy! Live in a small town with few stores to choose from? Well, these apps will help you as well!

Let’s get Money Saving! We’ll show you cashback offers such as Checkout 51, and other ways to save money and a few apps to earn money on the side.

Flash flood

This app allows shoppers to receive major deals on foods with a shelf life that is soon to be expired, It results in the shopper saving money, and food waste is now reduced.

Online stores that may participate: Loblaw banner stores: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Provigo, Maxi.

Save up to 50% off on food that is expiring soon. It is similar to shopping the clearance rack at the dairy and vegetable aisles in your local stores.

You will need to live in a city to use this app or visit a city to find offers and deals you can participate in.


Flyer App Canada

Flyer apps are easy to use to save money on groceries. It’s not only a great way to create a shopping list, but it is a great money-saving technique to use every week.

And you can begin wanting to save money at your local grocery stores.

Find out what’s on sale this week at your local grocery store and start combining with money-saving paper coupons and cash back apps .even further to save money.

Flyer Apps

Save Money with Grocery Flyers

All Flyers are updated every Friday with these apps, but you can do previews on Thursdays for the upcoming week. Start saving money by making a list of what’s on sale and where with your grocery list every time you want to make a purchase.

This even works well for items like gift shopping example, a TV, or perhaps you are looking for an Easter Ham or wanting to make salsa, and you are looking for a sale on Tomatoes.

Grocery Apps Canada to Download and Save Money | grocery apps canada

Flipp App

Flipp: One of the most popular Flyers in your area App. Flipp also has a  Cool Grocery Shopping list feature also built in the app. It is easy to use; You can search by item or browse the flyers in your location. There is a GEO location to help you find just stores near you with a certain radius.

Reebee app for grocery savings in Canada

Reebee App

Rebee: Gives you a complete list of flyers in this app – The app is updated every week. It’s one of the best grocery flyer apps for Canadians.  I find it a great way to do price matching in your local stores. This app will also sync your grocery list, just like the Flipp app. It is a great app to use alongside finding checkout 51 items you want to get cashback items.

Gas Buddy App

The Gas Buddy App isn’t for groceries, obviously, but it still costs money to drive around to all the supermarkets, and with carbon tax continuing to rise in price, it is a great phone app to find the gas station with the lowest fuel price!


Tips on using grocery apps in Canada with checking off the following lists

To Get the best use out of Flyer Apps.

  1. Create a Grocery list on paper of everything you need to purchase for the shopping trip.
  2. Enter each item into one or all of 3 of these apps ( You may prefer one over another )
  3. See the results of each item to compare prices to find the best price.
  4. Add Best Sale to your Price Book
  5. You can also use these apps for just about anything when it comes to shopping for anything from tools to household appliances as well – it’s not only dedicated to groceries.
  6. Consider Price Matching to avoid multiple stops or to gain loyalty points such as Pc Optimum points.


Earn Cash Back with grocery apps

Earn Cash Back on Groceries

Cash Back Apps are legit! We will show you most of the following apps are available in Canada, and you can request a cashback cheque once your account reaches $20.00. You won’t get rich, but it is a great way to save money or get money back to purchase select items.

The following apps are more dedicated to your grocery shopping! There are way more apps available for online shopping and not missing coupon codes, but this article isn’t about online shopping; this helps you earn cashback on your weekly grocery shopping purchases.

Cash Backs are starting to replace paper coupons and are very Canadian-friendly.

Tips on how to use cash Back to your advantage!

Here are a few tips when using the following apps to earn cash back, such as checkout 51. You can even double and triple up your saving depending on what credit cards you have on top of all price matching, bonus points and paper coupons you have.

  1. Only buy what you will use.
  2. Try to use Cashback apps in Canada with a sale price.
  3. Take advantage of paper coupons.
  4. Take advantage of bonuses or surveys when available.
  5. Take advantage of online receipts where accepted.
  6. Use Cash Back Apps for Costco
  7. Take advantage of Grocery deals online as well; this way.

Top 3 Canadian Cash Back apps Available

Cashback Rebates are GREAT, especially for those Canadians who dislike printed coupons or don’t own a printer at your home.

The only Negative to Cash Back Rebates is uploading your receipt. So always ask for your receipt, and place it in your wallet or purse, so you don’t lose it and throw it out when putting away your questions.

Checkout 51

Checkout51 – New offers change on Thursdays – This is the most significant Cashback Application right now  – Lots of new offers each week! Also, they will accept online purchases if delivered in the week. Checkout 51 has been in the Canadian market for over 10 years now and is legit! Free to download, and doesn’t involve much time to waste, Tons of new offers are offered each week, including food and is the #1 way to save money without paper coupons, but obviously, you can stack by using a paper coupon plus cashback!  Available as a phone app, plus you can use a desktop and hook up a digital camera to take pictures.  See the full Checkout 51 Program Review Here.

You don’t need to worry about store policies, just shop and upload your receipt, and when you use with Flipp app and get pc points combined like no one’s business!  You can quickly get a rebate of $20 per year without barely using it, regardless of dietary restrictions or beliefs.

Last year I earned $40.00 by just using the app and remembering to upload offers, I’m not the only one that does the grocery shopping in my house, and my husband never remembers the receipt, so I’m sure I could do more with Checkout 51 if I put more time into the offers.


Caddle – This is the second-largest cashback site. It’s 100% Canadian, which is a nice surprise. It’s a great way to earn a few cashback rebates – Updated every Thursday. Find lots of small videos to watch and earn up to $0.25 per video, and you can do surveys with up to 5 questions for another $0.10 or so.  If you want to stack coupons/ savings, this is a good grocery app to have; also, as a bonus, earn a few extra dollars per month by uploading receipts from specific stores such as Costco, Loblaws etc.  Check out this week’s offers and find out how to get a coupon code just for joining and get your first FREE dollar.

Okay, I admit I suck at earning on this cashback app. I rarely remember to upload receipts to get the small bonus earnings per week, and most of the offers I don’t purchase often make this app work for me. But don’t let my laziness prevent you from adding this app for ways to save!


Eclipsa – is the newest Cashback app, similar to the other cashback sites released in 2020. It is unique and has a few offers, as they try and gain an audience to compete with other cashback apps like checkout 51

Since this is a new cashback app, they are still releasing simple savings such as $0.25 for bread or eggs, and not too many offers, which is excellent as there is rarely a coupon for milk etc. as often, and you can use it at stores such as Shoppers and double down on the points and make back some rewards.

Websaver Digital & Cash Back Program

Websaver Digital Coupons  – Only has select Stores – but You can still save additional money. Check back every Thursday to see what new offers you can redeem.


Go Coupons has Printed coupons Plus Cash Back! Check back weekly as there is usually one or two new offers to apply for.


Top Canadian Rewards Apps to have

PC Optimum points Card is a great way to earn free groceries – The card can use it at any Loblaws grocery food chain, plus Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh and some Mobil Esso Stations.  With a family of 3 adults, we easily earn a few hundred dollars throughout the year by shopping with rewards.  You can even apply for one of their credit cards to double and triple up on rewards, which is all points and points equals a great way to save money on groceries.  You don’t have to use the mobile app to save money either; you need an email address and can load your offers each week online.  There is also a physical card you can use if your app starts acting up ( ask for a card at a PC store)


Be consistent with your purchasing – Ignore the app for the first while, and it will start pulling on your purchasing habits, and you will find more and more offers will show up with your actual purchase history.

Always check the app to see if you are better off spending another $5.00 to reach a specific goal of value – You may get an additional $10 discount.

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How to Optimize your Pc Points 

We go into full details on how to search for deals, get coupon codes, use a credit card etc., this loyalty rewards point program includes Shoppers! Check the link above.

Cash Back with Receipts

Cash Back With Receipts

There are a couple of programs that will pay you for uploading your shopping receipts. I only want to mention these simply because, to use the cash back apps, you are already snapping a picture to upload to other programs such as Checkout 51.

Coin Out Earn Cash Back

Coin out

CoinOut is all about taking a photo of your receipts ( it can be from all purchases, not just limited to grocery shopping.  Take as many pictures of your receipts as long as they are not older than two weeks old.

There is also a cashback offer for shopping at certain online stores through their app from time to time.

Earn up to $0.15 per receipt; There is a maximum upload of receipts to 10 per day.  The Payout is $10.00 via Paypal.  You won’t get rich off this program, but you can most likely get a payout of $10 per year if you remember to upload most of your receipts.

It’s just a bonus program for your phone and a great way to earn some coffee money.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

The Receipt Hog app is similar to getting cashback, but there is just No cash involved. You get free coins  (points) per receipt you upload, and then you can cash out the coins for certain rewards such as Amazon Gift Cards, Visa Gift Card, or paid out via Paypal.  You won’t get rich, nor will you be able to pay your bills with this cashback money-saving app. But since you already keep your receipts uploaded to other programs, it’s just another few steps to another reward.

You may get enough points to get an Amazon gift card by next Christmas if you start now.


You can double dip with coupons, and all the following apps talked about above. All of the apps discussed above will help you save money and use coupons in Canada. I hope this list has found you some great deals to try and sign up for.  It’ll help you out by a few hundred dollars per year at the supermarket!

All the apps are free to download!

How else do you use your phone to save money on groceries?