Get all the Grocery Shopping Apps in Canada 

With average monthly grocery expenses of $850, Canadians are feeling the pinch. A family of four can expect to spend up to $1400, depending on age and diet. However, you can easily save money by downloading Grocery Shopping apps in Canada that guide you on getting deals at your local Grocery stores, and you may even score some free groceries. Give it a try!


What are Grocery Price Comparison Apps?

Grocery price comparison applications enable users to compare prices, access coupons using cash-back apps, and create shopping lists, in addition to providing recipes and nutritional information which can be shared among family or group members. Many major grocery stores offer applications tailored to their Store, ensuring consumer convenience and a seamless shopping experience.

Why Should I Use a Grocery Apps

Implementing grocery coupon apps can significantly reduce expenses. You can save weekly groceries by comparing prices and acquiring vouchers by using a price matching or grocery price comparison app. Additionally, you can create an efficient list and meal plan while accessing nutritional information and recipes, enabling you to attain higher health standards for your family. The ultimate objective is to achieve savings on groceries.

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 Online Shopping Apps to Help You Cut the Cost of Grocery Shopping

These apps suit anyone seeking to save money while shopping, regardless of location. They are handy to those in remote areas without easy grocery store access. Moreover, they do not interfere with other rewards programs, making them a win-win option.

Start Stocking up when items are a good buy! Residing in a small town with limited shopping options presents challenges. But fear not! We’ve curated a list of apps that can assist you in saving money and simplifying your shopping. Our selection includes Coupons Canada apps and cash back apps like Checkout 51, and reward apps that could lead to discounts on groceries or even freebies.

Flash flood

This unique shopping grocery app offers significant discounts on food nearing expiration, helping shoppers save big while tackling food waste. The easy-to-use shopping app allows users to locate and purchase such items in nearby Loblaw stores to enjoy unbeatable savings. Not only do users benefit from great deals, but they also play a role in reducing environmental waste!

The local grocery stores that may participate are Loblaw banner stores: Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Provigo, and Maxi.

Save up to 50% on food that is expiring soon. It resembles shopping the clearance rack at your local dairy and vegetable aisles.

Is there an app to compare Grocery Prices in Canada?

There are many grocery price cmatch apps available to Canadians. Numerous apps track thousands of products in over 30 Canadian stores, offering the most current price information. Users can also set alerts for discounts on their favourite items. Apps like Flipp provide price comparisons and deals from local grocery stores.

These apps offer a cost-effective solution to fellow Canadian consumers like you to enable you to discover the lowest-priced item available across various retail outlets. With these shopping apps, users can eliminate the need to travel to multiple stores and minimize time and monetary expenses.

Leveraging these price comparison apps allows users to make smart shopping choices.

Flyer Apps

Save Money with Grocery Flyers

Maximize your grocery savings by utilizing grocery flyers! Preview upcoming week’s deals on Thursdays with various mobile apps and create a list based on discounted prices. Whether it’s for gift shopping, purchasing a TV, or preparing an Easter ham, this system helps cut down expenses. Grocery Saving Apps Canada to Download and Save Money | grocery apps canada

Flipp App


The Flipp app, a popular platform for flyers in your area, also offers a convenient grocery shopping list feature. With user-friendly search options and location filters, you can effortlessly browse store flyers and compare prices to find the best deals. Use the GEO location feature to explore stores nearby and make informed purchasing decisions.


Ways to Make Flyer Apps save money besides at the till

Gas Buddy App

The Gas Buddy App isn’t for groceries, obviously, but it still costs money to drive around to all the supermarkets, and with carbon tax continuing to rise in price, it is a great phone app to find the gas station with the lowest fuel price!

The GasBuddy app is an indispensable tool for cost-conscious drivers. It swiftly identifies the nearest gas station with the most affordable fuel and offers directions while also providing the ability to compare different gasoline brands. Users may leave ratings for their station experiences, ensuring everyone is forewarned about potential issues before arriving.


Tips on using grocery apps in Canada with checking off the following lists

The way to use Grocery Apps to Save money.

  1. Create a Grocery list on paper of everything you need to purchase for the shopping trip.
  2. Enter each item into one or all of 3 these apps ( You may prefer one over another )
  3. See the results of each item to compare prices to find the best price.
  4. Add Best Sale to your Price Book
  5. You can also use these apps for just about anything when shopping, from tools to household appliances – they’re not only dedicated to groceries.
  6. Consider Price Matching to avoid multiple stops or to gain loyalty points such as Pc Optimum points.


Earn Cash Back with grocery apps

Earn Cash Back on Groceries

Cashback apps present a legitimate opportunity to earn extra money. The selected apps discussed here are available in Canada, and once a user’s account balance reaches $20, a cashback cheque can be requested to save or purchase desired items. While this method doesn’t generate cash quickly, it’s an excellent way to save money on everyday purchases.


These apps offer an effective solution if you’re seeking to save on grocery spending. While there are several online shopping apps and coupon code sites, this piece focuses on earning cash back from weekly grocery purchases. In Canada, cashbacks have gained considerable popularity compared to paper coupons, making saving effortless.

Tips on how to use cash Back to your advantage!

Here are a few tips when using the following apps to earn cash back, such as Checkout 51. You can even double and triple up your savings depending on what credit cards you have on top of all price matching and bonus points you have.

  1. Only buy what you will use.
  2. Try to use Cashback apps in Canada with a sale price.
  3. Take advantage of paper coupons. ( this is very rare nowadays)
  4. Take advantage of bonuses or surveys when available.
  5. Take advantage of online receipts where accepted.
  6. Use Cash Back Apps for Costco
  7. Take advantage of grocery deals online as well.

Grocery Apps for Cashback

Top 3 Canadian Cash Back Apps Available

Canadians who are not fans of clipping paper coupons or don’t have a printer at home benefit from Cashback Rebates hugely. The only potential downside is needing to upload the receipt to be accepted, so ensure you keep your receipts safe by placing them directly into your wallet or purse when shopping. You won’t accidentally discard them when you return groceries from the Store!

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 has served Canadians for over a decade and remains popular today. It comes at no cost and offers loads of new deals each week, covering everything from food items to online purchases, all without the hassle of traditional paper coupons.


With the convenience of a phone app or desktop access with a connected digicam, there’s no need to worry about store policies. Just upload your receipt and get ready to enjoy significant savings, even if you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences.


Last year, by merely taking advantage of Checkout 51 offers through the app and receipt uploads, I saved an impressive $40. With some extra effort, there’s potential for even greater rebate rewards.

To avoid missed opportunities, uploading your receipt before leaving the parking lot is suggested. Quantities are limited on each offer, and expiration before arrival home is possible.


Caddle is the second-largest cashback site and an excellent way to earn cashback rebates. The site is wholly Canadian, which is quite remarkable. Videos of short duration await you, with rewards of up to $0.25 per view. Furthermore, completing surveys of up to 5 questions would earn you an additional $0.10.

Use this fantastic grocery app to derive benefits from stacking coupons and savings. With the ability to upload your receipts from leading retailers such as Costco and Loblaws, you can earn extra monthly income easily.

Check out this week’s offers.


Eclipsa distinguishes itself from other cashback apps released in 2020 by providing cutting-edge features and special offers, proving to be a modern way of earning purchase rewards. The app offers essential savings such as 25 cents for bread or eggs and grants double points when used at stores like Shoppers Drug Mart, allowing users to accumulate significant rewards.

Websaver Cash Back Program

Websaver Cashback Coupons  – Although only available in select stores, our offer allows you to save money. You can take advantage of new, redeemable offers by returning every Thursday. Walmart Canada is one of the few places offering grocery savings and exclusive coupons for hard-to-find items like fruits, vegetables, milk, and eggs.

GoCoupons Cash Back & Print Coupons

Go Coupons We are pleased to offer printed coupons along with cashback options! Our weekly updates include newly added offers, so remember to check back regularly. We also have exclusive coupons and cashback options for Quebec residents, featuring nearly 100 cashback offers and 50 printable coupons.


Top Canadian Rewards Apps to have

PC Optimum Points Card The Loblaws Family of Companies rewards card presents an excellent opportunity to save money on groceries and receive free items. The program allows users to redeem their points at various locations within the chain, including Shoppers Drug Mart, Joe Fresh, and select Mobil Esso Stations.


Our family of three has consistently earned hundreds of dollars annually by utilizing this exceptional reward system. Moreover, applying for one of their credit cards can unlock even more significant savings. Every point carries equal value, amplifying your grocery shopping savings and making this system unparalleled.


In case of technical glitches, users can save weekly discounts online using an email address or request a physical card from any PC store for immediate use.


To make the most of your purchases, be consistent with them. The app won’t take long to recognize and cater its offers according to your purchasing history. When you’re ready to shop again, don’t forget to check if spending an extra few dollars can save you even more! You may unlock a $10 discount – now that’s worth it!

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How to Optimize Your PC Points 

We go into full details on searching for deals, getting coupon codes, using a credit card, etc.; this loyalty rewards point program includes Shoppers! Check the link above.

Cash Back with Receipts

Cash Back With Receipts

Why not expand the benefits for those already using programs like Checkout 51 to upload receipt images? Several specialized programs offer cashback for the same action – provide receipts! It’s a hassle-free approach to earning extra cash.

leap rewards with Unilever mobile app

Unilever Leap Rewards Mobile App

You can scan your receipts for rewards such as Coupons to use in the Store.  This program was just announced in Canada for April 2023.  It was released in January of 2023 for USA customers, but now Canadians can also get rewarded.

Click Here to Download Android

Click Here to download Apple 



Coin Out Earn Cash Back

Coin out

CoinOut: Do you want to earn cash back on your purchases? It’s now easier than ever with our app. Take a picture of your recent receipts – for groceries or anything else – and start earning money back quickly when shopping at certain online stores.


Maximize your earnings and take advantage of this program. You can receive up to $0.15 for every uploaded receipt daily, with a maximum limit of 10. Once you reach the daily cap, prepare for an easy $10 payout via PayPal, sent directly to your account. While it may not make you wealthy overnight, if done consistently over time, it could add up to more than one hundred dollars annually – worth considering!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog

Using Receipt Hog, you can earn rewards without spending a penny! Upload your receipts and receive Amazon gift cards, Visa gift cards, or Paypal payouts. It’s convenient since you’re likely providing receipt information for other programs. However, earning vast amounts overnight is not guaranteed; $ 20 before Christmas is not uncommon.


Delivery Shopping Apps for Groceries

Delivery apps are increasingly being considered to save on groceries. However, this method is not ideal for regular grocery shopping. Delivery services are available from nearby convenience stores, such as 7-Eleven and Circle K, and often, there are discounts for using these services. While it may not be necessary to check the apps frequently, it is wise to watch for deals on convenience store shopping whenever using such services.

Uber Eats & Skip the Dishes

This food delivery service effortlessly connects you to local restaurants and delivers meals to your doorstep. With Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes commanding the Canadian market, it’s clear that the convenience of indulging in your favourite foods from the comfort of your own home has become highly popular.


Using location data, the app showcases a range of nearby restaurants and convenience stores that offer delivery. Please browse the restaurant options, choose your order, and sit back as it’s delivered to your door. Some restaurants even offer exclusive discounts or sales only available through these apps.


All in-app payments are safely processed, guaranteeing secure transactions and increasing peace of mind.

Individual Grocery Store Apps

Individual Grocery Store Apps

Previously, we explored the advantages of utilizing Pc optimum points across various grocery stores, including Loblaws and Shoppers Drug Mart. Numerous other grocery store apps can be leveraged for similar benefits.

Sobeys has joined Scene Points Plus. When you download the Sobeys Grocery Store app, you can get exclusive individual offers that will save you money at Sobeys.

Metro –  On the Metro App – You can get Exclusive grocery savings by shopping at Metro – you will get new offers almost every week.

Safeway – Now has Airmiles- Plus, on the Safeway Grocery Store App, you can get Exclusive Offers based on your shopping history.

Banking mobile apps

Apps for Banking

While I am not one to push individuals, the following apps about finances are worth considering. They allow you to save money, keep track of your purchases, and handle banking activities. However, to benefit from these apps, you must be tech-savvy, comfortable sharing financial information, and have a strong password. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that I choose not to use these apps due to my own privacy and security concerns.


If I were to do one of these apps, I would do Ampi because the Royal Bank of Canada owns it,

It is pretty much a download, and it tracks where you spend- and gives you additional cash back into your bank account; for example, you can potentially get Micheals Craft Store 10% cash back if you spend X $, etc.  See Ampli. How it works  

The list of merchants has nothing to do with groceries, but maybe one it will


Drop operates similarly to Ampl but has been available for several years longer than Ampli. While this app won’t directly save you money on groceries, it can provide cash back on such purchases, similar to Ampli.


Again, I’m repeating myself, but Paymi is very similar to Ampli and is owned by CIBC Bank.

Your Banking Rewards

Certain Visa and Master card programs offer cashback rewards that can either help pay down credit card debt or accrue points for spending. One such program is the Royal Bank Affinity Rewards, which provides points for an extensive array of spending options, including Cash Back on credit cards, hotel stays, airfare, car rentals, and more.


Unlock your potential savings by using coupons apps Canada! Canadians, take note: With the help of these apps, you can spend less on groceries each year. Plus, they’re free – so why not try them right now? What other phone-enhanced strategies do you use to save money when grocery shopping?