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Ampli :Earn Cash Back When You Shop ($5.00 Promo Code)

I’m sure you have seen some ads somewhere online for Ampli The newest Canadian Cash Back Mobile Application.

It works similar to other cashback mobile apps such as Checkout51, Drop, Rakuten, that you may be familiar with, but with some different features,

Ampli simply provides Canadians with the opportunity to get cash back when you are shopping both ONLINE and Physically Shopping In-store.

So here is the Break Down about how the Ampli works, and How you can even receive a $5.00 bonus if and when you decide to join.




What is Ampli?

Ampli Promo

Ampli is a cashback mobile application program available to Canada and is actually powered by the Royal Bank of Canada. It has been around for approximately one the Year 2019, and is now out of Beta stages, and are into the Push of Marketing Stage.

This Ampli Mobile application makes it easier to take advantage of Getting cashback on IN Store Offers when you shop at your favourite retailers such as Lowes, etc This is what makes the Ampli Application so attractive because you can gain cashback in two separate ways unlike other cashback incentive plans such as Rakuten when it is only shopping online.

The Mobile Application can be downloaded for both Android and Apple.

Ampli offers

Ampli Merchants

Is Ampli Legit?

Ampli app is a creation of the Royal Bank of Canada so it has the backing of one of the biggest banks in Canada. You can feel secure knowing that all your personal information is fully encrypted and safe on the app, as it should be as good as Online Banking. I’m not going to claim its “Hack Proof”, just saying, it “should” have good security.

How to Earn Cash Back

Ampli Coupon

  1. Download the app on your phone and link your debit and/or credit cards from almost any Canadian Bank Account
  2. Get Started with $5.00 by entering the coupon code: AMPLI5 
  3. You have the option of the application to find offers available near your home address as well.
  4. Make a purchase at one of their participating retailers ( online or in-store)
  5. Wait up to 5 Days to be able to see your cashback transaction
  6. Cash Out at any time once the balance is at $15.00

Ampli Promo Code

Promotional Code

You can earn a simple $5.00 Welcome Bonus, all you need to do is put in a promo code, and you will get $5.00 towards your $15.00 minimum cash out.

Use the following Promo Code: AMPLI5

Ampli Refer a Friend 

You can earn $5.00 if you refer a friend, and they sign up and link their first bank account.

Ampli Bonus Cashback Offers

There is a blue symbol to watch for, where there will be “bonus” cashback opportunities on the mobile application

You can receive additional Percentages off certain Retailers, or it may tailer to how you are spending money and where at with the participating retailers, so not all offers are across the board.

Can I Still Earn Store loyalty and or Credit Card Points when using Ampli?

Yes! This is the best perk when it comes to Ampi, you can still earn those WestJet Miles and get Cash Back, or you can use any credit card points, or any loyalty points, or even other cashback apps such as Raeketan, or Checkout 51. Yes! and you can even use real digital promo codes and other mobile app reward plans with Ampli.


Ampli Dream Contests!

Ampli contestAmpli Contest 2

Ampli also has a Dreamstakes Contest ( Sweepstakes) Each month Ampli will give users the opportunity to earn entries into the contest ( Similar to Checkout51 Contests) 

Every month a New Contest will be promoted. Expect to see some Cash Prizes, and a chance to win Gift Cards as secondary prizes.

You will be eligible to Win after you link a debit or credit card.

Complete monthly challenges ( Share on Social Media, take a survey, spend money at certain stores)

Obviously the more entries you earn, the more chances you have to win prizes.

Join Ampli here



Some Positive Points I see with Ampli

  1. Earning Cash Back is easy, No scanning or uploading your receipts, and once you link up your bank account, the cashback will start instantly.
  2. The Ability to Double Dip cashback earnings: If the opportunity exists to use other programs such as Checkout51, or if you want to use an online Cash Back System, you can shop both and get both rewards. Also, don’t forget to use Coupons or Other in-store Rewards Cards.
  3. Earn real money and not points: No waiting on points, or keeping receipts is a real seller, and its straight Cashback!
  4. Powered By Royal Bank of Canada: Since it’s powered by using Bank Security – it should be Secure.
  5. Age: Ampli has been around for more than a year, and it seems to grow with adding Retailer Partners.

Ampli Redflagdeals Reviews

Red Flag Deals Forum Members seem to be overall happy.

They like the set and forget about its feature, and shop as normal, and earn an extra $15 – $20 per Quarter, without changing their shopping habits

Some of the Negative I found was

Waiting for cashback confirmation not appearing right away ( as it may take 5 business days)

a bit of panic if the Ampli would be a long term successful gig to last


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