, How to Get Coupons in Canada



Today I’m going to show you exactly how you can get coupons in Canada.

Popularity in Coupons has changed the landscape of coupons! The Show Extreme Couponing TV created a massive demand for coupons.

Couponing is cool once again!

Where to Find Coupons in Canada

So Now Where to get Coupons? Well, they are Now Everywhere!


, How to Get Coupons in Canada


Best Coupon Websites in Canada:

Here are 7 of the best coupon websites in Canada:

You can see – Printable Coupons have become extremely popular due to the high demand for coupons! It saves on the expense of shipping and handling.

It’s best to use the above sites for Printable Coupons due to some counterfeit coupons that have caused havoc in the couponing world over the years.

If your looking for Mailed Coupons – We have created the Ultimate Canadian Companies That Will Mail Coupons List to call or email for Coupons.



, How to Get Coupons in Canada


Digital Coupons ( Rebates)

Since the Online world has expanded beyond our wildest dreams – You can know Coupon with your phone in a sense.

Websaver.ca currently has Digital Coupons you can use for select Stores:

Checkout51: you can get Rebates on groceries, beauty & Health Products: Simply cash out when you hit $20.00

Caddle: You can get rebates on groceries & earn small amounts of cash taken the survey. Also, they have Costco Coupons!

PC Optimum: Get Digital Savings and cash out with Loblaws & Shoppers Drug Mart


, How to Get Coupons in Canada


Tear Pad Coupons

You can find Tear Pad coupons in the stores on shelves in your local Grocery Stores. They will be on a found attached to the shelf with a whole pad usually.

Stores where I have discovered Tear Pad Coupons: Shoppers Drug Mart, RCSS, NO Frills, Rexall, IGA, Co-op, and most major grocery stores Except Walmart ( due to their policy)

Please only take a few coupons at a time that you plan on using! It’s Poor etiquette to take a whole pad for resale or hoarding them all.


, How to Get Coupons in Canada


Coupon Inserts

Unlike over in the US, we as Canadians only get coupon inserts in our newspaper every few weeks: There are only a few inserts you will find: Redplum, Smartsource and from time to time you will find a PG every day

Where do you find these coupon inserts?

Look in Your Local Paper or major City Paper: Example: In Alberta Usually, the Edmonton Sun and Journal will have them.

If you don’t have a Newspaper subscription, You may get them in your Flyer section during the week – If Not Hit up your neighbourhood recycling – You may find some extras that no one else wants!