If you have not got wind of Checkout51 Canada –  The Free Cashback Mobile Application everyone in North America is talking about! We are here to let you know about it! It’s Cool if any Canadians use it, as you will only get Canadian Offers anyhow of where your address is.

Checkout51 is like Mail-in Rebates old-school way, but it’s digital and replaces physical coupons for Brands. It’s pretty easy in the long run.

  • Shop at your local grocery stores
  • Snap a picture of your receipt
  • Upload receipt to your application
  • When you reach $20.00 in rebates, request a cheque


Checkout 51 was founded and launched in the year 2012. It allows merchants to provide digital coupons without having to produce physical or printed coupons. It’s a win-win for both Food Brands and the consumers that want to save money on groceries and other shopping items. Getting Cash Back is a straightforward way to save money. Checkout51 Canada was such a Success; they branched out into the USA and turned out to be quite successful.

In 2014, they branched out to the United States, where they have also built a massive




Checkout 51 is an easy concept to follow.  There are no clipping coupons on this method, just significant old cashback savings. I can also show you additional ways to save but will discuss later in the article.   I found using Checkout 51 to be pretty straightforward. Unlike the physical clipping and stacking of coupons, using Checkout 51 is neither an “art” nor a “science,” it’s just easy!


how to get started:

  1. A Simple Sign up for a Checkout 51 account here 
  2. Browse all the new and old available for the week—new items offered on Thursdays. Items include Groceries, General home supplies, cleaning supplies, baby products, beauty products, pet food and more.
  3. Go shopping, and you can purchase products at any store ( I suggest on sale if possible)
  4. Get home, and use your phone to snap a picture of your receipt and upload them to the application.
  5. The Team at Checkout 51 will review your receipt and credit your account with a few days.
  6. You can cash out when your balance reaches $20 or more.

Buyy Groceries Get Cash Back

Checkout 51 Tips

New offers go live on Thursdays on Checkout51 Canada and expire the following Wednesday.   It would be best if you were sure to upload your receipt as soon as possible, as the offer will expire or can run out. as some offers have limited quantities.

A good practice is to go grocery shopping and come home and upload your receipts the same day.

Keep an eye on those offers as some offers can be claimed Multiple Times, for Example, 2 kinds of cereal, or it may say 5 – But the Receipt can only be used Once.

Each upload of a receipt may take a few days to review and be accepted.  Then once you reach the $20.00 thresh hold – Cash out, they will send you a cheque in the mail.
Some offers can be claimed multiple times, but each receipt can only be used once.

Checkout51 App

Checkout 51 was the first Cashback app to hit Canada and has the most current and most offers to choose from.  A few other mobile applications launched up, but none of them survived, but Checkout51 and Caddle.

For Canadians, Checkout 51 is the best application for Cash Back out of any of them just due to the pure volume of offers they have.

Checkout 51: Tips 

1. Checkout51 Canada has a vast offer selection. I am sure you will find at least an item or two to do a Cash Back Transaction since there are tons of offers, mostly on daily items, such as shampoo, cereal, ice cream, Raid, baby diapers and more.

2. It’s pretty easy to reach the $20.00 payout threshold when some cashback offers are up to $4.00. Most are $1.00 or $2.00, but it’s pretty easy to cash out on $20.00 a few times a year.

3. Shop At any store  –Including Online such as Amazon.ca, and yes, you can even Shop at Costco.  Sometimes you will find a  bonus for purchasing at Walmart, but everything will become clear once you are familiar with the dashboard. If using online items such as Amazon, remember you need the itemized packing slip for your “Receipt” For online orders, you will need an itemized packing slip as proof of purchase.

4. Use other Cash Back Rebate Apps or other programs to upload the same receipt if possible.  The odd brand will use both Cashback51 Canada and Caddle. So you could use that same receipt for both cashback apps. Sometimes, Caddle offers spending money at a particular chain, and the same receipt can be used for items purchased in a specific chain.

5. Feel Free to Use Physical Coupons along with Checkout 51 and save even more money for many offers. It’s now one of the only ways you can “STACK Coupons” in Canada, at least in 2020.

6. Refer a Friend Bonus  When a friend signs up using your referral link,  you will get a $5.00 bonus, and your friend will also get a bonus when they redeem their FIRST offer.  ( This offer is only available after you have uploaded your first receipt and can be found under your Profile.

Click HERE to find Coupons to help you save even more money with Checkout51 Canada’s current Cashback offers.