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I’ve always been a fan of receipt scanning apps or cash back apps because they provide relatively straightforward ways to save money. And it’s great because as long as you have a receipt, you have the potential of earning cashback at the end of the day. Plus, there is a Caddle promo code to save your first $1.00.Caddle Rebate is the same as all of the others! It’s a tool to save money or make money depending on what offers you complete with your time.


Caddle Cash Back App This week

What’s happening on the app this week for offers and a way to earn money with your account

Lots of New Surveys to do This Week!

  • $1.00 Cash Back SURVEY: Language, Home Ownership, Kids & More!
    $0.50 Cash Back SURVEY: Music, Hobbies, Cars & More!
    $0.50 Cash Back SURVEY: Pets, Credit Cards, Cannabis & More!
    $0.25 Cash Back SURVEY: Beauty and Beauty Products
    $0.25 Cash Back SURVEY: Health & Wellness Products
  • $0.50 Cash Back SIGN-UP: Becel® Newsletter

Cash Back App offers Product Rebates.

  • $2.00 Cash Back  SAMA DILIGENCE Compression Socks (Size: L – XL, “Pink – Black”) at Walmart
  • $1.50 Cash Back DOLLARAMA ONLY: Slim Jim Monster Original (55g)
  • BUY ONLINE: St. Francis Herb Farm Canadian Bitters with Apple Cider Vinegar
  • $2.00 Cash Back: Melitta® 100% Responsibly Sourced K-Cup® Coffee Pod – European Deluxe
  • $2.00 Cash Back  Melitta® 100% Responsibly Sourced K-Cup® Coffee Pod – 100% Colombian
  • $1.00 Cash Back BUY: Natrel Mozzarella Cheese, 6 Rolls (100 g)
  • $3.00 Cash Back BUY: Biotrue Preservative Free Eye Drops Multi-Dose (10mL)
  • $3.00 Cash Back BUY: Biotrue Preservative Free Eye Drops Single-Dose (15mL)
  • $10.00 Cash Back : blackweb On-Ear Wireless Headphones (Black) WALMART
  • $10.00 Cash Back BUY: blackweb Over-Ear Wireless Active Noise Cancelling & Ambient Sound Headphones (Black)
  • $28.33 Cash Back AMAZON ONLY: Nicorette® Quit Smoking Aid Nicotine Gum, Fresh Fruit, 2mg, Value Size (210 Count)
  • $29.49 Cash BackAMAZON ONLY: Nicorette® Quickmist 1mg Nicotine Quit Smoking Spray, Fresh Mint, 150 Sprays, Value Size (150 x 2 Pack)
    $28.84 Cash Back AMAZON ONLY: Nicorette® Nicotine Gum Quit Smoking Aid, Extreme Chill Mint, 2mg Value Size (210 Count)
  • $26.99 Cash Back AMAZON ONLY: Nicoderm® Step 1 Clear Patches, 21 mg of Nicotine/Day (14 Count)
  • $6.49 Cash Back AMAZON ONLY: Neutrogena® Stubborn AM Acne Treatment (56g)
  • $22.00 Herbishh Dark Brown Colour Shampoo (500 ml)
    $2.00 Cash Back BUY: Tetley Cold Infusions – Mint, Lemon & Cucumber
  • $1.50 Cash Back BUY: Tetley® Earl Grey Vanilla
  • $1.50 Cash Back Tetley® Cozy Cinnamon Camomile

Earn money for uploading Receipts

With the app this month, you can earn 10 cents per receipt you upload, where most Canadians shop in Canada weekly.

If you shop at one of these Canadian stores, you can easily earn 10 cents per store receipt.

  • Walmart Canada
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • No Frills Store
  • Maxi
  • Metro
  • Food Basics
  • Sobeys / Safeway
  • Freshco
  • Shoppers Drug Mart

Caddle Promo Code

Try out the Caddle cashback app  – it’s a better way to coupon, and you get paid for watching Ads, answering Surveys, and more! Use promo code  THERES35092 to get started with 1.00! 

Join today if you haven’t

Offer Ends unknown.

What is Caddle Cashback?

Caddle Canada Use your smartphone to get money back


Caddle is a Free cashback program that helps Canadians save money while making everyday Grocery purchases. It’s available on Desktop and mobile apps such as Android and Apple.

Caddle is only available in Canada.

Also, a person can get paid even to watch short ads, review writing and answer short surveys, and complete an assortment of tasks.

The Caddle App appeared on Canadian’s Dragon Den!

Like other cashback apps such as Checkout51, Caddle is designed to help brands market to consumers virtually without a physical coupon and also a way to understand their consumer’s purchasing behaviour.


The Caddle App is very straightforward, and Canadian Free Stuff can help you get $1.00 towards your payout!

  1. Sign up for Caddle
  2. Check out the weekly offers.
  3. Purchase  the products
  4. Upload a picture of your receipt

The difference with the Caddle app is that there is a quick video (short); if you watch the video, then answer a couple of quick questions, they pay you for that too!

Once you reach $20 in your account, you can apply to cash out, and they will send you a physical cheque in the mail.

Sign up For Caddle Here

When you complete an offer, you can use the Caddle app to take a picture using your mobile phone to snap a photo of your receipt, or you can plug your camera into your computer and upload it from your computer. Your proof of purchase is essential in getting cashback.

After you upload the receipt, your cashback money reward will be “held” until Caddle verifies. The process is within 48 hours.

Any of the surveys you participate in is usually instantly approved, and there are often 5 – 10 different surveys you can join every week.

Most of the cashback offers listed on the Caddle app are for $1.00, which is decent since usually, these are on items you may already be purchasing,

Additionally, you may also find special offers for online purchases for Amazon on items you may already purchase from time to time.

Caddle Logo and the words the smart way to save money
Other Things To Note about Caddle

  • New offers are published every week (similar to Checkout 51)
  • You can claim as many proposals as you want per receipt.
  • You can also use your online purchases, such as Amazon, to get a photo and upload the packing slip during the offer.

So, how much money can you make?

I think it’s easy to say: Most Canadians can somewhat easily earn at least $20.00 per year, depending on how many offers you can manage to complete. The more consistent you are with completing surveys, you may even earn.

New offers are released every Friday, so make sure you check back weekly to see any recent Caddle surveys or Caddle cashback Rebates available.

It would be best if you were diligent in attempting to use it is.

Caddle App Payment

How Do you Get Paid from Caddle?

When you have taken your pictures, uploaded your receipts, watched paid ads, or taken a survey, your account is credited immediately. All Actions will be reviewed within a few days and credited to your account.

In your account balance, you can watch your savings grow, and when you finally reach $20 or any more, you can request a cash-out, and they will physically send you a cheque in the mail. A friend and Earn?

Still, in 2022, you can earn $1.00 for every friend you refer to the caddle app from time to time. You can even put the link on social media.
caddle promo code



One Huge advantage of using the Caddle mobile app is that you can earn a few cents every week by doing weekly surveys and watching new advertisements.

But Other Perks I’ve noticed – They do Costco Shopping  The apparent advantage of using Caddle is that you get cashback for doing your regular grocery shopping.

Upload your receipts – Check every week to upload a new receipt; you can get paid $0.10 per receipt.


Few grocery items change every week, which is the most significant disadvantage. But I’m happy with whatever savings I can get these days.

Try out Caddle – it’s a better way to coupon, and you get paid for watching Ads, answering Surveys, and more!

What devices are Caddle available?

A desktop computer or iOS smartphone or tablet –  Not on Android Yet!

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Caddle Review

Overall I think this is an excellent cashback rebate; it’s well trusted and has fantastic features. You won’t get rich from this program, but it is a way to earn cashback and pocket change for surveys and loading receipts for easy money.

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