7 Shopping Secrets to Get Michaels Discounts

Crafting is fun and can save you many bucks if you love making artwork, wreaths, and small furniture pieces. However, shopping at craft stores can add up because you often walk into a shop to buy a thing or two and leave with a cart full of things. Now get Michaels Grab Bags for just $10.00

Michaels is one of those stores that will lure you into buying more and more items, especially around the holidays. You must find a strategy to ensure you are not overpaying for your crafting hobby. You can’t save if you don’t use coupons and apply some proven tricks for frugal shopping to get discounts.

Michaels Grab Bags & Secrets | Michaels Grab Bags

Use the Print Coupon

It’s the obvious choice because coupons are easy to grab and hassle-free to use. You have to print out the Michaels store coupons to find online or Sunday fliers in the newspaper every week.  Sometimes, they also offer a high-value coupon for just one day. You have to be on watch to grab one.

Use the Discounts of the competitors.

The great thing about Michaels is they accept coupons from rival craft stores with open arms! They should take couples from a competitor even if it has no store in your city.

Michaels Grab Bag

Special Michaels Grab Bags $10.00

Now and then, Michaels offers ‘Mystery boxes’  or Grab Bags filled with clearance items for $5.00. They won’t let you open the bags in the store, so it’s a gamble. However, these are dirt cheap, and you will get lots of seasonal stuff for $10! It’s a Great Discount on items for your craft room, nonetheless.

They were also known as Michaels Grab Bags” and used to be just $2.00 or $5.00, but due to inflation, and a better way of clearing out clearance Items, they have mostly moved over to $10.00 mystery boxes.

These boxes are usually filled with 8 to 10 times more value than if you would have paid the regular price.

What are inside these Mystery $10.00 Boxes?

You can get a surprise; sometimes, they are art supplies, journaling supplies, seasonal DIY kits, stickers, paint, and more. That’s the best part – It’s a complete mystery.

But Most of the time, it will contain holiday or seasonal items in them.

Mystery Box Schedule:

If you notice many items on Clearance and storekeeping, your eyes are peeled for Boxes. It’s usually on a Monday or a Tuesday when you will start finding these Grab Bags or Mystery boxes.  There is no set schedule, but Most clearance items are at their highest after a seasonal Holiday.  For example – be on the lookout for Halloween mystery boxes beginning week or middle of November.  Find Mystery Boxes of Christmas Crafts Mid-January, etc.

Ask your local Cashier when your store will put out the next mystery surprise bag. You’ll generally want to hit the store early on those days to get the first pick!

Price match.

Go shopping at Michaels with the ads of local competitors on hand. Why? Because Michaels offers price matching. If you find an item cheaper at other crafting stores, show the ad to the Cashier at Michaels, and they will adjust the price.

Michaels Grab Bags & Secrets | Michaels Grab Bags

Download the mobile app.

It’s a blessing to those who forget to keep updated on traditional coupons. This is a great way to get discounts without conventional coupons. You can access coupons offering 20%-50% discounts with just a couple of swipes on your phone’s screen. Also, you don’t have to carry anything to the store except for the phone.

FREE Classes.

It’s gratifying. Michaels often give gifts such as free class passes, doorbusters, etc., so if you ever want to try something new, learn a craft – Join today and be crafty!

Discount Text alerts.

It’s part of the reward program that gives the facility discounts and coupons over text. You will receive eight monthly text messages about Daily Discounts and special offers. You should keep your ears open for these SMS tones because these contain offers of up to 70% off!

Use special discounts.

Are you a veteran, teacher, or elderly citizen? If yes, there’s good news for you! You will get an extra discount just because of your age or profession. Teachers will get up to 15% off, while 10% for seniors and military personnel. Don’t forget to grab the Michaels Grab Bags.