6 Starbucks Hacks To Save Money 

Can’t get over your coffee addiction? We all love Starbucks, and it seems legit splurging on a four-dollar drink when going to work in the morning. But, when you can’t do without having your caffeine fix for a couple of times a day, it is likely to cut a good portion of your budget.

Cutting your relationship with Starbucks is one solution to bring the expenses on track, but to many of us, Starbucks is another name of love! So, apply these following tricks instead to save some money:

Register for a Starbucks Card

Getting a Starbucks Card is a no-brainer if you are a regular customer. It will get you lots of handouts without costing a single penny. For example, using the card once will get you to the Welcome level and allow you to have a free drink or food on your birthday. Use it five times to become a Green level user. You will get free food or drink on your birthday, free refills in-store, and exclusive offers via email.

You will reach the Gold level if you use the card 30 times within a year. In that case, Starbucks will treat you with:

  • A personal gold card
  • Exclusive coupons and offers
  • Welcome and Green level rewards
  • Free drink or food after every twelve purchases

Get Refills for 50 Cents

You can refill your cup for just 50 cents during the same visit. Many of us can relate because sometimes the morning blues or work hangover is too much to wash down with just one shot of caffeine. You can have any of their drinks to have a refill of iced coffee, hot coffee, iced tea, or hot tea.

However, the offer will only be valid when you pay through the Starbucks mobile app or the card.

Get Water for Free

Don’t waste your money on bottled water when you are at Starbucks. Why? It’s because you can get it for free! Ask for a cup of ice water from the barista. Starbucks triple-filter the ice and water used in their stores. So, that ice water is more refined and cleaner than any store-bought mineral water.

Order in Bulk

If you plan to hang out with some friends or spend some time with a book or your iPod at the store, order a French Press. It contains several cups of freshly brewed coffee (around 32 ounces). Ordering a French Press instead of separate drinks will save you almost half of the price.

Bring Your Cup

Starbucks rewards you for bringing your cup! Each time you take your drink in a mug you’ve brought with, you will get a $0.10 discount. It’s not much, but think about the savings you can make in months! Besides, you are saving trees by using reusable cups. The good news is you can get the concession even with a competitor’s paper cup.

Watch out for the Promotions

Starbucks keeps its customers happy with plenty of promotions throughout the year. The easiest way to spot the deals is to be a regular visitor to their Facebook page. You will see offers for happy hours, treat receipts, holiday promotions, and more. See Starbucks Deals for Restaurant Savings