Starbucks Free Coffee on your birthday

Are you a Starbucks Lover?  Who says there is nothing FREE in the world?

There’s nothing better than a free drink offer, especially when it’s Starbucks!

Have a birthday coming up?  You can get a free birthday drink- If you are a Starbucks Rewards Member.

Starbucks birthday drink – Free as a Birthday Reward

The best part of the Starbucks Birthday gift is – there’s no other purchase required. It’s FREE for Starbucks Members.

  • FREE handcrafted beverage (of your choice)
  • FREE pastry Items (like a yummy pastry or danish)

Happy Birthday

How to Get A Free Starbucks  Birthday Drink

To get the FREE Drink for your birthday reward, you will need to make sure you are a Starbucks Member (It’s FREE to sign up), but there is a small catch, you must be a Starbucks Member at least seven days before your actual birthday, and you need of making at least one transaction before the day of your birthday.

The Free Birthday reward will be automatically added to your account on the day of your birthday!

Sing up to earn Rewards Today

This Offer is ongoing.

Can I get any drink and cake I want when I redeem my birthday reward?

The Birthday Rewards are typically triggered on the first day of your birthday month and expire in 30 days. Your birthday bonus includes. (f) 1 Starbucks handcrafted drink of any size (with two free custom-made options). (ii) food of your choice (max 150 Baht). The reward includes one drink and one personalized restaurant drink of your choice. Rewards can be earned from the first night of each birthday month.

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Starbucks Rewards and logo

Starbucks Rewards

You earn several bonus points for every new Starbucks purchase. There will always be a fee for members!! This site is entirely unalienable. Join Starbucks Rewards now.

It’s free to use, and no other amount is required. You get a free Starbucks coffee product or food. To qualify for Starbucks’s birthday reward, you must be a Starbucks Rewards member. Member earns 1 star for each $1 spent via registered gift cards or the Starbucks app.

Free refills of coffee and tea will also be available in participating Starbucks stores.

Don’t forget the dog-friendly drink!

If you are going to Starbucks to get a free beverage and bring your furry friend through a drive-thru, consider ordering a free ‘Puppuccino’ Starbucks beverage.

Here is how it works:

Star System: When you register your card, the more you make, the more stars you earn, giving you different statuses.

There are 3 levels of Star Power at Starbucks.

  • Welcome Level: First Time you Register your Card:
  • Green Level: 5 Stars. – Get Free Refills during your visit on selected drinks.
  • Gold Level: 30 Stars – For every 30 stars, you will get a free drink of choice with every 12 stars you earn.

Registered Starbucks card

Here is how it works.

The more you get, the more stars you make give you different status. If you deposit with your cards, you will earn a star

Coffee Freshness

Starbucks recommends purchasing your coffee every week because it starts to lose its flavour once roasted. It should be stored in an air-tight container in a cool, dry, dark place. Grind your coffee just before making your coffee.

You can find Starbucks products in major department stores. Look for all the latest flavours and options available.

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