10 Practical Uses for Melitta Coffee Filters |


You probably use a coffee filter every day for making the perfect cup of Joe, but you might not know that there are lots of other uses for these filters, including these ten practical uses for Melitta coffee filters. Take a moment to consider just how versatile these little pieces of paper can be.

 10 Practical Uses for Coffee Filters

  1. Water Filtration: If you run out of bottled or filtered water, you can use coffee filters to create great-tasting, filtered water. This is handy for use at home, but it is also helpful if you are camping or are in an area with strong-tasting well water.
  2.  Clean Up After Your Dog: The design of coffee filters makes them perfect for cleaning up after pets. They fit in your hand and allow you to clean up without touching the mess. Paper is a better alternative to plastic bags because it is less harmful to the environment.
  3. Store Fine China: Coffee filters can be placed between dishes to protect the surface of the most delicate china. Before you stack your dishes, be sure to put a coffee filter between them for added protection from scratches.
  4. Ice Cream Cone Caddies: Cut a small hole in the bottom of a coffee filter to create a barrier for drips when eating ice cream cones and popsicles. This is a great idea for birthday parties where there will be lots of little ones running around with messy treats.
  5. Disposable Bowls: Use cone or basket coffee filters for disposable bowls. They are the perfect size for portioning out chips, popcorn, and other treats. Use them when camping for easy cleanup, or use them to hold snacks at your desk.
  6. Soak Up Grease: Coffee filters are perfect for soaking up grease from French fries, bacon, and other fried foods. They are absorbent and clean, so you can feel comfortable placing food on them.
  7. DIY Tea Bags: If you enjoy making your tea, you can use coffee filters as teabags. Simply place your drink in the filter and tie it off to create the bag. If coffee filters are great for brewing a delicious cup of coffee, it only makes sense that they work for tea too!
  8. Homemade Dryer Sheets: White vinegar and essential oil can be used to dampen and scent coffee filters. This creates a handmade dryer sheet that leaves your clothes smelling fresh, and it can be considerably cheaper than buying fabric softeners.
  9. Sandwich Wrap: Deli meats, lettuce, and cheese all contain moisture that can leave bread soggy. Place your sandwich in a coffee filter to help absorb some of the humidity, which leaves your bread dry while maintaining the freshness of the other ingredients.
  10. Stain Removal: Prevent stains from setting on a carpet with a Melitta coffee filter. Place the filter over the fresh spill and let the filter absorb the moisture. It will lift the stain, so you have less scrubbing to do.


These ten practical uses for coffee filters are great for helping with a wide range of everyday tasks. The next time you go to the store, pick up a few packs and try some of these great ideas for yourself.

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10 Practical Uses for Melitta Coffee Filters |

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10 Practical Uses for Melitta Coffee Filters |


10 Practical Uses for Melitta Coffee Filters |