Today, we will provide Tim Hortons coupons, discounts, and rewards, which can be used to save on your next coffee and donut order.

Tim Hortons is renowned for its coffee in Canada. Deciding on the best coffee to enjoy is challenging with the wide range of options from Tim Hortons, McDonald’s and Starbucks.

With inflation showing no sign of slowing, many people are looking for ways to cut back on spending, and there might be a Tim Hortons coupons with a coffee offer this week.

I’ll update deals and offers available at my preferred coffee shop on Mondays.



Tim Hortons Coupons & Deals

NEW Tim Hortons Coupons and Offers

These Week Tim Hortons Rewards

Utilize Tims Rewards Program to accumulate points, access discounts, and redeem products.

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Tims App Offers

The updated Tim Hortons app may provide personalized offers.

The coupon offers vary based on your province and nearby Tim Hortons establishments.

New Tim Hortons Coupons Deals & Rewards Offers this week.

NHL Trading Cards are back for another Year – Collect them today!

The Exclusive offers: Coupons The Savings with the Tim Hortons Coupons & Offers


  • Cold Brew, Including Vanilla Cream $2.49 each
  • Bagel Melt and Muffin $5.49
  • Earn 400 Bonus points when you buy a Classic Breakfast Sandwich with a hashbrown.
  • Earn 300 bonus points when you buy a six-pack of assorted doughnuts.


Tim Hortons Mobile App Coupons are Valid until February 25, 2024

Scroll Down to find out how to download the Tims Rewards app.

Download the Tims App

Get the mobile application below and get New Tim Hortons Coupons every Monday.

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Free Espresso Tim Hortons

How to Save More with Tim Hortons Canada

Besides the digital Coupons and promotions on the Tim Hortons app. You can be rewarded and redeem Tim’s rewards!

Enjoy the following tips and tricks and other hot deals, not including the Tim Hortons coupons in Canada above. You need a Tims Rewards Card – It’s a Key Savings Item.


  • When you sign up the first time, Get a FREE Medium Hot Espresso Drink in your first week.
  • Earn 10 Points for every dollar you spend
  • Free Birthday Treat with Tims Reward


Redeem the Tims Reward Points you have earned!


    • 340 Points: Classic Cookie, Classic Donut, Specialty Donut
    • 440 Points: Brewed Coffee & Tea (Specialty or Steeped)
    • 620 Points: Regular Iced Coffee, Hot Chocolate, French Vanilla
    • 820 Points: Original Iced Capp®, Regular Hot or Cold Lattes, 10 Pack Timbits
    • 1050 Points: Biscuit or English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich or Breakfast Wraps
    • 1250 Points: Turkey Bacon Club, Ham and Swiss, Chicken Wraps


FAQ’s Answered on Tim Horton Discounts


How do I use Tims coupons

You can use the Tim Hortons App or a Tim Hortons Physical Card on your phone. If you use a physical card, you can activate it online via desktop through Tim Hortons Monday Newsletters.

Does Tim Hortons have 2 for 5?

Yes Time to Tim,e Tim Hortons will offer specials for hot beverages 2 for $5.00 ( Usually the beginning of summer on cold drinks)

Does Tim Hortons have $1 coffee?

Many times during the year, Tim Hortons will offer a Medium-sized coffee for $1.0; watch for it on the app; it’s a few times a. years.

How do I get my free coffee from Tim Hortons?

You can earn free coffee via the mobile app or play Tims Contests such as Roll Up to Rim and NHL Hockey during the year.

Earn Free Coffee on your birthday and when you sign up for their Rewards App.

2024 List Of Everything You Can Get For Free On Your Birthday!

Which is more costly, Starbucks or Tim Hortons?

I think Starbucks is more expensive, but it is hard to compare Apples to Apples since Starbucks offers such a vast menu of Specialty Handcrafted Coffees.

Do you get a free donut at Tim Hortons?

It’s possible to get a free donut via the Roll Up the Rim Contests, but you can mostly find donut deals through the app, and you can only get a free donut with a purchase.

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