Today we will help you discover impressive Savings with Tim Hortons coupons Canada, deals and offers to help save you money on your next order of coffee and donuts at Tim Hortons stores.

The business was founded by Miles G. “Tim” Horton, who played in the National Hockey League from 1949 until he died in a traffic collision in 1974. Ron Joyce’s Expanded Tim Hortons business resulted in significant changes to the Canadian coffee and doughnut restaurant market. Tim Hortons Restaurant has expanded to several locations found in the United States and around the world.

New Tim Hortons coupons Canada has become a hit on their mobile Rewards app! Each Monday, we’ll show you the Mobile app’s details for the latest Tim Hortons coupons Canada!

Tim Hortons Coupons Canada (Mobile orders)

You must activate the following coupon offers on your device to use these exclusive offers and coupons by having a Tim Card, which is now on the Mobile application for Savings each week. Find below a deal on breakfast foods, a donut deal, unique points and more here in Canada.

September 2021 Store Deals and Coupons

Tim Hortons Coupons Canada deals & Offers

This week Tim Horton coupons Canada offers (for the app in Alberta). Order ahead and check out here first for today’s coupons and deals. Your offers may be different depending on location and usage.

The following Mobile App coupons found on the mobile app are current until September 26, 2021

  • Save $2.00 off when you spend $15
  • Save $2.00 off when you spend $10
  • Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich 2 for $10.00
  • Classic Bagel with Cream Cheese $0.99

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Tim Hortons App

Does The Tim Hortons app have coupons? 

To get the below Coupons or, as some would call it, special orders, offers, deals, promotions, etc., you will need the Tim Hortons mobile app for your mobile phone.

Shipping Coupons

Watch for uber deals, Skip the Dishes or other Delivery companies! They may have a coupon code for you.

How to Save Money with Tim Hortons Coupons

There are several ways to save money at Timmy’s. Enjoy the following tips and tricks and other hot deals, and Tim Hortons offers are currently being served, not including the Tim Hortons coupons Canada above. You need a Tims Rewards Card – It’s a Key Savings Item. There is No sale! It’s just all introductory of either new products such as the latest new food or hot beverage.

Did you know you can save money with Tim Hortons Coupons Canada? By using coupons you can save money each week!

Changes to Tim Hortons Rewards

Registered Tim Rewards members earn 10 points per eligible transaction and have access to many Free reward options, including redemptions for:

  • 50 points: Free hash browns, classic and specialty donuts, cookies
  • 70 points: FREE brewed coffee, tea, bagels and baked goods
  • 100 points: Free hot chocolate, French vanilla, iced coffee, wedges
  • 140 points: Free Classic Iced Capp, frozen beverages, espresso drinks, a box of 10 Timbits, yogurt, oatmeal
  • 180 points: Free breakfast sandwiches, soups
  • 220 points: Free BELT, farmers breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, chilli

Tim Hortons Coupons Canada Details Updated 

Also, Tim Horton’s loyal Members are eligible for a Free birthday treat and other exclusive offers. As of October 28, guests with an unlinked physical Tim Rewards can continue to use their card on store deals, but they must register and link their card with an email address before redeeming any points. Time to remember to use Tim Horton’s card for coffee and donuts orders.

To encourage more guests to link their cards, they offer $1.00 for any size coffee every day for a week. 

More Coupon & Deals Today

if you are on the hunt for another sale or coupon, scan the following stores to order from today

Seasonal Promotions

Smile! Did you know you can save money with Tim Hortons Coupons Canada?

Tim Hortons has excellent promotions throughout the year! And they help various charities throughout the year, such as Kids Camp, Canada Day, Smiles; Tim Hortons has many Special Event Promotions! They will remind you of the drive-thru or in the store during your order.

What is the cheapest drink at Tim Hortons?

Hot Water! Just kidding is the cheapest; next, it would be any drink special on the rewards application, such as a small beverage for a $1.00 coupon. It could be a hot beverage special or a cold coffee drink.  Next, the 2 for $4.00 special Tim Hortons coupons Canada have also been found on the popular download offer during the year.

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