There are several reasons to use Harvey’s coupons. They offer fantastic savings on your meal, can be used at any Harvey’s Restaurant location in Canada, and are easy to redeem; show your Harveys coupons when you make a purchase.

You can find Harveys Coupons on Harvey’s website or in the printable Harveys Coupons section.

There are several reasons to use Harveys coupons. They offer fantastic savings on your meal, can be used at any Harvey’s location in Canada, and are easy to redeem; show your coupon when you make a purchase.

Harvey Restaurant’s most popular menu items include the Original Burger, the Veggie Burger, and the Crispy Chicken Sandwich. These items are discounted when you use a Harveys Coupons, Coupon Code from Harvey’s app or a mailer coupon .


New Harveys Deal In September on the App

Jr. Snack Pack $6.99 – Choose two Jr. Burgers (Jr. Burger, Jr. Crispy or Jr. Buffalo) and one regular side (fries, onion rings or side salad).

Poutine & Drink $6.99 Classic Poutine & 20 oz. drink

Grab the Harveys App

Expires August 27, 2023

Harveys Mobile App Coupons & Digital Promo Codes

Download Harvey app to get a Free Burger with Harveys Coupons Canada

How to Use Harveys App Coupons

To use Harvey’s mobile app, first download it to your device from the App Store or Google Play. Once you have installed the app, please open it and sign in using Harvey’s login.

Once logged in, you can view the latest Harveys coupons and offers, browse the menu and make an order. You can also use the app to redeem your coupons by using the coupon wallet.

Show the coupon on your phone to your server when you are ready to pay for your meal.

Order through Harveys Application and check off the offers you plan to redeem, or you can order online through their ordering system and enter the digital coupons at checkout.


Exclusive Harvey Coupon on the App

Download the Harveys mobile app and get your first burger for $3.00 Harveys coupons 2023 Canada.

Use Coupon Code: 3Burger

  • 2 Can Dine Classic $14.99
  • Get 2 JR Cheese Burgers for $5.00
  • Get 2 JU Crispy Chicken Burgers for $5.00
  • Family Bundle $24.99
  • Angus  Meal Deal $8.49
  • Signature Regular Poutine & Drink $7.99
  • Family Bundle $25.99
  • 8pc Nuggets Meal Deal $9.99
  • Late Night Jr  Snack Pack $7.49

Get The Mobile App on IOS or Android

Harveys Mobile App

Be the first to know when you download their app. You can get notifications on exclusive coupons for the latest Harvey’s Canada veggie meal deal, apple pie or chicken burgers.

Add this exclusive app offers to your coupon wallet and checkout; either pay online or use the Harveys coupon at the drive-thru or inside any of Harvey’s restaurants.

Get The Mobile App on IOS or Android

Harveys Coupons - Faves for under $5.00

Harveys Menu for Under $5.00

  • Chicken Nuggets 5 pc $4.89
  • Fringes $3.99
  • Double Jr Bacon Cheeseburger $4.79
  • JR Crispy $2.99
  • Grilled Hotdog $4.49
  • Onion rings are $3.39 for Regular and $4.14 for Large
  • Fries Regular $3.39 or Large $4.14
  • Donuts 4 pack $2.19 8 pack $3.69
  • Apple or Blueberry pie $1.59

Harveys restaurant coupons

Print Harveys Coupons


  • No Coupons to print at the moment using the Harveys coupons pdf file

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Harveys coupons for after 8pm

After 8 pm, Only Coupons

  • Late Night Jr  Snack Pack $7.49 LN10
  • Late Night Poutine & Drink $7.49  LN01

if you get the munchies – Head on over and grab a Harveys burger deal after 8 pm. Check your app after any day after 8 pm, and see if your province has the deal.


Get The Mobile App on IOS or Android

Grab a Harvey’s Discount

Hey movers and shakers! Get ready to sizzle up your taste buds with the best deal around. Sign up today with Harveys, get FREE Frings on your first order AND get a free burger every year on your birthday. You’ll also unlock all kinds of incredible discounts in your inbox that are tasty to try.

Don’t miss out – check out their menu now and grab one of those fantastic Harvey’s coupons before they disappear like magic!

How to Grab a Harveys $3.00 Burger

Gain access to fantastic savings each month with Harvey’s app! Download it, make an account, and enjoy one of their famous $3 burgers today. Plus, score even more amazing discounts when you use available coupon codes during checkout for your next purchase. Get ready to chow down on some delicious deals!

Where do you find Harveys coupon codes?

Most Coupon codes can be found above – zoom in to see the code in the lower right corner if printed, or you can find them on Harvey’s mobile app.


Harveys Coupons Canada Codes and Deals I Mobile I Print I Promo Codes

Harveys Mailer Coupons

If you get flyers delivered to your mailbox and have Harvey’s hangout nearby, you will receive Harveys Mailer coupons this way, usually every other month – Quarterly. So keep an eye out for them, and if you want more Mailer coupons – check the recycling bins, as many people will toss coupons in the mail out.

You can usually find coupon codes on Original or Veggie Burgers.

Harveys Canada has changed this time by offering exclusive  Harvey coupons on the Harveys App.

Over $55.00 in Coupon savings, which you can print or show on your mobile phone

  • 2 Can Dine Angus $16.99 Coupon Code HARO085
  • 2 Can Dine Classic $14.99 Promo Code HAR006
  • Family Bundle $24.99 Coupon Code HARO13
  • The Big HARV Original Meal Deal  Code HARO83
  • Chicken Meal Deal $9.99  use Promo HAR005
  • Original Meal Deal $7.49  use promo HAR002
  • Angus Meal Deal  use Coupon Code HAR004
  • Get 2 JR Cheese Burgers for $5.00  Promo code HARO70
  • Get 2 JU Crispy Chicken Burgers for $5.00. Use Promo HARo24
  • Signature Poutine & Drink $7.99  Use Coupon Code HARO42
  • 8pc Nuggets Meal Deal $9.99 Use Promo MAR076
  • Angus Bacon Cheeseburger Meal Deal $10.99 HARO65
  • Late Night Jr  Snack Pack $7.49  Use promo LN10
  • Late Night Poutine & Drink $7.49  Use promo LN01

GRAB the Flipp App if you have not installed it on your mobile phone, and do a “Harveys” search.


FREE Harvey FRIES ( FRINGES)- Harveys coupons Canada

FREE Frings With Harvey’s

Sign up for Harveys Newsletter, and Get Free Frings to purchase a sandwich! So if you want to try Harvey’s, now is the time to sign up for their newsletter! You will also get a free Birthday discount on the week of your birthday.

The Fringes potatoes come right from our own Prince Edward Island.




Scene Member Coupon Savings- Harveys Coupons Canada

  • Scene Members can Save

    Scene Members: You can redeem a minimum of 500 scene points at any Harvey’s – to save $5.00 off your bill for every 500 scene points you redeem.

    • Earn 1 point for every $3 spent on dine-in or take-out.
    • Earn points on your favourites from Harvey’s Menu, including the original or veggie burger.




CAA Offers


Get 10% off your next order when you flash your CAA card.

FAQ Section on Saving Money


How to use Harveys coupons:

Just take the printed coupon to the Cashier if dining in the order; you are sure to find the perfect meal from Use at the Drive Thu – Let the person know when taking you; the Cashier will have your bill accurate.


  • If you don’t have a printer or want to use the Mobile, you can use the printed coupons and show them on your phone to the Cashier.
  • This is where you will find Harveys’ coupons in pdf format when available

Harveys Canada Logo

About Harveys Canada

Harveys is a burger chain that is found only in Canada. You will find the perfect meal, from flame-grilled burgers to chicken wraps and Handspun shakes, to hit the spot.

This restaurant was founded in 1959 and has continued to grow and adapt over time and is known for its delicious food and great prices that are tough to beat.

Each burger is charbroiled to perfection. The recipe has remained the same from the beginning. It is already perfect, so why mess with a good thing?

History of Harveys Burgers

Harveys was one of the whole fast-food drive-through, take-out idea innovators. In 1959 they came up with ideas that would become industry hallmarks years later when computers took over totals.

They had burgers made at specific stations where customers could specify how they wanted them cooked and then get paid for what was ordered at counters near their food preparation area – this is similar to today’s “order ahead” systems found on some smartphones or tablets. Still, back then, there were no such things!

If you like online sales and promotions like Harveys Coupons above, Browse through many industry rebates. You can even get many free samples!

Just Remember to use Harvey’s Coupons to help save money!