New Wendy’s Coupons and Other Savings Available in Canada!

We’ll show you how to make the most out of Wendy’s Restaurant with Savings with their Coupons and All the ways to find these deals on a  chicken sandwich.

Wendys Burgers are one of the better burgers when it comes to Fast Food. Each Burger is made of real beef, real cheese and is simply Scrumptious! Every Burger sold in Canada is made from Canadian Beef!

Discover Wendys Coupons and experience hamburgers done differently.

This Week’s Wendys Coupons & Offers

Wendys Mobile App for Coupons

Mobile Orders are a great way to get wendy s coupons. This week if you have the Mobile Application: You will find the following coupon/Specials that are only found on your mobile app. You will need to make a mobile order to get this deal.

August 2021: Wendy’s offers

  • Buy One Spicy Chicken, Get the 2nd  for $2.00
  • Save $2.00 off Entree Salad with a Mobile order

Click Here to Get the App

Offer Ends August 8, 2021

How to Find Wendy’s Coupon in Canada

  • One of the best ways to save money on Wendy’s food in Canada is by finding free Coupons and Promo Codes!  So let us get down to business, and let’s see if we can help you find some coupon codes that might be hiding!

Wendys Coupons in the Mail!

Photo of Wendys Mailer Coupons

If you live near a Wendy’s store, you will, from time to time, get a free Mailer Coupon booklet presented in your mailbox.  And each town or province may get different mailed-out coupons but will be similar across Canada.

Wendy’s Mobile Application Coupon Savings.

Save Money by Downloading  Wendy’s Mobile App. The Mobile application gives you a chance to find a deal or exclusive coupons and one-time offers from time to time, such as a premium combo. At any given time, you can get savings for a chicken sandwich, Frostys, breakfast deals, Free Drinks, and more online using a mobile order.

How To Redeem The Coupons

Redeeming your Wendys coupons is easy!  All you need to do is show the Cashier the saving, whether on the phone or having a physical coupon present.  That’s it.

You can also use both the mailer and show off your coupon App in the drive-through – but it’s a courtesy if you let them know while ordering before having to show them the offers and deals you have found.

Korean BBQ
For a Limited Time at your local Wendy’s store, You can now pick up a Korean BBQ Cheeseburger!

Save With everyday Meals at Wendy’s

If you feel hungry and want something delicious to hit the spot, be sure to visit Wendy’s store near you.

Check out the My Wendy’s Mobile App, download it and be the first to know about upcoming promotions, deals, coupons, fun contests, and much more.

One of my favourite meals to order when I visit Wendy’s is the Homestyle spicy Chicken Strips Combo. Now has a new creamy, spicy Sriracha Sauce. Yummy!

If you have kids, Wendy’s is the perfect place to bring them. Here they can be kids and enjoy a delicious kids’ meal, complete with a fun toy of their choice.

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Wendy’s Canada Menu

Wendys Restaurant Menu


Here you will find quality fast food at great prices. From delicious kid’s meals to old-fashioned hamburgers and wraps, you are sure to find something you love. Try the Garden Sensations Salad for a lower calorie meal at Wendy’s Canada locations.

Kids Meals offer a wholesome option for your little ones as well as a fun toy to play with. Kids 4-piece nuggets, strawberry yogurt, and skim milk.

The Everyday Value Meals are high on the pocketbook as well. You can get eight items for just $1. 89 each. Now THAT’S a great value.

Wendy’s Frosty

Adults and kids alike seem to enjoy this sweet, refreshing treat. The frosty desserts are made with real cream and fresh milk, making them mouth-watering and delicious. Choose from Original, Chocolate Shake, or the New Frosty Cone.

Wendys BBQ & Bacon Chicken Sandwich

Wendys Restaurant is Introducing the New Sandwich Released Fall 2020 The BBQ & Bacon Chicken Sandwich!  For a Limited Time Only!

The BBQ & Bacon Chicken sandwich adds crispy onion rings, cheddar cheese, pickles and cheese sauce, plus three smoked bacon strips.  Try it today.

Wendy’s Baconator Burger

Wendy’s Baconator Burger is one of my favourites to order here in Alberta, Canada.

Who can’t love a Baconator that has both Quality Meat and Quality Taste? Wendy uses 6 pcs of Applewood Bacon, topped with all the fixing of may, ketchup, and cheese, not to mention two 1/4 lb Canadian beef burger patties.

Wendy Salads in Canada

Wendys has a great selection of Greens if you want a healthier choice over french fries or high-calorie burgers.

  • Southwest Avocado Chicken
  • Taco Salad
  • Apple Pecan Chicken
  • Grilled Caesar
  • Garden Side

Wendy’s Restaurant Roasts On Twitter: Youtube Highlights

Wendy’s has an excellent social media team, and they can be hilarious! Check out this youtube video of some of the top 40 roasts in 2017!

If you like coupons like this, check out contests to enter and possibly win to get more free stuff!