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FREE Quiznos Sub in Canada.

Quiznos Canada Free Small Sub when you download the Tasty Rewards App

  • Get a FREE Quiznos small sub with any purchase when you Download the Quiznos App.

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This Quiznos Canada Free Sample offer is ongoing.

Quizno’s Canada FREE Birthday Treat!

  • Free Cookie with a purchase of any sandwich.

Get you a coupon for a FREE Cookie when you register with their newsletter.

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This Quiznos Canada Free Sample offer is ongoing.

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Quiznos restaurant

Quiznos Canada Sandwich Restaurants

Find everything from delicious sandwiches and soups to fresh salads.

Signature sandwiches, flatbread, subs, etc. that are toasted to perfection. Made when you are ready to order.

One popular item is the Flatbread Pizza. Get the full pizza experience with Quiznos Flatbread.

Their Grilled Snack Flatbreads are filled with your favourite ingredients and made just the way you like—delicious and packed full of various meats, cheeses, veggies, etc.


Catering And Take Out

Trust Quiznos, or you’re next to get together. No need to stress what and where you are going to cook your food. They will make it at their location and bring it to you, piping hot and fresh from the oven straight to your guests or party-goers. This will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

Or, if you would like to take out a delicious meal, just phone and place your order or stop by one of their locations and place an order for taking out.

Items you will find via the Catering and Take out menu include Classic Sub Platter, Fresh Market Salad Platter, Premium Sub Platter, Snack Flatbread Platter, various chips snacks, cookies, bottled drinks, and premium bottled drinks.

Craving a sub and want a deal; another option to choose is Subway Canada; they have tons of great coupons and deals on their mobile app as well!

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Quiznos Canada Free Small Sub when you download the Tasty Rewards App


  1. can you please send me coupons for your company by mail? i would like to try your food, and heard i can get coupons by emailing you. thanks


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