Quiznos Canada is a fabulous Sandwich chain of restaurants in many towns and city centers. They make a great toasted sandwich, including different melts and have a flavour of all their own. For the most part, Quiznos Coupons can be found on the mobile app, but they do come out with various deals on sandwiches all year long!


Quizno Canada App

Quiznos Coupons

Download the Quiznos.ca App, and you will receive the savings you can get with every purchase.  Once upon a time, you could get a free Quiznos sub when you downloaded their mobile app, but that offer no longer applies in 2023.

  • Get $5.00 off your first order when you download the Loyalty App. 
  • FREE Sub when you refer a friend ( see details online) 
  • BOGO Sub on your Birthday

The Quiznos Canada Loyalty App

Not only do you get $5.00 when you join, but you will get special offers through your phones, such as a free birthday Gift  for a discount code for a BOGO Quiznos Sub w

Toasty Points is a loyalty program where you earn 1 point for every $1.00 you spend at Quiznos.

  • When you earn 80 points, you qualify for a free 8″ sub sandwich or a whole salad.

Download Quiznos Toasty Points App Here

If you don’t have a mobile phone – You can still join online 

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    Quiznos restaurant

    Quiznos Canada Restaurants

    Quiznos is known for its delicious, quality food.

    There are still 102 Quiznos in Canada as of the year 2023

    A great place to get sandwiches and salads made when you want them! One popular item on the menu at Quizno’s Canada Sandwich restaurants is their “Flatbreads.” They’re perfect if it’s just you or someone else who wants an entire sandwich with an explosion  experience—you can order any type of meat & veggies combination imaginable coupled with some tasty cheese (or even Both!) and then have them cooked up something special right before your eyes


    Quiznos Coupons & Sub Deals | Quiznos Coupons Canada

    Catering And Take Out

    Trust Quizno’s Canada to cater your next event! They’ll make all the food fresh at their location and bring it straight out, so you can enjoy a hot meal without worrying about cooking.

    If taking away is more up your alley, then they’ve got plenty too – phone them in advance or stop by one Canadian Quiznos restaurant for quick take-out orders filled with delicious choices.

    If you are craving a sub and want a deal, another option is Subway Canada; they also have tons of great coupons and discounts on their mobile app!