Red Lobster is the place to go for delicious seafood. And why not get savings by using Red Lobster coupons? They have many dishes, including a shrimp cocktail and a lobster tail! Plus, they offer takeout and dine-in options to enjoy your meal with family members who might not be into cooking as much at home on those days that call out “food.”

Red Lobster fest

Red lobster coupons in Canada are always available!

Below you will find the Red lobster coupon codes, how to get a free appetizer or dessert, acquire any red lobster promo codes and other great ways to save at your local Restaurants.


 New Red Lobster Coupons


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Free Appetizer or Dessert!

Red Lobster is giving its newsletter subscribers coupons for Starters and Sweets like Brownies. Sign up for the Fresh Catch Club Newsletter today!

You’ll get a coupon that’s redeemable at any participating location.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try something different, like their Dessert Sampler Pack, which includes six delicious pieces of cheesecake in multiple flavours of raspberry-filled pastry straw.

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 Red Lobster Coupons - Save on Seafood | Red Lobster Coupons

Red Lobster Daily Deals

You can save on a special meal with high-quality seafood every day of the workweek. Depending on what day of the week you visit your local Restaurant


  • Monday: Ultimate Endless Shrimp Monday
  • Tuesday: Sirloin and Fried Shrimp Tuesday
  • Wednesday Fish and Chips Wednesday
  • Thursday: Dinner for Two Thursday
  • Friday – Walt’s Favourite Shrimp Combo


Red Lobster: For The Seafood Lover In You

What began as a single eatery in Lakeland, Florida, has now blossomed into an impressive 700+ Red Lobsters worldwide. Dining at any one of these seafood-inspired establishments is sure to be a unique and delightful experience, no matter the season!

Red Lobster has proudly served an incomparable seafood experience for over five decades.

Red Lobster Canada promises that it only serves seafood from safe and environmentally friendly places.

Our fishermen, who have been serving us for years, capture all the wild-caught lobsters and crabs served at Red Lobster. All of these succulent seafood dishes are sourced from nature’s bounty!

By only purchasing crab from suppliers who adhere to the annual harvesting seasons and quotas, our company helps ensure a healthy population of crabs.

Seafood connoisseurs, rejoice! Red Lobster is the place to indulge in your favourite dishes like Crabfest®, endless shrimp® and more. From soups to salads, tasting plates and daily specials from Monday through Thursday – there’s something for everyone on their menu. Even better? You can order online or save money with exclusive coupons & promo codes!

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