Everyone in Canada remembers the whole commercial of Pizza Hut and the $5 Bucks Commercials that used to be on T.V. We always find great Pizza Hut Canada coupons and Pizza Hut Specials for Canada and love to share them with you.

Pizza Hut Canada Coupons

Canadians love pizza and Pizza Hut when they want a quick meal for the family. They offer more than just pizza – You can order wings, salad, pasta and more from Pizza Hut. Look below for the following Pizza deals and Pizza Hut Canada coupons and specials for Canada.

Pizza Hut has a solid reputation for decent pizza at reasonable prices.

Pizza Hut Specials & Coupons

Find below the most recent Deals.

Pizza Deal Daily

Piza Hut Coupon Code for $10 Pizza - Get more for your money with Pizza Hut Canada's Specials! In 2023, when you place your next order for pizza, we will provide you with the most recent Pizza Hut Canada coupons, specials, deals, and promotions.

Get a medium Pizza for just $10.00 every day of the week

  • Pepperoni
  • Hawaiian
  • Canadian,
  • Margherita

Get the above pizza for only $10 any day of the week.

Use Online only with Coupon code 839

Pizza Hut $10.99 Pizza - Canada Pizza Hut Specials save money! We'll show you 2023 Pizza Hut Canada coupons, specials, deals, and promotions.

$10.99 Pizza Of The Day

  • Sunday: Triple Crown,
  • Monday: Hawaiian,
  • Tuesday:: Pepperoni,
  • Wednesday: Canadian,
  • Thursday: Supreme Lovers,
  • Friday: Chicken Caesar,
  • Saturday: Veggie Lover’s


New Pizza Hut Canada Coupons and  Deal for December 2022

Triple Pizza Box

One box. Triple the pizza. Includes 3 medium 2-topping or recipe pizzas. Limited time.

The Triple Treat Box- Includes 2 medium pizzas (2-Topping CYO or Recipe), regular breadsticks, two dips, eight boneless bites & an ultimate Cookie.
$10 Favourites Get some of your favourite medium pizzas for $10 each. Choose from: Canadian, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Margherita.
  • $10 My Box individual 3-toppings pizza and your choice of side – 5 Boneless Bites or regular fries.
  • Wings & Things combines 5 traditional crispy wings, 5 boneless bites, 6 gooey mozzarella sticks, 8oz of fries, and a dip.
  • Game Night Meal includes two medium recipe pizzas, 14 boneless bites, 2 dips and your choice of a 2L Pepsi® product. Offer available online only.
  • Two Medium Pizzas Deal! 2 medium pizzas (3-Topping CYO or Recipe) for one great price! Online Only.
  • Large Favourites Deal! Please choose fBBQ Chicken! Margherita! Hawaiian! Canadian! Triple Crown! $16.99 Large Pizzas,
  • My Box 2 for $19: Each box comes with an individual 3-topping pizza and a choice of side. Choose from 5 Boneless Bites or fries.
  • Loaded Flatbreads 2 for $12.99 Bundle Choose any two of our new Loaded Flatbreads (recipe or CYO 3-toppings) for only $12.99.
  • $25.99 Pizza And Wings Deal! Create your 3-topping medium pizza, add 8 boneless bites in your choice of sauce, then add 2 dips!
  • $21.99 Create-A-Meal Start with a 2-topping PANalicious pizza, then choose 3: 8 Boneless Bites, or regular breadsticks, or caesar salad.
  • $16.99 Create-A-Meal Start with a 2-topping PANalicious pizza, then add regular breadsticks and your choice of 5 Boneless Bites.
  • 2 For $4 Choose 2 bottled beverages for just $4.
  • Rockstar Energy Drinks 2 for $6 -Any 2 Rockstar Energy Drinks for $6

Pizza Hut now has contactless delivery and takeout.

Click here to order online.

This Pizza Hut offer is available for a limited time only.

How to Save Money at Pizza Hut Canada

Promotional Code - Pizza Hut Canada Specials save you money! We'll show you the newest Pizza Hut Canada coupons, specials, discounts, and promotions for your 2023 pizza purchase.

Looking for Pizza Hut Canada Coupon Codes & Deals

I will get this out in the open – Pizza Hut Canada coupon codes are not rare. But they are not plentiful either, it’s a hit or miss, but Pizza Hut Canada has tons of great discounts and monthly specials all on their deals page, where you can order online.

How to Enter Pizza Hut Canada Coupon Codes

It’s pretty simple to enter Pizza Hut Canada coupon codes online. You must copy the promo code into the checkout page when you are almost done ordering. Watch your subtotal go down in price.

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Pizza Hut Menu- Canada Pizza Hut Specials save money! We'll show you 2023 Pizza Hut Canada coupons, specials, deals, and promotions.

Pizza Hut Menu

The pizza choices include classics such as Veggie, Meat lovers, Hawaiin, Loaded, and Pepperoni. Then there is Specialty Pizza like Canadian pizza, Supreme Lovers, and Cheese Lovers. Always check the Pizza Hut Canada coupons and Pizza Hut Specials.

Pizza Hut serves more than just pizza. They have other choices, such as Pasta Dishes, Salad, Chicken Wings, and various sides, including Desserts. You can even purchase Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream and Cinnabons.

The Pizza Hut Brand

Pizza Hut Canada is part of Yum! Restaurants International’s Canadian subsidiary, with over a thousand restaurants across Canada. The first Pizza Hut in Canada opened up in 1968. There are over 16,000 Pizza Hut locations around the world in total.

The Yum Restaurant also has Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, and KFC.