If you’re a pizza fan, you’re probably already familiar with Panago Pizza. With over 190 locations across Canada, this pizza brand has become a household name in the country. Now you can Save with Panago Coupons.

They’re known for their delicious and innovative pizza toppings, various crusts, and their commitment to using high-quality ingredients. Panago Pizza is dedicated to offering something for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free options.

When you shop online, you can build your Pizza exactly how you want it and deliver it right to your door. If you haven’t tried Panago Pizza yet, you’re missing out on one of the best pizza experiences in Canada.

Panago Pizza Coupons Canada

Ways to Save Money With Panago Pizza

If you’re a fan of Panago Pizza but worried about the expenses, don’t worry. There are multiple ways to save money while ordering your favourite Pizza. First, check your local Panago for any ongoing promotions or deals.

Get 2 Large Panago Pizzas for $32

Yum, who can’t resist Pizza? You’ll be thrilled to see they now have a New Spicy Ranch Pepperoni Pizza to try out – Including Plant Based Option!

Get Together Combo $36.5029

2 – 12″ medium recipe pizzas and an 8 pc Cheezy Bread (includes dip).

Keep It Simple Combo $26.50

14″ large recipe pizza and a 10 pc Chicken Bites (includes dip).

Plant-lovers Bundle $14.50

8 pc Plant-based Cheezy Bread (includes dip) and a 10 pc Impossible Nuggets (includes dip).

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Is There a Panago rewards program?

Panago does not have a rewards program, but if you live in Western Canada ( BC, AB, SK), you can take advantage of the More Rewards Program if you are a member.

Does Panago offer a student discount?

There is no special student discount for Panago customers, but there are deals and offers you can use to save money. Look on the “Deals” page to find them.

How to Redeem a Coupon Code at Panago?

  1. When you go to Panago’s website, first choose your city. You can either log in or look for food without logging in. Different cities might have different prices.
  2. Make your Order
  3. At the of your purchase, you will see a page at the top that says “Confirm Order.” Look below it, and you will notice faint writing that reads, “Enter coupon code.” Click here and enter your code. Then, click the black button labelled “Apply Coupon.”