Are you a pizza lover? Are you a Domino’s Pizza fan? I know everyone loves the deals, coupons, and even free pizza.  Dominos delivers each week so that will bring you the latest Dominos Canada Coupons, promo codes and Discounts we find each week.  Enjoy your Pizza with Dominos Canada Coupons!

Get some Cheesy Bread and a full topping pizza Today with Dominos Canada Coupons!

Dominos Pizza - Dominos Canada Coupons

Latest Dominos Canada Coupons

Regular Weekly Dominos Canada Coupons

The following Dominos Canada coupons are available for a limited time only. Every Monday, Domino’s pizza releases New coupons for Canadians.


Dominos Canada Coupons This Week

Domino’s Carside Delivery:

Other Local and National Dominos Canada Coupons:

  • Buy 1 Large Pizza and get an order of wings for 1/2 price! (Coupon Code: 4114)
  • Large 4-Topping Pizza (Carryout Only) (Coupon Code: 4218)
  • $12.99 Unlimited Large 2 Topping Pizzas. (Price is per pizza. 2 Pizza Minimum.) (Coupon Code 9730)
  •  $16.99 1 Large 4 Topping Pizza (Coupon Code: 4201)
  •  $18.99 1 Medium 3 Topping Pizza and Domino’s Pizza Cheesy Bread  Coupon Code 3076)
  •  $21.99 1 Large 3 Topping Pizza and any Bread side (May not include Garlic Finger products) (Coupon code: 4075)
  • $29.99 2 Medium Pizzas With 6-Toppings Combined & 1 Cheesy Bread (Coupon Code: 3275)
  •  $36.99 2 Large 3 Topping pizzas and Domino’s Pizza Cheesy Bread (Coupon Code: 4276)
  •  $14.99 1 Medium Feast Pizza (Coupon Code: 3025)
  • $43.99 2 Medium Feast Pizzas, choose from Pepperoni, Deluxe, Hawaiian or Special Veggie, with 8 Wings, any Bread side (May not include Garlic Finger products) and a 2-Litre of Coca-Cola® (Coupon Code: 3374)
  • $53.99 2 Large Feast Pizzas, choose from Pepperoni, Deluxe, Hawaiian or Special Veggie, with 8 Wings, any Bread side (May not include Garlic Finger products) and a 2-Litre of Coca-Cola® (CODE: 4374)
  • $14.99 1 Medium 2 Topping Pan Pizza (Coupon Code: 3203)
  • $3.99 Choose any 2 or more: Cinna Stix®, Breadsticks, 2 Chocolate Lava Crunch Cakes, 1 6pc Marbled Cookie Brownie, or 16pc Parmesan Bread Bites. Price is per item. (Cheesy Bread may be included at an additional charge) (Coupon Code: 8329)
  • $19.99 1 Large Feast Pizza (Coupon Code: 4191)
  • $29.99 2 Large 4-Topping Pizzas (8 Toppings Combined) (Coupon code: 4219)
  • $3.49 Add 2 500ml Coca-Cola Soft Drinks or Dasani Water. 500ml Nestea may be included for an additional fee (Coupon code: 8156)
  • $9.99 Unlimited Pizza and Sides (minimum 2): Choose from Medium 2-Topping Hand Tossed Pizza, Specialty Chicken, 8-piece Boneless Chicken, 8-piece Chicken Wings (extra charge), 12-piece Marbled Cookie Brownies, or Pasta. Price is per item. (Coupon Code: 8730)
  • $23.99 2 Medium 2-Topping Pizzas & 4 – 500mL Coca-Cola® Beverages or Dasani Water (Coupon Code: PC5WS)
  • $7.99 Add a Domino’s Pizza Cheesy Bread and a 2-Litre of Coca-Cola® (Coupon Code: 98562)
  • $3.99 Add a 6-piece Marbled Cookie Brownie (Coupon Code: 98805)
  • $3.99 2 Lava Crunch Cakes (Coupon Code: 8375)

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How to Save Money with Dominos Pizza

Using Dominos Canada Coupons and Promo Code Offers!
  • Join Domino’s Newsletter

You will receive weekly Pizza offers for new promo codes and some exclusive emails for Dominos Canada Coupons to stay on top of your savings each week for Dominos Canada Coupons.

  • Online Promos for both Local and National!

Always check your local Dominos as some locations will offer exclusive coupons for their pizza, including coca-cola but always check back for more pizza coupons.

  • Mail Box

Some places will have flyer Pizza mailer coupons that will arrive in your mailbox, but in 2020 many companies are shying away from Mail outs just due to the COVID-19.

Join the Dominos Rewards Program: Piece of the Pie

Dominos Rewards

Another great way to save with Domino’s Pizza is to join their piece of the Pie Rewards Program. 1 Order equals 10 points, and when you reach the 6th point, you will get a FREE Pizza.  So you can necessarily get a free pizza every six orders. Which is a great way to save money during our Canadian Hockey season when all hockey moms are in an entire run around the season?

There are not many ways in the world to get Free Pizza, so make sure you take advantage and sign up for pie rewards and get to save on your next party. Just be sure to always order with the pie rewards.

About Domino’s Pizza Canada

Dominos was founded back in 1960, Michigan, USA and today, the chain is the largest pizza seller worldwide and in the United States based upon global retail sales.

You can find Dominos Pizza stores in almost every half-decent-sized town in Canada; usually, someone will franchise one in cities with over 10,000 residents, well, at least here in Alberta anyhow.

Dominos Canada Coupons I This Week's Promo Codes


Drones Delivery Pizza?

In New Zealand, Dominos is practicing a new delivery via Drones! Yes, deliver pizza to the Customer! Read the News! – it is just one store – but that’s a pretty darn cool way to deliver pizza

Driverless Car Deliveries:

Domino’s and Ford are teaming up to see if customers will warm to the idea of pizza delivered by driverless cars. The Customer will need to go outside and punch in a number to open the door – I guess this is a great way to save money on not tip the driver!  Read the News 

Other Pizza Coupons from Coupons Canada

Sometimes, people are not the biggest Domino’s pizza fans, and you may require pizza from somewhere other than the Dominos Chain of stores.  No particular coupon savings order. Here are four more places to hunt for Pizza coupons. Take advantage of other local offers for other popular stores.

  • Pizza Hut usually has a few awesome deals close to the holidays. You can get discounts such as 50% off or more on a certain number of toppings, but rarely has regular coupon codes, but has several deals and family packs to choose from.
  • Pizza Pizza has many sporting event deals for those large groups watching the game together.
  • Boston Pizza – It’s never much on the deals of coupon codes for pizza, but it usually has a delivery code, or you can get kids to dine in cards at a special rate.
  • Little Ceasar Deals – Find special delivery deals and monthly deals on pizza savings.