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Sep 1, 2020

Michael’s Craft Store Coupons & Discounts July 2020

Michaels is one of the largest craft store chains found across Canada. You can find this chain in most cities and perhaps a few locations depending on the size of the city. You can find all your crafting needs at Michaels.com. They have the largest selection of arts and craft supplies. You can even purchase baking supplies for Cake decorating, jewellery making kits and artificial flowers. Stay tuned for Printed Coupons for up to 50% off Regular Priced items. Save money with the following discount coupons:

Michaels Canada Coupons

  • Save 30% Off One Regular Priced Item

Michaels Coupons change regularly and can be used Online or In-Store anywhere in Canada.

These coupons can be used In-store or Online.

Click Here to the Print coupon  (or show on Phone)

Coupons expire on October 1, 2020(unless noted above).

You can also Text the coupons to your Phone, as this chain accepts Smart Phone Coupons. So it will save you on printing the coupon.

All of Michael’s Coupons Exclude Quebec.




What is Michael’s Canada: Return Policy?

if you are unhappy with your purchase from Michaels craft store, you can ease your mind and return it for free, or do an exchange right at your local Michaels craft store location. You just need to bring your original receipt, and you will receive a refund to your original form of payment.

Michaels Canada Flyer

Michaels Craft Store has a weekly flyer. To see the current flyer in your hometown Click Here

Store Hours:

Most of these craft stores are open 9 am to 9 pm Every day except Sunday which is from 10 am to 7 pm

Crafting at Michaels

Michael’s Motto: Making Creativity Happen

Michaels Craft Store is the largest retail chain for crafts and Hobbies. Michaels has tons of crafting stock in their store. Find Artist supplies such as canvas, paint, brushes, Get making Jewellery with tons of beads, and pendants. Start a home business with Vinyl prints. Michaels Motto is truly to make Creativity Happen. Everyone can explore the Artist or do it yourself just by entering the store, and checking out the possibilities. And With Michaels Coupons – Canadians can shop at affordable prices Plus save money with Michaels coupons released every week.

Finding Supplies For Do it Yourself Projects

We all at one point will look at a piece of art or decor, and think It would look better, or you are sure you could do something different with it to make it better! Let it out! Grab some Paint, Fix it up, Use Resin to cover it, Make a Shadow frame. Perhaps fill a vas with Michaels artificial flowers for a corner decor. Don’t be too scared, because using Michaels Coupons will save you money on Regular Priced Items, or Perhaps just enjoy the greatest discounts on Michaels craft supplies.

Michaels Craft Store Outside Photo

About The Giant Craft Store

Michaels is an arts and crafts store that happens to carry a bit of everything along the way. If you have an urge for scrapbooking, drawing, painting or pretty much any other hobby in between.

Michaels is a well-known chain in both the United States and Canada, and they have well over a thousand stores spread among those borders. They own several private brands as well, including Studio Decor, Craft Smart and Bead Landing, to name a few. They also own and operate the retail stores known as Aaron Brothers. The primary headquarters is located in Texas.

Michaels is also rather famous for seasonal materials. Few places can satisfy the crafter’s needs as thoroughly as this well-stocked retail chain. With nearly 50,000 products in the majority of their stores, Michaels is second to none in selection and prices.


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  1. As a Michaels Rewards member receive special sale events/coupon offers via email. Since this past summer, there has been many 50-55% off One Item & Sales on Products in their ads!! If Micheals HQ in US advertises for Canada, it’s good to have actual product in store; I’ve been to 4 Michaels stores in Edmonton, AB and the shelves are constantly empty. *FYI Merchandise Mgr – order items on Low Stock or perform an Inventory end of month for all staff to verify stock. 2 wks before Black Friday deals, displays were 50% empty; despite the ad says “Limited stock for Sale” I drove to 3 Michaels store on Black Friday hoping to buy a Tombow Dual Brush Pens Set – Door Crasher,…I was told by staff Store is Out of Stock, shipment arrives 2nd wk of December!!
    1 location has coupon flyer sheets available for customers, another store staff said “If you don’t bring in coupon or show in app, despite advertisement 50% off item we were told by US headoffice to charge Full Price!! ( we are not allowed to have coupons in store). The staff continued with argument. Thats fine I will contact Consumer Bureau with Gov’t Canada.
    ***Everyday Value can not be applied with any coupons Eg 30 or 40%*** I can’t see it Everyday Value as Store Manager explained Prismacolor Premier Pencil sets are cheaper than other stores making it very affordable!?? According to what facts? Walmart & London Drugs & local Art stores priced sets $20-$30 cheaper than Michaels Everyday Value*** Prices can be compared to DeSerres Art Store
    If you advertise ^^ $$ Price Match $$ retail staff refused to P.M because they were not aware ^^ I am not sure how US works but I am sure it’s False Advertising.

  2. Oh my what a store u have there we can find everything in just one store that awsome.Thank you Micheal’s.Have a joly Merry Christmas

  3. you have a awesome Stores all your Grafts and Flowers are one of the best thank you


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