Discover Real Canadian Superstore coupons and promos.

The Real Canadian Superstore is one of the more popular Loblaws Stores, where you can find weekly discounts on grocery and department store items.  They offer lots of savings, and for many weeks they have great coupons and promo codes to help save you more money on grocery shopping.

Real Canadain Superstore Coupons – Digital

This week starts with the following promo codes you can use while shopping online with RCSS ( superstore) and saving money.

  • $1,00 off Coca-Cola soft drinks 6x237ml
  • $2.00 off Schneider pepperettes or bites
  • $3.00 off Reactine 40/48’s, Tylenol pain 120-200’s or Nicorette gum 105’s, lozenges 80’s, or sprays
  • 50¢ off Reynolds unbleached parchment 25′ or 75′
  • $1.00 off Alcan 100′ foil
  • $2.00 off Maple leaf natural selections sliced deli meat
  • $1.00 off Maple Leaf or Schneiders Ham
  • 50¢ off Pepsi mini cans 6x222ml
  • $1.00 off Minute Maid
  • $5.00 off Olay Regenerist face & eye cream, & serum
  • $1.00 off Select Vaseline Body Lotion
  • $2.00 offJanes boneless chicken breast bites or fillets
  • $2.00 off Pintys chicken wings or boneless bites
  • $1.00 off Cheez-It retail-size crackers
  • 50¢ off any Hershey Chipits 775 – 925g
  • 50¢ off Dare Candy
  • $1.00 off Fleischmann’s Yeast Jars
  • $1.00 offMaple Lodge Chicken Sticks
  • 50¢ off Ferrero chocolate tablet
  • $3.00 off Dove Innovation (Care by Plants and Body Love)
  • $2.00 off Dove Hand and Body Lotion
  • $1.00 off Axe
  • $1.00 off Maple Lodge Chicken Sticks
  • $2.00 off Vileda mop refills
  • 50¢ off Bonne Maman Jam

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All bonus offers end December 28, 2022

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Browse the Real Canadian Superstore Weekly Flyer to find this week’s ways to save money on groceries and other items you may require.  Also, you can spend and earn PC Optimum points each week.  Enjoy savings each week on discounted beauty products and food.  Takaaadvantageeece of some of the better RCSS Deals such as Stock up Days Event no purchase Bulk Items.

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A Convenient Way to Shop online and only Pickup!  You can shop from home, enjoy the Optimum points, and never miss a deal, as you will pay the same amount as the flyer!  There is no need to worry about freshness when choosing fruit and vegetables as they provide a Freshness Guarantee!

Sign up for a PC Optimum membership card to start earning points towards future discounts on your grocery bill at your leisure.  Take advantage of your offers from Loblaws Stores, and also, you can Earn Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Rewards.


About Real Canadian Superstore

The name indeed says it all!  It’s a Huge Real Canadian Superstore with grocery and department store items under the same roof, and Yes, it’s Truly Canadian after all.  You can shop from Joe Fresh Clothing, and Use printed coupons; RCSS wants to provide the typical Canadian with a better way to save money and offer better quality when possible.

RCSS can find helpful, quality, affordable items and is convenient to shop for as a one-stop shop.  So check back with us and check out the latest Real Canadian Supers Store promo code before making your next purchase.

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