The Latest Fuss with Real Canadian Superstore Price Matching Policy

They recently posted their updated Price Matching Policy and it is causing a bit of a problem for lots of RCSS shoppers.

It was all in the Wording: of who they subject to as a supermarket competitor! Which some stores are considering Other “Loblaws stores” as sister companies and not “competition” since they are all under the Loblaw umbrella”

“We will match the competitor’s advertised price only during the effective date of their print advertisement. Our major supermarket competitors are determined solely by us and are based on a number of factors that can change from time to time “

But in Fact, What is simply means is “It depends on what stores are Local”  including sister stores.  If you have a “No Frills, Freshco, or Foodland, Food Basics ” in your town – They will consider that “local competition” but if these stores are in a town, for example, an Hour away from your local store, then they have the right to refuse your price match!

But your RCSS store might not price match Canadian tire ( as its not a competitive grocery store)

And there is another “rumour of them, not price matching more than 4 items regardless of variety.

Also on their New Coupon Policy:

“they reserve the right to limit coupon quantities to reasonable family limits”

So there it is in All in a Nut Shell!

I hope this helped explain the Price Matching Policy for the Real Canadian Superstore.

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