Canadian Tire has a price match policy that is unlike any other in Canada. The company promises to match the price of an item with another retailer in Canada, no matter how many stores are involved in the transaction. This means that Canadian Tire will not only beat the competitors’ prices, but it will also exceed them! It makes sense for consumers to take advantage of this generous offer when shopping for tires, sporting goods and more.

The Art of Price Matching

For many of us, the idea of price matching is an everyday occurrence. Whether you’re at Canadian Tire or another retailer with a similar policy for loyalty-focused customers; when one company offers their products below competitor prices on items like gas grills (even beating them) then this means they’re confident enough in your purchase that if match any lower offers right away – no questions asked!

Price adjustments are also common because shoppers know these policies will save them money while still providing better value than competitors’ product lines: why buy something else when what’s already there does exactly what I want?

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About The Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

We all grew up collecting C.T.’s loyalty program cash called “Canadian Tire money” or ‘CTM,’ dating back to 1958!

Their commitment hasn’t lagged since they recently updated their policies in 2018 – even though it was a bit of an adjustment for those who had been using the old system with its paper coupons and physical gift cards (or worse yet: pre-paid credit card accounts specially set up just so kids could buy toys from your store). Alongside these more modern conveniences, there still remained one key aspect that made going into any Canadian tire store feel like coming home; namely customer service excellence passed down through several generations now equipped not only on how best deal but also what kind of offers.


How does the Canadian Tire Price Match policy work?

Here is the price match policy for Canadian Tire:

The Canadian Tire Price Match policy requires the customer to provide proof of a competing price. After providing valid proof, Canadian Tire will match that other retailer’s price and refund the difference in-store credit or cashback through an instant rebate at check-out. The company also promises not to make customers wait for any rebates. They are issued instantly to the customer’s in-store credit or debit card.

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How Do I Price Match at Canadian Tire

It’s so simple, you can buy an item from another retailer and get the Canadian Tire price match policy! Simply show a local competitor’s offer with lower prices. You will need proof of their offer in order for it to work through–a flyer or web page link is enough as long they’re offering exactly what you want (and nothing more). Once we verify that both items are identified on our end too then enjoy all benefits this amazing company has offered its customers like savings up high into hundreds off retail value!”

Provide proof of the competitor’s lower price. This can be done in a few different ways:

  • The ad itself with an advertised price for an identical ad of product advertiised
  • Show your phone with a picture of this ad on it to Canadian Tire staff
  • Bring in another printed copy yourself

Some people wonder what to do if they find a lower price for the same product after purchase. Don’t SWEAT IT!

If you already purchased the item,  it can still get matched with another Canadian store on price and receive an even better offer than before

  1. Go shopping at Canadian Tire within 14 days counting from the date of purchase
  2. Show proof of the item having a lower price available in your local town/city

Is Price Matching Worth my time?

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Who doesn’t love saving money? Well, it turns out not everyone does. A recent study found that only a small percentage of shoppers ever use their retailer’s price match policy or price adjustment policies- which may be because checking prices across many websites and flyer is time-consuming! But don’t let this stop you from taking advantage when the opportunity arises since there are always ways around getting what we want without spending too much–like shopping at different stores with better return policies!

So start taking advantage of anyone’s price match guarantee and save money!

Who is considered to be a competitor in Canadain Tire’s eyes

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A Competitor will need to meet the following criteria in order to price match and get below the competitor’s price

  • A retailer must be present in Canada located around a 200 km radius ( to be a Local competitor ) 
  • online ad ( for local retail competitors stores)
  • Canadian online-only retailer’s
  • Online retail stores with website domains ending with .ca
  • Other local Canadian Tire retail stores

What products can be considered to be identical Items

Identiical items

Canadian Tire needs to consider two products identical; they need to have the same characteristics and features.

More importantly, there are no differences between the same brand in size or warranty policy for these attributes except if one product has been opened from its original package. In contrast, another hasn’t, making it less likely of original purchase by Canadian Tire.

Items Excluded from Canadian Tire Store Price Guarantee

The following are exclusions when it comes to the price match policy and you will not receive the lower advertised price. Also, check the Canadian tire’s return policy to be sure you are in the correct position to ask your local Canadian tire location for a price adjustment

  • Non Local Retailer ( 200 km)
  • Mail-in rebates
  • scratch and save discounts
  • Items with a lower retail price that are only available through a loyalty program
  • Gifts with purchase
  • Credit or financing programs offered by others
  • Exclusive products offered on
  • Products that are opened, damaged and or used
  • Wholesale pricing
  • BOGO Deals
  • Retailer’s liquidation prices
  • “Spend and Get” type of offers
  • Special Sales Events: Black Friday, Cyber Monday


Always check the Canadian tire price match guarantee policy for current or changed Canadian tire stores price match policy for 2021 from the Canadian tire corporation itself