Canadian Tire has a price match policy that has expired! Sometimes this 2022 Summer, the Canadian tire price policy disappeared.


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The Canadian Tire Price Match Policy No Longer Exists

No Longer Exists


How Do I Save Money  at Canadian Tire

How do you save money shopping at Canadian Tire? You are back to finding a deal at Walmart that no longer has a price match policy.

For Now, it’ll be like other retail stores, and how to save.


1. Keep an eye out for the Canadian Tire weekly flyer

A new Canadian Tire weekly flyer is released every Thursday. You will find the best deals generally on the front of piloted, but check out the Canadian tire flyer online or use an app such as reebee or Flyer



2. Canadian Tire’s Big Red Week Sale

Canadian Tire has a Big Red Week Sale a few times a year. Spring and FALL, for sure. You can find additional savings on seasonal items – for example, summer camping gear, hockey gear in the fall, and fitness equipment in the winter. It’s always worth a look when they have a Canadian Tire’s Big Red Week Sale.

It’s always a celebration and runs over a weekend for four days, similar to what you see at Marks Warehouse.  

The Big Red Week Sale is always in stores online, and you won’t find it online. So you will have to leave the house to try and get a hot deal from the flyer.


3. In-Store Clearance Sections

Look around your favourite Canadian Tire Store location, and browse the back end caps; that’s where you will find Clearance items that they no longer want to stock; sometimes, you will find them on clearance online, but always see where you can find the clearance bins. You can always ask an Employee if you can find one.


4. Join the Triangle Rewards program.

We talked about the Triangle rewards program earlier when it came out back in 2018, but essentially it is a way to gather points from Canadian Tire stores, Marks, and Sport Chek. You can then use your rewards points against your purchase when you redeem.



The Art of Price Matching

For many of us, the idea of price matching is an everyday occurrence. Whether you’re at Canadian Tire or another retailer with a similar policy for loyalty-focused customers, when one company offers their products below competitor prices on items like gas grills (even beating them), then this means they’re confident enough in your purchase that if match any lower offers right away – no questions asked!

Price adjustments are standard because shoppers know these policies will save them money while still providing better value than competitors’ product lines: why buy something else when what’s already there does precisely what I want?



Is Price Matching Worth my time?

A guy scatching his head with an alarm clock, wondering if price matching is worth his time

Who doesn’t love saving money? Well, it turns out not everyone does. A recent study found that only a small percentage of shoppers ever use their retailer’s price match policy or price adjustment policies- which may be because checking prices across many websites and flyer is time-consuming! But don’t let this stop you from taking advantage when the opportunity arises since there are always ways around getting what we want without spending too much–like shopping at different stores with better return policies!

So start taking advantage of anyone’s price match guarantee and save money!