Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program

Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program

Canadian Tire, established in 1922, is such a fundamental part of the urban Canadian landscape that it’s a well-known household name. The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program is a loyalty program that rewards consumer spending. The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program is named after the company’s logo. Canadian Tire money has been around since 1958 and initially used Canadian tire paper money as a banknote style credit coupons.

Canadian Tire Money | Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards

While these paper Canadian tire money style coupons are still accepted, they have more recently (in 2015) been updated and modernized to use electronic Canadian tire money rather than paper Canadian tire money. The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program allows Canadian shoppers to collect and redeem CT money through a physical card and a digital app. It even offers personalized offers based on your history of purchases made. Any normal CT money collected under the older Canadian Tire scheme will be honoured in this updated program.

Loyalty programs like the Canadian Tire Rewards Program, and PC Optimum points, are popular because of the flexibility in collecting and redeeming points at several retail outlets.

Who Is The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program Open To?

A broadly inclusive program, the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program, is open to anyone living in Canada that is an adult in the province or territory where they reside. Once you’re a member of the Rewards Program, you can start collecting reward points.

Unlike some rewards programs, the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program is completely free to join. You pay nothing in the way of a joining fee or an ongoing membership fee. It’s free to register and to participate. The savings are all passed on to the customer.

However, this means that Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards gather massive amounts of data on their customers’ spending preferences and stores this data for extended periods to create targeted advertising and personalized offers. The team involved in marketing analytics on the Rewards Program website now numbers over 160 full-time staff members. If this idea makes you feel uncomfortable, participating in any loyalty program or consumer rewards scheme may not be for you.

Collecting Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards

To start collecting Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards, you’ll need either a physical loyalty card or the app. This lets you both collect and redeem points at participating retailers, which are listed below. You can also collect and redeem Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards using the Triangle™ App, so even if you forget the physical loyalty card or key fob – you won’t waste an opportunity to earn CT money rewards. At the same time, you spend money on purchases sold at Canadian tire.

You can check on the status of your account using the app or on the Triangle website. You can check the number of points you’ve accumulated and the last date the card was active. This is important because if the card has been inactive for 18 months or more, the points will expire. Inactivity is defined as a period where points have neither been collected nor redeemed. You will get an advanced warning that your points are about to expire between 60-30 days before.

Redeeming Canadian Tire Money
While you can earn points without first registering your card, you will have to be registered to redeem them. You can do this in the Triangle app or on the website. The benefit of being registered is that you are also eligible for additional bonus rewards. $1 in CT Money is worth $1, redeemable at the participating local Canadian Tire stores listed below.

With 50% of Mark s Work Wearhouse, SportChek and Canadian Tire Retail customers using the loyalty program, this is one of Canada’s most popular rewards programs. Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards transactions account for around 100 million individual purchases per year, with most people joining the program through an email signup.

Maximizing Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards
There are some basic ways that you might make your Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards work a little harder for you. First, buy your gas at Gas+ or Husky locations to get CT money per litre on gas, make the most of the opportunities to earn in the first place. Similarly, shopping at Canadian Tire, participating Mark s, and other participating retailers involved in the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program.

You could also focus on really boosting your Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards rates by signing up for one of the Canadian Tire Triangle Mastercards and using it as often as possible. Both the Triangle World Elite Mastercard and Triangle Mastercard boast no annual fees and additional benefits on spending at the participating retailers.

Triangle Mastercard | Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program

There is a third card, the Triangle World Mastercard, but that’s invitation only. These specific credit cards will significantly boost your earn rate on the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards program, but remember to pay your credit cards off regularly to maintain a good credit score and avoid paying interest on your account.

Where Canadian tire triangle rewards are accepted

Using Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards With Corporate Partners
The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program isn’t limited to Canadian Tire. There is a wide range of other locations and corporate partners where rewards can be collected and redeemed. These are:

  • Canadian Tire
  • Sport Chek
  • Mark’s Work Warehouse
  • Party City
  • Atmosphere
  • Sports Rousseau
  • Hockey Experts
  • L’Entrepôt du Hockey
  • Participating Sports Experts stores
  • Gas+/ Essence+
  • Participating in Husky stores


So, is the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program worth getting involved in? If you shop at the named stores, absolutely. According to Sean Claessen at Bond Brand Loyalty in Toronto, using an extended rewards program is an “obvious win,” both for Canadian Tire and the consumers. It’s one of the most long-standing, well-established rewards programs in Canada.

Recognizing spending trends and individual preferences across the stores and being rewarded for customer loyalty by having a communal currency for these shops lets them get the most out of their purchases.

The Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards Program is also quite inflexible and quite limited. These factors certainly make it straightforward and easy to understand. It’s quick to register and simple to start collecting points.

But exercise caution; like all deals, these are only good if you intended to spend money in these places anyway. If you’re going out of your way to spend the Canadian Tire Triangle Rewards in places you wouldn’t otherwise shop, you may not be as cost-effective as you think.