Save Money on Cineplex Movie Tickets


Simple Hacks to Save Money on Premium Cineplex Tickets

Who does not love to go to the movies? It is, in fact, a blessing, to a mum of two to have a few hours of break from the everyday mum-job and enjoy mindless entertainment with a bag of popcorn and a can of diet soda.

However, the happiness fizzes out when you think about the cost. It’s easy to spend $50 per head considering the skyrocketing prices of tickets, snacks, and beverages. Besides, you have to pay even more if you want to enjoy the flick somewhere other than the regular Cineplex. Some theaters sell tickets designated as Prime Seats, UltraAVX, and D-BOX that offer some premium features such as reserved seats, more legroom space, upgraded audio and visual experience, etc.

There are also IMAX Cineplex for the best visual experience and VIP theaters that offer leather seats and an intimate movie-watching experience with an in-seat dining service. The 4DX is the cream of this list that enhances your audio-visual experience with motion seats, spraying mist, etc.

How to Save Money on Cineplex Tickets?

So, how can you save the movie night out costs? Of course, you can take a Netflix day, but the TV screen is not just enough sometimes to slake the urge for big screens. Let’s find out some simple hacks for saving money on Cineplex tickets:

Look for the Discounts

Cineplex and other movie theater chains often sell movie pass in bulk to various organizations. If you are a member of any such groups, you can get the tickets at hefty discounts.

Otherwise, look into eBay or Craigslist as these places are great to get movie passes at a bargain rate. Restaurants, especially the ones that are in proximity to a movie theater, often offer ‘Dinner& Movie’ specials where the tickets come as a part of the package and at a much lower price.

Wait for the Discount Days

Many cinema theaters offer discounts for one particular day of the week. It’s Tuesday for most of the Toronto area auditoriums, and you will get an extra 10% off upon showing your SCENE card on that day. Some Cineplex cut the price for the Saturday nights too.

In addition, small theaters are usually cheaper than the big auditoriums. So, if you don’t bother about a premium experience, go to the smaller ones.

The VIP theaters regularly offer concessions on Hump Date Wednesday. It’s possible to get a deal of two tickets with dinner for only $50!

Get a SCENE Card

It’s the loyalty program card of the Cineplex where the members will get 10% discounts on snacks. You can also earn points and use them to watch free movies. Typically, every 1,000 SCENE points count for one free movie. You can play the trivia game TimePlay, buy tickets online, and join a SCENEtourage program to earn the points.

Collect Vouchers from Grocery Shopping

You will find vouchers presenting free or buy-one-get-one movie tickets with some grocery products. Such offers become available for a few times in a year. Besides, Costco often sells Cineplex tickets at less than the regular prices. You can get them at both online and Costco retail outlets.


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