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Popcorn Time for free movies and tv downloads

Cineplex Deal – FREE Popcorn

Take advantage of a fantastic deal this Thursday to celebrate National Popcorn Day! Cineplex offers a free small popcorn with any movie ticket or food delivery order on January 19. This is the perfect opportunity to treat yourself and your family to delicious buttery popcorn and enjoy a movie

Visitors at the movies can take advantage of National Popcorn Day by showing their Scene+ card with a valid movie ticket at the concession stand.

Those ordering from Cineplex through SkipTheDishes or Uber Eats can also redeem free popcorn.

Food delivery fees, taxes, and tips will still apply.

Poptopia popcorn is not included in this promotion,

Happy National Popcorn Day!

This Thursday, January 19th, 2023, is National Popcorn Day at Cineplex theatres across Canada!

Each person will be able to get one free popcorn upon arrival – so c and take advantage of this fantastic deal!

Don’t forget: it’s only one day Only. 

Click the link here to find the theatre near you

Offer Ends January 19, 2023

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    Cineplex Tuesday Ticket Prices

    In our small town, we call Tuesdays at the movies CHEAP Tuesday.  Cineplex Cinema is no different; if you are a huge movie buff and love to see movies in person to get the whole experience, Enjoy purchasing tickets for a 50% discount. You don’t need a coupon code either; Tuesday is a popular way to get family entertainment for less! Score a Deal!

    How much Is Cineplex on Tuesdays?

    Watch any New Release and save cash every Tuesday. Pay only $6.75 per general admission movie ticket.  Yes, you can even see any 3D movie or enjoy a VIP or Imax for just $6.75

    Cineplex seniors discounts

    Seniors are considered 65 years or older and can get a discount of 20% off on general movie tickets at any Cineplex movie theatre or store; all you will need to do is present a valid id to prove your age.  Great way to spend an evening with seniors as a date night. Check out other Senior Discounts we found online! 

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    Date Night Discount

    Browse the Cineplex food menu and choose between great offers such as Sharable appetizers, dessert, and two entrees plus 2 movie tickets for $69. Again this hot little movie night deal doesn’t require a Cineplex coupon code or special discount.  Just grab a date or best friend and head for an evening out today.

    Cineplex student discounts

    Every Thursday, students can get a special discount on movie tickets ( general admission for $8.00. Plus, you can get Free Admission on Tuesdays.

    Cineplex Gift Cards

    Cineplex movie Gift Cards make a great stocking stuffer at Christmas or give entertainment gifts.  Choose a gift card for any amount from $10 to $200.00. Choose to purchase carts online or in-store. Use the cards at any store location across Canada, including big cities.  Get a Discount by using a gift card on a promo offer and double up on those savings.

    Click Here to find Christmas Gift Card Deals 

    Scene Logo

    Scene Membership

    As a Scene Member, you can get Cineplex offers and deals on popular food items and free movies on the Scene website. And you will start saving a bit more on entertainment at the movie store.

    Here’s how it’s worth becoming a Scene Member for the Cineplex movie offers for the family.

    • Earn an extra 10% off on Cheap Tuesday Prices at the Cineplex theatres
    • Earn 1 Point for every $3.00 spent at participating Cineplex restaurant locations
    • Earn a Bonus of 250 Scene points the first time you redeem points at the movies
    • Earn $125 points per regular movie ticket and 1250 points for a FREE movie

    Sign up today for free and start saving more at your local Cineplex website this week.

    More deals and coupon codes for entertainment!

    About Cineplex stores

    Cineplex movie screen

    Canadian Cineplex started around 1912; there are now 164 cinema movie locations around Canada, including Ottawa, Ontario.  They are a huge media company with over 1500 movie stores across Canada. Some Cineplex Theaters have a VIP experience with liquor and more of a whole DATE night experience.

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