Orville Redenbacher FREE Popcorn Bowl (Offer Extended)


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New Orville Redenbacher Free Offer.

Orville Redenbacher 50th Anniversary Customized Bowl Promotion.

Get a FREE Personalized, Family Popcorn Bowl. 

The approximate retail value of each Popcorn Bowl is $45.00 CAD.

Limit of 2,500 Popcorn Bowls available.

How to Get Your Custom Popcorn Bowl:

  1. Purchase 2 participating Orville products in one transaction
  2. Go to the link below to register
  3. Upload a photo of your receipt
  4. Complete the registration by customizing your Popcorn Bowl by entering up to eighteen (18) characters in French or English.
  5. Finally, the Participant must pay $6.99 CAD in shipping costs and handling fees
  6. HURRY only 2500 Popcorn Bowls available


  • Open to Canada
  • Age of majority
  • Purchase must be made between March 31 and December 31, 2020
  • Allow approximately six to eight weeks for delivery
  • No limit on the number of Popcorn Bowls a person can receive (1 per unique receipt)

Get Your Custom Popcorn Bowl Here

This Orville Redenbacher Free offer ends on December 31, 2020 at 11:59:59 PM ET but is only available while supplies last.


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Microwave Products:
  • Orville Smart Pop 6 Pack
  • Orville Light Buttery 6 Pack
  • Orville Buttery 6 Pack
  • Orville Extra Buttery 6 Pack
Ready-To-Eat Popcorn 116-220G Products:

Available Flavours:

  • Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn 220G
  •  Movie Theatre Butter 150G
  • White Cheddar 190G
  • White Cheddar Chipotle 165G
  •  Dill Pickle 165G
  • Simply Salted 116G
  • Sour Cream and Onion 150G
  • Pub Style Buffalo Wing 165G
The New Pop Up Bowl

Now you can get a bowl pop up bag vs just the traditional bag – making it easier to share your popcorn with others. It works the same as normal microwave popcorn – just that you open it up differently and is designed to make less bag noise – which is why so many people put the popcorn in a bowl than simply leaving it in the bag to start with!



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Orville Redenbacher Free


  1. I know it got extended due to COVID 19 – so maybe this is a partial reason when everyone is working from home there probably for a while, and now they are short on staff to do the grinding of packaging out to those that requested. ( I’m assuming all of this of course)

  2. I also followed all of the steps and paid for shipping and handling; it has been three months and nothing. I did receive a stock reply from my inquiry but all it said was that it will take 6-8 weeks and tracking will be provided when shipped and vague Covid-19 thanks for your patience as we all navigate together. How convenient. SCAM!

  3. I followed all the steps even paid for the shipping and handling. I have no received anything and they did not reply to my email inquiry. Total Scam


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