New Hershey’s Promotion: Sweet Escapes

If you love Twizzlers and Jolly Ranchers, this is a fantastic promotion for your favourite candy. My husband loves the taste of Twizzler, so he might have to purchase some too! There’s also an end date on August 31, 2023, which means I’ll get my free film rental or movie ticket from him in return.

Purchase Requirements for Rebate

For Canadian retailers (excluding Purchase any three (3) qualifying TWIZZLERS or JOLLY RANCHER products on one (1) receipt at any retail store in Canada.

On Purchase one (1) TWIZZLERS 2 kg Tub OR one (1) JOLLY RANCHER/TWIZZLERS 160ct variety bag (on one (1) receipt at during the Reward Period.


  1. Purchase the Participating Hershey Products
  2.  Take a Picture on your Smart Phone of your Receipt ( Make sure the date and store location are on the receipt
  3. Register and log in on the website
  4.  Submit your Receipt

Wait for Confirmation and receive your free movie pass or digital rental

Promotion Rules

Here are the summary rules for the Hershey sweet escape cineplex promotion

  • Must Be a Canadian Resident
  • Age of Majority
  • Limit of Two (2) Rewards per person per email address throughout the Reward Period.
  • There are only 8600  movie passes to be given away. Although they may run out of these before the end date,
  • Support of promotion: EMAIL =

Click Here to Get Started

The promotion Ends on August 31, 2023, Or While Quantities last.

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    About Twizzlers

    Twizzlers were first invented by the National Licorice Company, located in New York City. The candy was initially created as a licorice-flavoured rope, but over time, the recipe changed, and Twizzlers took on its signature shape and strawberry flavour.


    It’s estimated that over 4 million Twizzlers are produced daily in factories across North America.

    Today, the distinctive red twists of Twizzlers can be found in supermarkets and convenience stores all around the world.

    About Jolly Ranchers

    Jolly Ranchers were invented by the American company Hershey Company. They were initially marketed as a fruit-flavoured hard candy, but over the years, they have also become known for their chewy candies.


    The idea for Jolly Ranchers came from founder Dan Cohn, who wanted to create a delicious treat that would stay fresh and flavorful on store shelves. It took Cohn two years to perfect the recipe for Jolly Ranchers, and when it finally debuted, it quickly became a hit with candy lovers everywhere.


    Today Jolly Ranchers remain one of the most popular candy brands in the U.S., with flavours that range from watermelon to blue raspberry and many more!