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Krispy Kernels, peanuts and nuts are tasty and nutritious. They can be eaten in the morning, lunchtime, or when you get hungry for a snack. Try them today!

Krispy Kernal Nut Canada Coupons ( GoCoupons)

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  • Save $1.00 on the purchase of any Krispy Kernels’ new mixes 230g
  • Save $1.00 off the purchase of any bag of Krispy Kernels Nuts 225g – 250g
  • Save $1.00 off the purchase of Krispy Kernels Peanuts 275g

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    Where to Purchase Krispy Kernal Nuts

    Metro, Giant Tiger, IGA, Jean Coutu,

    About Krispy Kernel Brand

    The company’s title comes from the fact that it currently produces and distributes its products in Canada. It was founded in New Jersey, USA, before relocating to Canada. After obtaining distribution rights for Krispy Kernels in Canada, he started selling them through his newspaper circulation network. It is now entirely based in Canada after establishing a facility in Quebec Province.

    The company is continuously advertising its products to increase its market share and get a more significant piece of the nutritionally-healthy snacks market.

    Valérie was promoted to President and CEO of the company in 2013 after Paul Jalbert died in January at 94. He wanted to leave something for future generations who would come after him.