Vegan Alert! Beyond Meat Coupon for Canada! Calling all those wanting less red Meat and more of a plant-based diet. We found you some savings. Beyond Meat has a few products, not just Burgers, including Sausage and ground beef lunch meat.

Check out the coupons we have found to help you save money. But hurry, those won’t last long!

Beyond Meat Coupon

  • Save $1.50 off Chicken Fingers

This Beyond Meat Coupon is Print Only.

Limit one per coupon.

Limit of Two Coupons per Shopping Trip.

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This Beyond Meat Coupon Expiry Date is December 31, 2023

Beyond Meat Burger - Picture for Coupon

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How to Use Beyond Beef Coupons

It’s not too complicated! Since it’s a Print format, you will need a Printer to Print the coupon off in this above coupon. Once Printed off, give it to the Cashier at the Checkout!

Prices of Beyond Beef across Canada

pricing sale

Walmart Canada

Below is the Regular Prices found for Beyond Meat in 2021

  • Beyond Meat Burgers for $7.97
  • Beyond Beef for $8.97

Real Canadian Superstore:

Beyond Sausage Mild Italian $8.98

Tips on Saving Money!

Do a Flyer  Check and see if you can find one of these Products on sale at a store near you.

You are allowed to use a Beyond Meat coupon on a Sale Item, even if you happen to find it marked down.

You can do a Price Match at Walmart and most Loblaws Grocery stores. So if you want to combine your grocery trip – feel free to do a Price Match – You need to show a cashier the digital flyer or Print Copy of the Competitor Flyer.

Beyond Meat logo - Beyond Meat Coupon Canada

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New in Beyond MeatPlant-Based meats

Beyond Sausage is the Newest Product to the Beyond Meat selection and should start being in a local grocery store near you across Canada. The Sausage is available in two different flavours – Mild or Hot Italian. Don’t forget to check for Beyond Meat Coupons.

The Hard Questions and Expert Answers!

Are Beyond Meat Burgers more healthy?
According to CBC’s latest news – They say Health Experts Say Not Enough Data yet to show that a processed Plant burger patty is better than a Beef Burger Patty.

Are beyond meat burgers gluten
According to the Brands Website and Packaging, they claim no gluten and No Soy.

What’s beyond Meat made of?
A Beyond Meat is made from a mixture of Mung beans, canola oil, coconut oil, sunflower lecithin, beet juice, potato starch, apple extract, and more.