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Geovita Grains

Discover Geovita Grains! Essentially Geovita is just that Mixed Grains put together into sweet packaging for you to create your own Grain Bowl; for those times, you want to add rice and lentils together, or perhaps Oats and Barley! It is a great way to get added nutrition into your cooking, especially if you try to eat less meat and need those lentils.

Geovita Coupon

There is a new Printed Coupon at Websaver for Geovita mixed grains.

  • Save $1.00 off your next purchase of Geovita grains

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Geovita Grain Prices in Canada

pricing sale

Loblaws: Organic Wheat Barley oat 250 g $5.49 ( Regular)

Geovita Grains in Recipes 

4 Vegan Grain Bowls with Geovita Organic Mixed Grains

is a great recipe for the Vegan family member. And looks delicious! It is easy to find all the ingredients at your local grocery store!

From Geovita Website 

There is no shortage of recipes from your very own brand Geovita; there are tons of ideas to use multi-grains for all-day meals, including breakfast.

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Geovita Mixed Grains Coupon


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