Meat is super expensive right now; It’s crazy how much meat has gone up in the store since the pandemic. I “m not sure if it will ever return to anywhere normal. So we happen to stumble upon a little way to save, and that’s with a brand of Deli Meat using Olymel Coupons.

Olymel Coupons for Canada 2023

  • Save 3.00 off Olymel  fresh pork product

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This Olymel coupon expiry date is March 30, 2023

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    Where to buy Olymel products in Canada

    Olymel products can be found in most major grocery store chains in the Meat section or Freezer section in your local favourite store.

    • Walmart Canada
    • Loblaws stores across Canada
    • Sobeys

    Olymel Bacon

    Olymel Bacon Product

    Olymel Bacon can be found in some of the local grocery stores across Canada.  Find the following smoked flavours.

    • Maple
    • Applewood
    • Natural
    • Un Cured

    Olymel Hams

    Olymel Hams

    I know lots of grocery stores will usually carry selected Olymel Hams found in the meat department.

    Choose from the following Flavours

    • Hickory Smoked Flavour
    • Apple Wood
    • Black Forest
    • Smoked
    • Boneless

    Olymel Smart Nature Shaved Meat

    This product comes in 5 different varieties to suit your tastes;

    1. Smoked chicken breast
    2. Cooked chicken breast
    3. Slowly cooked ham
    4. The Black Forest smoked ham.
    5. Old-fashioned smoked ham

    Other products from Olymel

    Some other mouth-watering products you can find include;

    • Chicken Wings; craving those pub-style wings but want to enjoy them in the comfort of your home? Be sure to try Olymel Chicken Wings tonight. Easy to prepare and delicious to eat. These are sure to be a hit with the whole family. Choose between bbq Chipotle, Buffalo, Spicy and Crispy, and Honey and Garlic flavours. 
    • Bacon
    • Breaded Chicken Chunkies
    • Sliced and Cooked Meats
    • Deli and Meat Counter
    • Ham
    • Krispy Toast: this product would be a hit with the kids. Crispy Chicken in a toast-like form. Yummy!!
    • Weiners
    • Breaded Chicken is an all-white-meat product coated in crispy breading and cooked to perfection. Can you say delicious?!

    Quick and Delicious Recipes

    Find many delicious recipes that are easy to prepare. We all know how much time we have to prepare meals nowadays. Olymel can help you create tasty meals that the whole family will love in less time. Don’t forget to use an Olymel Coupon to help save money!

    Search by popular keyword or product and find the perfect dish tonight.

    Visit the Olymel website to see all they have to offer.