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Royale Coupons for Canada 2019.

Save on Royal Paper Towels or Bathroom Tissue with Printable/Mailed Savings Coupons.

Available in Print format Only.

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These coupons are available for a limited time only. Hurry and grab them while you can.


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Royale Velour bathroom tissue

Royale Velour bathroom tissue is for sale at many majors retailers including Walmart. Right now you can purchase a 30 Rolls, 220 Sheets Per Roll package for just $19.98!

What makes Royale Velour bathroom tissue stand out from the rest you might ask?

Well, first of all, it has a velvety soft texture that makes you feel comfortable, and not to mention clean and refreshed. You will use less product this way because of the overall feeling of cleanliness.

It is also durable, strong, and absorbent.

Last but not least it is hypoallergenic and septic safe, Great for both you and the environment.

This product is made in Canada so it doesn’t get any better than that.

The Mascot


The Mascot of Royale is the Rag Doll Kitten! So Fluffy Soft and Cute.

About & History:

This brand has been in the market for 50 years, and it’s considered the only consumer household paper brand from Canada. ROYALE features a great line of products including paper towels, facial tissue, bathroom tissue, and napkins. The company’s most popular product is ROYALE Kittens. This sub-brand is known for its high quality and it has played an important “role” in the brand’s image. The whole ROYALE Family of products is manufactured by Irving Tissue, a famous Canadian company specializing in quality tissue products.

Irving Tissue was founded in Saint John, New Brunswick, in 1988, after the acquisition of a tissue paper mill from Kimberly-Clark by J.D. Irving. The company’s founder started making tissue for a new subsidiary that was based in Moncton, N.B. and was to marketed under Majesta.


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