Do you love soft when it comes to paper products such as facial tissue, bathroom tissue? If softeners are essential, you should consider Royale Brand. It’s Kitten soft. The toilet paper is three-ply, and their new Tiger Paper Towels are brawny and durable as far as paper towels goes.  You can save on toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels with the following printed coupons as found below.

Royale Coupons for Canada 2021

Save on Royal Paper Towels or Bathroom Tissue with Printable Savings Coupons.

Royale Brand has printable coupons ready,  So if you are looking to save money on Royale disposable paper products, the following coupons will help you do so!

Also, don’t forget to Check out the 2021 Royal Product Rebate: Get a $10.00 coupon  if you spend $25 

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Royale Velour package of bathroom tissue

Royale Velour bathroom tissue

What makes Royale Velour bathroom tissue stand out from the rest, you might ask?

Royale velour is also three-ply with embossing helps make the Royale bathroom tissue soft, absorbent and strong.

Royale Velour is ideal for bathrooms where Royale toilet paper can be used alone or with facial tissues.

Royale offers printable coupons to save money on Royale Velour bathroom tissue at your local grocery store or drug store.

Royale Tiger towels

Royale Tiger Paper Towels

Royale Tiger paper towels provide maximum absorption. The paper towels are uniquely designed to lock in liquid with their three-ply quilted design offers more surface area for ultimate absorption.

Royale Paper Towels are environmentally friendly because they are made from 100% recycled paper fibre containing 40% post-consumer waste. The Saver Pack works out to about $1.00 per roll at the Wal-Mart store, So stock up today; while supplies last!


About & History of Royale Canada

Royale was first introduced into the Canadian market in 1983. Royale is sold as a private label product brand that competes against other brand name products such as White Swan, Johnny’s and Inglewood. Royale manufactures Royale Facial Tissue, Royale Bathroom Tissue and Royale Paper Towels made from 100% recycled paper fibre.

Royale Facial Tissue is made from 50% recycled paper fibres.

Royale Paper Towels, Royale Bathroom Tissues and Royale facial tissues all meet the EPAct standard, which means that at least 45% of the product is post-consumer waste fibre.

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