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Pillers Savings in Canada

Start Saving Money on your snack food or appetizer, sandwich meat-type stuff that Pillers Meats creates! Pillers is very much into helping consumers save money using coupons and is one of the brands that has been doing coupons for over 10 years.

Piller’s Coupon for Canada.

Pillers Coupons

  • Save $1.00 off any Pillers Coupon
  • Buy 1, Get 1 Free Piller’s Salami Whips or Salami Trail Mix.

This coupon is available in Print format only.

Piller’s Coupon Expiry date is unknown, available in limited quantity, for a limited time.

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Piller’s Simply FREE

Pillers Simply Free Product Line

Piller’s Simply Free line of products is just that. Free of Gluten and Allergens.

It contains only meat and natural ingredients giving it the taste that you have come to know and love without the added artificial flavours.

You can now eat healthier and still enjoy your food with a little help from Pillers. Who said healthy had to be tasteless anyway?!

Piller’s Simply Free line of Deli Meats is made with the highest quality meats and all-natural ingredients.

Pillers Logo

About Pillers Canada

It all started in 1957 when Mr. Huber opened a small butcher shop in Waterloo, Ontario, using his family recipes and traditional meat processing methods. Then in 1959, his brothers joined the Company creating Pillars Sausages and delicatessens Ltd.  From there, they grew to become one of North America’s largest producers of sausage and deli meats – even after five generations, Pillers is still using their family traditions and methods as they did back in the 1950s.
In 2011, the Company was acquired by Premium Brands Holdings Corporation and is now known as Piller’s Fine Foods.

Pillers are always Gluten-Free.

About Premium Brands Holdings Corporation


Premium Brands Holdings Corporation is a large Canadian corporation publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It operates many leading specialty food manufacturing businesses in British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec and Washington State and Nevada State.

This Company has more than 25,000 customers. It holds a vast number of leading brands such as

  • Audrey’s
  • Bread Garden Express
  • B&C Foods
  • Deli Chef
  • Duso’s
  • Hub City Fisheries
  • Freybe
  • Gloria’s Best of Fresh
  • OvenPride
  • Creekside Bakehouse
  • Shahir, Grimm’s
  • Harvest, Hamish & Enzo
  • Harlan’s, Hempler’s
  • Hygaard
  • McSweeney’s
  • Maximum Seafood
  • Piller’s, Quality Fast Food
  • Centennial Foodservice
  • and SK Food Group.

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