Best Coupoing Websites in Canada



Best Couponing Websites for Canada

Today I thought I would keep it simple and share with everyone some of my favourite Canadian websites I use to find great coupons.

, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

The first place I always go to is At this site, you simply register and log in to view all the money-saving coupons. One thing that I will mention that you might not know is that there are different links. Once in a while, there are hidden coupons – but not that frequent.



, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

SmartSource Coupons ( Canada)  is another excellent website for printing out valuable Canadian coupons. You will need to make sure that your JavaScript program is up to date, and you install their coupon printing application before these coupons print out. It is a little tricky, but worth it in the long run.



, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

P&G Coupons

The next place to check out is This site is one that offers fantastic money-saving coupons for P & G brand products. It’s Print Only – But Websaver has a website called Zebra Coupons, where you can have P&G Coupons mailed to your home for a small fee. Brandsaver currently has over $100.00 in money-saving coupons up for grabs. I suggest signing up for their newsletter alert that way, and you will know when new coupons are available.




Another great site is You can browse through 30 Canadian coupons and over $60.00 in savings. The bonus to using websaver coupons is; “ donates 5¢ from every coupon you redeem to charity”. You save money and help others at the same time. There are coupons for pet food, personal care, house and home, beauty, grocery items and more. These coupons are printable and free. Just register, log in, select which ones you want and submit your request. See Zebra Coupons – for a fee-based Mail Option if you don’t have a printer.

, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

Go Coupons

The next one on my list is This is a smaller site, but they still offer great coupons. There are currently about five coupons provided on this site. The beautiful thing about coupons from go coupons is that the expiry dates are quite long. There also doesn’t appear to be a limit to how many coupons you can order. I always make sure and have the Royale Bathroom Tissue one on hand. It is a great one, especially when you hit a big sale.



, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

Tasty Rewards Coupons

One more is, and you can print out coupons for different products from Pepsico products. Find great snacks such as Quaker granola bars, Potato chips such as Pretzels, Doritos, Lays, Ruffles etc.  Choose from Cereal and Aunt Jemima pancake mix and syrup.  Also, from time to time, they have exclusive PC Optimum special coupons for you to print. Don’t forget to enter their contests as well. Free to Join.

, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

Costco Coupons

If you have a Costco Card, then you have to check out These are the coupons that are available for Costco members and are usually handed out at the front door entrance of Costco stores.

Attractions Coupons

If you live in Ontario like me, then another one I can suggest is Here you will find coupons for different parks, museums, zoos and other attractions. I am sure that other provinces must have a similar website where you can go to find coupons like this.

Brand Sites

The rest of the places I go to find Canadian coupons online are particular product company sites. Check out sites like  Kraft, Kellogg’s, Kashi, L’Oreal, Covergirl, McCain, Michael’s, Magic Cuts, So Good, TRESemme, Cetaphil, Cold-Fx and any other product or business you can think of.

, Best Couponing Websites for Canada

I have found lately that I see more coupon alerts by “liking” companies on Facebook. Check out restaurants and sign up for their newsletters. I always get printable coupons for free appetizers and special treats on my birthday and anniversary. I even registered at a very high-end dining establishment and received a $25.00 off gift certificate to spend when I visited them to celebrate my anniversary with a nice dinner.

I hope this blog post can help get some of you started on your way to saving more money by using Canadian Coupons this year. I also invite any seasoned couponers out there to share any other websites they can think of to add to this list. After all, the goal here is to help each other save even more.