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Sep 21, 2020

Chapters Indigo Canada

Chapters-Indigo is the largest bookstore in Canada. is offering you the latest promo codes and discounts to help you save on Chapters bestseller books. But Indigo Canada sells more than just books, you can find everything from kids’ toys, home decor, and giftware. Look below for chapters indigo coupon code and Discounts.

Chapters-Indigo Coupon Code & Discounts

It’s a new week, and that means that Indigo has a new set of Deals of the Week to take advantage of!

Indigo Toy Deals: Save 40% Off or More 

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Shop Indigo Chapters Store Today

Book Lovers across Canada will all agree that Chapters Indigo store is hard to resist, not to mention how many Chapter store locations has Starbucks coffee. And if worse case senior, you can find your favourite authors online at! Don’t forget to check back and look for chapters indigo coupon code

CHAPTERS Books Sale Deals has a great sale section then you’d find at a Chapters store, with more selection and larger discounts. You will always find a large variety of discounted books, gifts and toys available and don’t forget about the online sales HUGE Chapters Boxing Day Sale


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Typical Chapters Indigo coupon codes

What kind of coupon codes can you find?

Here’s a variety of what you can find here on this website: for Chapters Coupon codes and Indigo promotional codes:

  • Get a Percentage of regular price items when you use your Chapters coupon at checkout.
  • Save $ off Special ItemsPercentage or dollar amount off a minimum purchase (i.e. 15% off $50+).
  • Get discounts on Departments (i.e. 20% off toys).

Promotional Code


Eager to see those savings in your cart? Simply Copy and Paste the code from this page into your Chapters Indigo shopping cart at checkout. Be on the lookout for the shopping cart and then watch for a place to enter your Coupon code or bonus Card! Simply click “Apply.”

Chapters Indigo Plum rewards Card

Chapters Plum Rewards

Chapters-Indigo has a great rewards program.

You can redeem points for instant savings.

The Rewards Program is called Plum Rewards and is completely Free.

It gives you 5 points for every Canadian dollar you spend either online or instore. Plus it being a member opens you up to extra chapters indigo coupon codes during the year

  • Redeem 2500 points for a $5.00 coupon,
  • Reward Members also get the following perks at Chapters.
  • Bonus Rewards on your Birthday
  • Bonus points promotions
  • Exclusive invites to events
  • Additional Savings

Indigo books Store

Interesting History Of Chapters Indigo Canada

Chapters Inc. Was created in 1994 when Lawrence Stevenson bought and merged Coles and Smith Books. At the time, these were Canada’s two largest book chains. In 2001, Indigo purchased Chapters but kept both the Chapters and Indigo brands

Chapters are now the largest Bookstore franchise in Canada. You can find the best books in-store and enjoy the physical book right in the store while enjoying a Starbucks coffee at some locations.

The Book Selection includes everything from self-help books, kids, teen novels, adult fiction and biographies and much more. You can even download a Kobo ebook.

Some of the Authors of the books you will find include great known authors such as George RR Martin, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Danielle Stevens, Jodi Picoult and many more. Just remember to use those promo codes and coupons from Chapters Indigo to help keep your book costs down.

The stores began in Burlington, Ontario and were in high competition with Chapters, another key bookstore in Canada at the time. Eventually, they bought Chapters and grew exponentially because of the purchase. Since then, they have enjoyed a fairly strong business model and become quite popular online as well.

Although print books are not nearly as popular due to online options, the company continues to thrive. Indigo is virtually assured of a place in the competitive book and music market in the years to come because of their solid standing in Canada and the relative lack of major competition.


There are over 400 Chapters/Indigo locations across Canada. The best way to find one closest to you is to use their Store Locator Online. They now offer gift wrap on Kid purchases made in-store.

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Chapters Gifts

More than Just Books

At Chapters-Indigo, you can also purchase a range of kids’ toys, baby items, housewares, a bit of fashion. Some Brand names you will find will be Lego, Love and Lore for Fashion.

You can always find the newest best coupon codes right on this page for your convenience.


parent tested award

Kids store: has won the Parent Approved award by Parent’s tested Parents Approved.

Since 1996, the biggest and worst bookstore in Canada, Indigo Books & Music, Inc, has been delivering the goods to customers that want to stay on top of the latest in books and music. The company was created by current CEO Heather Reisman and continues to provide great choices both in print and online.


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