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Are you a Comic Fan? Well, there are lots of ways to read comics online for FREE! Marvel and DC managed to create lots of new comic book fans by merely having a virtual comic book release.


Purchasing comic books can be expensive, with a typical cost of $5.99 per issue, and sometimes even more, depending on what kind of comic book.


But thanks to us here at CanadianFreeStuff, we can show you all the wonderful comics you can read online for FREE and save yourself some cash!


Free Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics

Reading Comics Online – You will run into a Marvel Unlimited, a paid subscription that gives you over 27,000 comics to choose from.


But there are tons of Free Comic issues you can read for absolute FREE  available to read digitally.


The Paid Marvel Unlimited is $9.99 USA per month but gives you the full 27000 digital comics to read at any time plus some other perks.


Read Marvel Comics for Free


Comixology FREE Comic Issues

Comixology Website for free issues of comics



ComiXology is an online comic shop! And has one of the best mobile phone apps for reading digital comics.

There is a paid version.


Don’t get me wrong, if you want the best amount of books, chances are you will need to pay for it, But there’s tons of FREE updated collection of Free issues that change constantly.


You will find tons of comics to read for Free, including Manga, Graphic Novels, and some Independent comics to rad for Free.


The Paid Version to have unlimited access to all the comics is $5.99 (USA ) per month, and that will give you over 25,000 digital comics for as long as you would like.


Dark Horse  – Read Comics Online


Dark Horse Comics Website


Dark Horse is a Diverse comic book, its not a comic book mill, but they bring you some great independent creates from Manga to Frank Mills Work.


Right now, you can find a Minecraft Comic, Stranger Things comics, and about 100 free comic books you can read for FREE.  They do have Mobile Apps if you want to download them.

Amazon Best Sellers in Comics Manga & Graphic Novels – Top 100 FREE

Amazon free comics

Yes, you can even find Free comics and Graphic Novels in the Free Best Sellers list on Amazon.


It claims to update hourly, so check back regularly to see if you can find new free comics to read.


Just be sure that you are on the Top100 Free in Bestsellers section in Comics, Magna and Graphic Novels.



Drive-Thru Comics Free Issues of Comics

Drive Thru Comic Book Online Website

Drive-Thru has an extensive collection and variety of comics such as Valiant Comics, Aspen Comics, Tow Cow and more. But you won’t find any Marvel or any DC comics here.


You will find that most first issues are 100% free, and if you like the series, you will have to purchase more issues from the store.


There is currently No application or any Unlimited reading available. It’s merely a Free or Purchase Comic Book Store. But Drive-Thru is worth a look when hunting for Free Comics to Read online.



GoComics – Free Cartoon Stripes to read online

Go Comics

Go Comics is all about Cartoon Clips! Remember the humour section of what you find or oldies of what was found in the newspaper!


Well, now you can view tons of your favourite cartoon strips!


Find Popular cartoons such as Garfield, Calvin and Hobbes, Dilbert, Marmaduke, Ziggy, Cathy Classics and much more.


You can view all you want for stripes for FREE, but there is lots of Advertising you will see.


But if you would like to see No Ads and promote the website, you can do the paid version.



Elf Quest Comics

Elf Quest Comics Website

Elfquest is an independent comic that has over 20 Million comics and graphic novels.

This comic has been running since the 1970s.


They have over 7000 comics and books to read for free ( basically all issues released before the year 2014), So there are tons of comics and stories to read, and if you love the comic, you can also purchase their books listen to the podcasts.


So if you like Fantasy Sci Fiction type stories, this may be an excellent website for you to explore and enjoy.

Digital Comic Museum

Digital Comic Museum Website


The Digital Comic Museum has created comics from the golden age pre-1950s, where you can now read these comics digitally.


You won’t find many modern comic books, but you will find all the classics from as far back as 90 years, and you can spend hours looking at how the cartoons and artwork of comics have changed and grew into what it is modern-day age.


Also, you will find humour comics and some tv spins-offs.


Digital Comic Museum is all downloads, and all the books are completely Free! You will need to click a preview button if you want to read it online without downloading the book.


Comic book +


Comic Book Plus Website


Comic Book Plus is similar to the Digital Comic Museum because it has tons of old comics in the public domain.


It even has a whole non-English section to read and lots of chapters devoted to pulp fiction, posters, colouring books and other free reads.


It is an excellent website for any comic book fan if you enjoy seeing where the art and storytelling have come along the way.  All of the comics are free to read.


Internet Archive

Internet Archive Comics


The Internet Archive is a vast digital library that provides tons of free images, books, etc., and among the 11 Million books they have on file, you can also find Free Digital Comic books.


It’s all 100% free; create a free account and look up the comics or characters you would like to read.



Dead Pool Comics – Has lots of Walking Dead Comics you can read online, as well as Iron Man, Dare Devil, and some Other comics.


It has lots of ads; just be warned while reading the comics. It seems all the comics are free to read online. There is no real information on this website, just comics.


Free To Read Comics Online Conclusion!

Well, these are the most reliable sites to find and download for Free Comics to Read online.


I hope you can find some new favourites. Some of the above websites may require you to create a Free Account to read, but it won’t take much time.


Most of the above sites won’t give you the comics’ latest issues, but there are certainly enough comics to read that you have probably not read them all.

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