Everyone loves freebies. Companies from time to time will give away a free sample sent to your home.  They want you to try their brand and hopefully win your heart over, so you start purchasing their brand of product.

By giving you a free sample – the company can connect to you and introduce you to their product – Buy them giving you the product to try – they hope you become a brand Loyal by purchasing the product in the future. Another reason is the company wants to remind you of their brand and want you to continue to try out their various product lines.

Some companies find it more cost-effective to send out free samples than traditional media coverage.

Is there a catch when a company offers a free sample?

At times you will find free products given away inside Stores, such example – Costco, where they always have sampling stations set up all over the store – Many people feel pressured into purchasing the items they just got to try out for FREE!

Online Companies /  Marketing firms have to work harder to get you to be active and convince you to purchase the product.  The trend is now to convince you as the receiver of a free sample to “Review” it in hopes you liked it and that most of the consumers who received it will give positive reviews.

I will, later on, show you a list of what’s for sure does come as far as free samples (tested and tried and reliable)

I get complaints each week on where the free samples are – but never enough information to help them.

Free Shipping

Do You Have to Pay Shipping?

The odd offer, we find it does end up with S&H charges, but it is rare, and usually, we will pull the offer down if we feel the value is not there for what you’re getting in return.

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 No Such Things as a Free Lunch?

Some companies want you to do a survey or a review in exchange for free products.

Some companies only will accept 250 lucky Canadians – but won’t tell you that up front – so sometimes it’s almost like a contest if you will be taken into a Review program.

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Which companies will send free samples by mail?

I’ll share you with a List from 2020 that has previously been sent out with the offer that is still showing up as valid to help save you some, and so you can trust that there is a thing such as free lunch sometimes.

What website/companies give away the best Free Samples?

What are the best websites to get Free Good SH#T? You are in luck because I’ve listed them for you below. Check them out.

Free Samples by Mail |

Sample Source

Free SampleSource Packs Register to Request your Free Samples

About 4 Times a Year SampleSource does a Mailout, and you will need to be on the ball within hours of the release to receive items  –  And also time to time, just for being registered, you may get the odd random thing in the mail as a free sample.

  1. Register and tell them a bit about yourself.
  2. Choose samples when open.
  3. They will ship free samples, including beauty, cleaning, laundry and more, a few times a year.
  4. Keep up to date when the next time they will have a box available.


Also, Check out our Product Testing Companies in Canada in Review for Fre Full Product opportunities.

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What are the best sites to get Free Stuff?

You can also find the best free stuff locally in and around your community for the best, most valued, FREE stuff to give you more choices.

  • Facebook Marketplace – Many times, people are moving and give away stuff on Facebook Marketplace or in your local Buy and Sell Groups
  • Kijiji Free Stuff – can be an excellent source for finding free household stuff! You may find free cat food, free cribs, etc. – Someone not wanting to haul goods to a donation place – You can probably almost furnish a whole house by looking around in a city near you.

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Free Samples Via Coupons

Another great way to get full-sized Free Samples is to find Free Product Coupons! Yes, you will have to redeem at the store -but it’s a great way to get a Full-sized product for FREE!

The coupons will often come via mail, but you will have to redeem them at the store.  Companies like Save.ca and Walmart.ca are great places to keep an eye out for FREE product coupons.


Protect your privacy when requesting freebies

You will always need to fill out a mail address.  If you do not have to send them your mailing address, you do not sign up for a free sample.   You can’t just facebook a company and tell them you would like a free sample without your mailing address. 

Post office Boxes – some companies won’t deliver to a Post office box number, so you will need to use a street address or do something like this.

Box 52 – RR3 Range Road

This way, the post office can see its box 52, but the form will be happy that there’s a land address.

Email Address:

I highly suggest you get a separate email address when doing many online free offers, so this way, your email address stays clean and only necessary emails will go to.  This will also protect you from any spam in case if you accidentally apply for something spammy.

Phone Number 

Once in a while, a company may ask for a Phone number – BE cautious, but I would only share it if you’re positive the company is legit and the freebie is real.

Date of Birth 

Sometimes a company may ask you -your Birthdate to make sure you are old enough to participate, or they are searching to fill a quota for a particular age demographic.  – It’s up to you if you want to fib about your birthday – if you’re worried about hacking or someone getting too much information.  – A well, sometimes companies want to send you a free coupon on your birthday.

Credit Card

If a Free Sample ever requires a credit card number – Run for the Hills -In my opinion!

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Can I get free stuff without Participating in surveys?

Some Companies want you to complete a quick survey to participate in getting a free sample.

The choice is up to you. Only you can decide on how much your time is worth.

In my experience, it’s usually only 4 or 5 questions when asked and only takes maybe a minute or two to complete.

Why do they ask for Surveys?

They often ask questions in surveys to understand what their customers better and are interested in your purchasing habits.

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How to make sure you receive your free samples

Rule Number 1 – Be Patient – It takes on average 6-8 weeks for the free samples to arrive, so be patient.

Sometimes – a lot of the time – Free Samples don’t show up  –  and you’re left thinking All FREE samples are a scam! But that’s not usually the case.

  • They ran out of free samples –  To be an excellent Free sample Hunter – You need to be on the ball and get to it as fast a possible. A Stale Free offer has fewer ads. You will want to apply within seven days of the new proposal.
  • The company has Neglected to take down the freebie sample offer. This happens more times than I count over the years.  They ran the promo and sent out free samples – everyone says they got it – then six months later – the offer is no longer getting received to those that apply, and yet the page is still up and operational.
  • Location – sometimes, the free samples may not be available in your area, such as Quebec, or you didn’t meet the example’s qualification.  Read any terms and conditions you can find on their website.
  • Incomplete Form information – You may not have completed the form correctly, and the company didn’t receive your request.
  • Mail – sometimes, it can get lost in the mail or misdelivered.

If the samples don’t show up after eight weeks, you can attempt to contact the company and ask about the free sample opportunity,