These days, it’s not hard to come across a bona fide freebie – the real challenge is snagging one before they’re all gone! Thanks to social media, small businesses have become accustomed to being inundated with product requests in an astonishingly fast time frame. Unfortunately, this often overwhelms them and causes offers of hundreds or thousands of samples to be taken down quite quickly, leaving only fifty lucky adventurers able to claim their reward.

Product Reviews to Get Free Samples

I’ve witnessed the evolution of free samples since Canadianfreestuff began over two decades ago. Back in 2000, when email addresses were believed to be valued at $10, and chat rooms were just defined online experiences before social media had even taken shape with MySpace’s arrival – how times have changed!

The years between 2007-2010 saw an explosion of Internet access for all as cell phones became commonplace; it was then that we started seeing more targeted marketing from brands. We’d see promotions like “first 300 people can get a free product,” which marked the beginning of aggressive drop time strategies on Facebook followings around specific posts or media influencer

Then the Social Media Influencer

Every day on Social Media, a new opportunity to score free goodies was up for grabs. Companies like Nivea and Dove were vying for influencers’ attention with product testing – try out the sample top box and share your opinion in exchange! But as these sought-after items weren’t exactly abundant, competition among aspiring testers quickly got fierce – it’s every man (and woman) for themselves!

Data Mining

In 2015 a game changed. Companies now have a relentless appetite for data, wanting to know far more than your primary name, address and email information. They want everything from eye colour to marriage status to allergies or family wealth – even asking how many children you may have! It can feel like they are trying to enter us into some great competition, giving away 300 products randomly amongst those who answer their surveys… but hey, at least it feels like we’re winning something?

Subscription Box

The Free Sample Boxes Canada

Back in the day, free sample boxes were abundant; companies like P&G used to offer a few each year. Fast forward to 2023, and we are lucky enough that SampleSource still provides twice a year! However, most cosmetic businesses have shifted their focus to paid subscription services such as TopBox due in large part because beauty influencers share these products heavily on social media platforms with hopes of becoming famous YouTubers. Fortunately, access to complimentary makeup samples is not gone if you can get your hands on an influential endorsement or score free swag from top-tier brands.

The Hunt for the Perfect Free Sample Candidate

Brands are out to find the golden client, but who is that person? It’s a million-dollar question companies want to be answered. Gone are the days when free samples were thrown around, hoping someone would buy what they tried – now, data and research play an integral role in predicting which customer has the potential for long-term loyalty. Although giving away products can be beneficial for word-of-mouth marketing, shipping costs increase quickly, so narrowing down their searches pays off big time!

free tag on a piece of wood

Free Stuff is Real

Everyone dreams of getting something for nothing, and it can feel like a fantasy when you come across all those ‘Apply to Try’ free sample opportunities. But good news – these are real! Though the chances of being chosen may be slim, what with competition from thousands or tens of thousands of other applicants mixed in with demographic filters like income bracket, gender identity and skin colour – there is hope if you keep at it! So please don’t give up on your quest; every once in a while, someone will get lucky enough to receive random complementary products that they’ve applied for testing. It’s delightfully rare… but still possible!

Free Stuff is fake

The odd Scam does exist, but I find it more on contests on Instagram in 2023., but not so much in the free stuff market.

Last week, I saw one fake sample; it didn’t have a secure site for a skincare sample or sale products. I didn’t check a domain to see when the domain was purchased. But this was the first one I’ve seen in a long time.

Amazon Free Samples

This is another whole market, which I’m not sure of; I can honestly say I have never tried. I used to get emails for a 100% coupon code for a positive review, but I never bothered to try it. did have a free sample gig with a specific brand a few years ago, and you would randomly get a free product to try out of the blue based on your Amazon purchases, but that program no longer exists today.

In 2022 I haven’t really spotted these offers, but I’m sure they exist because many sellers want a 5 Star Rating, but it might not be as dominating as it once was since social media cracked down.

How to Spot a Fake Free Sample

  • Secure Site ( make sure there is a lock on your URL bar.
  • Asks for Credit Card Information, a contact us page, and a disclaimer page
  • “Whois” domain search and see how old the domain is.

Fake Free samples will only bring you spam and possible phone calls if you give out that information. Don’t give out a credit card or any other personal information you don’t feel comfortable giving out.

red lightbulb with the word free on it in red, plus the words how to get free stuff

How to get Free freebies

Follow along on our free samples page; we update it daily with new freebies Yes, 364 days a year. Most days, there is usually at least a chance to get a free sample via product testing, but we also find free online things like free recipe books to download, fun online websites to try, and new mobile apps.

Free Product Coupons when shopping

Free Product Coupons

During the year, stores and brands band together to bring you Free Product Coupons. Sometimes it will be part of a contest or on a site such as Websaver. They will never be printed ( very rare, as free product coupons are not accepted at most stores), so these coupons are usually mailed to your home. There typically are a few before Back to School and before a big holiday.

contest to win free products

Enter Contests to Get Free Stuff

if you want large free products, aka full-sized products, and real Free Stuff – like free skincare sets, free hair products, accessible electronics, and gift cards, consider getting into contesting. It’s fun and highly addictive! Like anything else, you must be consistent with entering daily, but some contests are better than others and have many prizes. Depending on your time available, you can also select which contests to join to get a freebie.

Just be aware of Instagram scams. Several groups will copy the contest’s complete Instagram profile and direct message you, giving you a link to claim your prize from a contest you entered; then, you click the link, and it asks you for your credit card.