Most free samples are legit now in 2021; The problem lies with so many everyday companies that get over their heads fast when offering a free product. Social Media has created a monster; a small mom and pop can get overwhelmed with requests within minutes. The company will often take down the offer and maybe send out a total of 50 free samples because that was their budget.

Product Reviews to Get Free Samples

Since Canadianfreestuff is now 20 years old, I’ve seen the history of free samples. Back in the year 2000. it was the beginning of the internet age; companies believed your email address was valued at $10.00 USA, the Internet was born, chat rooms were born, but not everyone was online yet, we still had prolonged Internet, and back then, social media was “My Space.”

Then fast forward to 2007 – 2010, and everyone had access to their Internet. Everyone got cellphones, and Social Media was born; brands then began to focus on Facebook with specific dates of times, with “drop times” First, 300 people can get a free product” type promotions.

social media influencer

Then the Social Media Influencer

Companies wanted Reviews. So the Large brand’s example, Nivea, Dove, would do big promotions on their own or within a select company to host the product testing to get a review on their website.

Every day there would be a free product to apply for and test, such as Topbox free sample, but obviously, the number of testers register to get Free Stuff.

Data Mining

Fast forward to 2015 – It’s been moving in this direction for the last few years. But now it is all about Data. Companies want more than just your email address, name and address; that was 1999. Now everyone wants to know everything about you.

  • What colour are your eyes
  • Are you married
  • How much money does your family have
  • Do you have any allergies?
  • How many children do you have

Some companies do nothing but come up with what seems like just a few questions, and you will be entered into a contest ( that’s how I feel about it ), and we will give out 300 products to random people that answered the survey.

Subscription Box

The Free Sample Boxes Canada

Before the popularity of Subscription boxes, there were more Free samples boxes available back in the day, P&G would have a few per year, and there were others, but now in 2021 – we are fortunate to access the 2 per year of SampleSource still.

Most Cosmetic companies moved over to companies like TopBox, and other paid subscription boxes to add in new products, and with the Beauty influencers going crazy over these boxes, trying to be the next Youtube sensation,

Free sample makeup is still today by giving preference to Influencers and companies seeking top influencers.

The Hunt for the Perfect Pitch

Brands want data, but they want to data-mine it to find out how to get you to purchase the product. The old free sample to product test is now out the window. Enough people want to get a free sample, but who is the perfect client r? Who is most likely going to purchase this product after they try it? That is the million-dollar question!

The free sample products are not that huge in cost for the company. Still, the shipping for simply sending the free samples eats up the marketing budget, so if they can narrow it down to the perfect potential client, it is well worth it for their marketing department and shareholders.

free tag on a piece of wood

Free Stuff is Real

So most of the “Apply to Try” free sample opportunities are real. It’s just rare to be chosen due to a simple game of numbers;

Example: if you have 10,000 apply and 200 samples, they run their numbers demographics, income bracket, hair colour, skin colour, etc., and come down to, let’s say, 1000 potential people,

Let’s retweak the dial some more, who has environmental concerns and influence status, tweak the knob, and there we have it down to 400 people and then do random samples to those select people.

Keep free sample hunting in your spare time, and spend your time on sites you enjoy applying to be chosen for product testing and get randomly chosen free samples. Sometimes when you can’t get any free samples, it seems, you start to think free Stuff is fake.

Free Stuff is fake

The odd Scam does exist, but I find it more on contests on Instagram right now in 2021., but not so much in the free stuff market.

Last week, I saw one fake sample; it didn’t have a secure site for a skincare sample or sale products. I didn’t bother to do a domain check to see when the domain was purchased. But this was the first one I’ve seen in a long time.

Amazon Free Samples

This is another whole market, which I’m not sure of; I can honestly say I have never tried. I used to get emails for a 100% coupon code off for a positive review, but I never bothered to try it. did have a free sample gig with a specific brand a few years ago, and you would randomly get a free product to try out of the blue based on your Amazon purchases, but that program no longer exists today. But the Free Product for an Amazon Review is alive and well, and I get messaged on Instagram consistently a few times a week.

How to Spot a Fake Free Sample

  • Secure Site ( make sure there is a lock on your URL bar.
  • Asks for Credit Card Information
  • a contact us page and disclaimer page
  • “Whois” domain search and see how old the domain is.

Fake Free samples will only bring you spam and possible phone calls if you give out that information. Don’t give out a credit card or any other personal information you don’t feel comfortable giving out.

red lightbulb with the word free on it in red, plus the words how to get free stuff

How to get Free freebies

Follow along on our free samples page; we update it every day with new freebies Yes, 364 days a year. Most days, there is usually at least a chance to get a free sample via product testing, but we also find free online things like free recipe books to download, fun online websites to try, and new mobile apps.

Free Product Coupons when shopping

Free Product Coupons

During the year, stores and brands band together to bring you Free Product Coupons. Sometimes it will be part of a contest or on a site such as Websaver. They will never be printed ( very rare, as free product coupons are not accepted at most stores), so these coupons are usually mailed to your home. There typically are a few just before Back to School and right before a big holiday.

contest to win free products

Enter Contests to Get Free Stuff

if you want large free products, aka full-sized products, and real Free Stuff – like free skincare sets, free hair products, accessible electronics, and gift cards, consider getting into contesting. It’s fun and highly addictive! Like anything else, you have to be consistent with entering daily, but some contests are better than others and have many prizes. Depending on your time available, you can also select which contests to join to get a freebie.

Just be aware of Instagram scams. Several groups will copy the contest’s complete Instagram profile and direct message you, giving you a link to claim your prize from a contest you entered, then you click the link, and it asks you for your credit card.