There is a new app for your phone; I’ve been trying it out for a little bit, trying to see how it works and get a feel of it.  It reminds me of Swagbucks – a popular program over a decade ago.  Do Mini surveys each day and redeem for free samples or save up and get gift cards; in a nutshell, this is what it’s about, but let’s break it down a bit more and look at the mobile details app.

Peekage App sympbol on Android and IOS

What is Peekage?

In short, Peekage is a marketing agency that sells digital data to their business clients; they created the Peekage App ( Must use a mobile phone ) for the individual to participate in giving their data ( collected by mini-surveys)  each day to earn points. In return, after you gather enough points, you can qualify for select free products to sample; the offers change from time to time with new products you may qualify for, or perhaps a new gift card.

Peekage mobile app explaining below on an image

Earning Points.

Like other Rewards programs, after you download their mobile app, you earn points for surveys and come back every day and do another survey, each worth points, and if you login every day, for example, 3 days in a row, you will get bonus points.  The surveys are called “packs,” which is just their fun peekage term for asking you to answer questions.  There is always a limit of how many “packs you can do. Also, earn badge points for actions such as linking your social media to their app, and obviously, you can earn additional points for referring your friends and family.  Collect available badges to unlock new ones.

Redeem Points

Peekage encourages you to redeem your points for either your choice of samples of new brand products or you can choose a gift card.  Offers for free samples do change.  The more “packs” you complete daily, the more rewards will show up for you to choose from.

Redeem your points “Claim Now” and make sure your personal information is up to date, and have it mailed to your home.

Example Points Needed for Rewards

  • Honey stringer Honey Waffle 5000 points
  • Walmart $5.00 Gift Card 6000 points
  • Starbucks $5.00 gift card 6000 points
  • Amazon $10 gift card 11000 points

etc., but these are the lower potential rewards.

You will also see Locked offers that may become unlocked as you progress with points

  • Protein bar
  • essential oil
  • organic soap bar
  • soap bar gift set
  • flavoured coffee
  • coffee blend

Smart Product Sampling

Peekage believes product sampling companies help brands get noticed on social media by conducting social media campaigns.

smart sampling

Through the Peekage platform, consumer packaged goods companies can reach target audiences with relevant product sample offers.

Peekage ( is based in Toronto and aims to help brands reach the perfect potential customer with relevant sample offers.  Peekage will allow the signed-up brand companies to narrow down their target audience by choosing data-driven filters and targeting the right audience.

Consumers have to agree to share their feedback on any of the product samples they receive.

Peekage launched in November 2019.  and has been gaining traction in 202 with a few companies.

They promise Brands the 4 following things.

  • Brand Awareness
  • Boost of Sales
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Valuable feedback

Peekage has its own algorithm, which uses a “Truthfulness” score to help weed out low-quality information.  They also help track companies’ campaigns in real-time, including social engagement. According to Toronto Startup

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