When they first approached me to put an offer up! I was like, No, this sounds like a BevTri was a scam, and I knew at that time, and maybe the time still stands to reason, but google Adsense ( ads) also discriminates against anything deemed illegal unless it’s over the 18 plus. But now that 6 months have passed and the word is out, there have been FREE samples delivered to your door.  Mostly in just Toronto and Vancouver or larger cities such as Ottawa.

BevTri ended up getting a bad rep because their site just got a new domain simultaneously as the pandemic struck, so everyone was skeptical until the company actually began delivering samples to people who put up online pictures of their samples.

How it Works, and actually, it’s quite genius!

  1. Sign up. Click Here or Download the app.
  2. Add your birthday (proof of over legal drinking age)
  3. Delivery Address
  4. Answer Survey Questions

Then like any other Free Product Review company – you sit and wait for a sample that will match your preferences,

You will get notified a sample has met your preferences. You will be emailed, and mobile texted when your sample would be showing up at your door.

When the sample comes to your door, You will be requested proof of age ( your provincial ID) before it is handed over.

The program is open to only the provinces and most likely only Large cities:

  • Alberta 
  • British Columbia 
  • Ontario 

They have hired part-time drivers in certain cities to do the deliveries.

Click Here to Join  ( I put in my referral link just so I can track how many signups came from this blog post, but I live in a small town and will not be getting a free sample due to location) But for all you negative nancies who think bloggers get more freebies, feel free to delete my referral code and join them via below on their social media accounts.

The proof is in the pudding: Check out their Facebook Account and Instagram for more updates on the program, as they may be offering more cities.