If you missed out on getting a Free Sample Box last time around, we recommend that you ensure you are registered for the next one!

Sign Up Now Because……

Set Your ALARM For 9 am EST Time, on  March  27  2023  and log in to get max free samples – it will likely be sold out before 11 am or shortly after it goes live!

Last Year in 2022 – There were technical difficulties, and the samples still cleaned out relatively fast. So you need to Be Registered, Make sure your password works, etc.

Fall Sample Source Box

Spring 2023  Sample Source Boxes!

It’s that time of year again. SampleSource boxes come out twice a year—one in the Spring and one in the Fall. The Spring box is usually released in the middle of March, and The Fall Box is sometime in September, but they never give us an exact date, so check back here and watch our Facebook page for updates.

Before the Sample Boxes Go Live, make sure to pre-register. Once the Samples Go Live, they don’t last long, so you need to be quick. There is only a Limited Quantity of New Samples Available.

If you are not familiar with SampleSource box, make sure to read below for more information.

Sneak Peek Brands:

2023 Spring Box Sneak Peeks:

  • Cheez-It
  • Annie’s
  • Becel
  • Aero Nestlé
  • Kind
  • Sunlight
  • Cetaphil
  • Purina Beneful
  • Fancy Feast

2022 Fall Box :

Product samples included these brands

  • Cesar
  • Nestle Carnation Hot Chocolate
  • Earth’s Own
  • Ivanhoe Nothing But
  • Nestle Les Recettes De L’Atelier
  • Jif Peanut Butter
  • Folgers 1850 Coffee
  • Batiste

2021 Spring box,  Product Samples included these brands:

  • Del Monte
  • Cheez-It
  • Jif
  • Fancy Feast
  • One
  • Nestle L’Atelier
  • Olivieri
  • Pop-Tarts
  • Sensodyne
  • Tetley
  • Nescafe Gold
  • Nature’s Heart
  • Purina Prime Bones
  • Batiste
  • Becel
  • Combogesic
  • Campbell’s

Last 2022 Fall, the Box  Contained

  • o.b.
  • Special K
  • Voltaren
  • Temptations
  • Arm Hammer
  • Boost
  • Cloverleaf
  • Batiste
  • Cheez-It
  • Nature Valley
  • Carnation
  • 1850 Coffee
  • Seeds Of Change
  • Greenies
  • Whiskas
  • Persil
  • Oliveria
  • Tetley
  • Temptations
  • Uncle Bens
  • Sunlight



Try Before You Buy Slogan

SampleSource.com has been around for over 8+ years as a Try Before You Buy Sample Site. They offer Canadians a chance to try out new samples from brands such as John Frieda, Schick, Sunlight, Arm Hammer, and other significant brand names.

All the samples you receive will be a sample size, and sometimes you will receive a “Free Full-Sized Product,” known to happen in previous promotions Free Product Coupons. ( A Coupon that gives you a Free Product).

These Sample Packs are known as “Try Before You Buy” packages, the SampleSource.com slogan.

Due to this Free Sample Package (Usually available a few times a year), They don’t last long! You will need to be fast on the form filling.

Why do they send out a Sample Source Box?

It’s to help brands get feedback on their new products and a chance for you as a shopper to give some excellent feedback.

It gives you a chance to try out the brand’s newest product, change in product, or try a fresh scent as a shopper.

free sample

How to Get Started with Sample  source.com

First of all – you will be required to be a Member. It’s Free! And you only need to register on their website.

Be aware when you first Register, you will need to fill out a Question Survey. They will use the answers you provide to understand which samples will suit you in the future and give the brands they are promoting that information to provide them with information for future promotions.

When a new sample package “Try Before You Buy” package, you must sign in using the email address and password you created when you registered.

example sample

Free Sample Expectations!

Each sample pack can contain between 10 and 20 free samples to choose from. Depending on the information you provided during the registration survey will determine the number of  samples that are open for you to add to your box of “Try Before You Buy.”

Examples of Sample Source Previous Boxes.

  • Snuggle Scent Booster
  • Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
  • Quaker Granola Bars
  • Hershey Chocolate Bar
  • Sunlight OxyAction Dishwasher Detergent Pacs
  • John Friends Hair Products
  • Twists Food products
  • Colgate Total Mouthwash
  • Burt’s Bees Night Cream
  • Armour All Shine Wash & Wax
  • Tabasco  Sauce
  • Tropicana  Juice
  • Jergens Natural Glow
  • Aquafresh


First-Time Request @ Sample Source

SampleSource needs to confirm your first request when you are a new member with your first box request.

A confirmation link will be emailed to you, and you will have a limited time frame to confirm your order. If you do not approve your order, your free sample request may no longer be available, as confirmed members will get the free samples First.

Use an Email address you frequently use so you can confirm faster.

When the offering box comes Live, the site will be slow due to the number of users trying to get the Free samples. So to uncomplicate the system make sure you are registered in advance.

VIP ( Very Important Profile) Program

Based on your profile, original registration survey, and feedback you have delivered on your free samples from the brands, You will be invited to try out unique products throughout the year.  Not everyone gets VIP offers – You will be alerted when there is a VIP offer via your registered email.

SampleSource has started releasing sneak peeks on Instagram, which means their Sample Boxes should be available soon.

Keep an eye on your social media accounts and your email for updates.

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