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I am sure everyone has heard that the bumblebee population is decreasing. The natural honey bees need to prosper to populate the world of food and pretty flowers.

Statistics Canada has documented that the number of beehives is, in fact, on the rise, but there is still not enough around urban centers. Bees are still challenged to find flowers to pollinate to create food for the hive.

Supporting the bees with a seed kid that includes bee-friendly flowers, both annual and perennial seeds, you can help the bees prosper in your neighbourhood.

About the Free Flower Seed Kits

Each seed package contains enough seeds to plant a 5-square garden that can be planted this year or stored for next spring.

Each Seed Kit contains seeds from 5 non-invasive varieties of flowering plants native to Canada.

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    1. – Bees Matter calls on Canadians to get out and plant pollinator-friendly gardens to support the vital role honey bees play in our lives.
    2. Bees Matter is a partnership of agricultural organizations with a vested interest in honey bee health.
    3. “Honey bee health is complex, and getting involved in the Buzzing Gardens program is one way Canadians can help honey bees thrive,”